Wolf Orphan

"You've been adopted. This nice lady's here to take you to your new home."
"Are you my new mother?"
"Oh no silly. I'm just your new neighbor. Your new parents wanted me to come get you."

"Wow, nice house."
The woman led the girl straight through the house to the back yard.
"Wow, I've never lived in a place with such a large back yard."
The woman giggled, "Yeah, you'll probably be back here a lot."
They continued across the yard, passing an old dog house, some tall hedges, a large tree, and stopping by a burrow in the ground.
The woman stopped and scratched her head, then looked around for a few minutes.
Red ran over to the tall fence and stood on her tip-toes to peer over it. She could just make out another house on the other side.
"So where are my parents?" she asked.
The woman shrugged, "It looks like they aren't home."
"Don't worry, you can stay with me until they get back."

But the rest of the day, there was no knock at the door, no phone calls.
The woman just patiently stared out the back window at the trees outside.
That night, she gave Red one of her spare night gowns and tucked her in on the couch.
"You can borrow this for tonight."
It didn't fit very well, and the girl shivered a little as she snuggled under the thin sheet.
The room went dark as the woman climbed upstairs.

A few hours later, the back door creaked open.
The panting sound didn't wake Red, who was fast asleep on the couch.
She had kicked off the sheet in her sleep, revealing the white underpants peeking out from under the short nightie.
A large paw pressed against her thigh.
The girl groaned faintly as a warm tongue slid across the fabric covering her pussy.

That morning, Red squinted in the dim light at the sound of footsteps.
Her neighbor stopped at the foot of the stairs and glanced at the open door.
"It looks like you're parents are finally home, Red.  You should go meet them."
"Mmm," groaned the girl.
She rubbed her knees together as she slowly sat up.
The woman eyed the wet spot between her legs, "I guess you won't be needing my old nightie anymore.  Come on, let's get you changed."
Red yawned as they stepped outside.  "You should go say hello to your new parents."
"Mmm hmm..."
As the door closed behind her, the sleepy girl rubbed her eyes and looked around.
"Huh?  Why am I in the back yard?"
Just then, she realized she was still in her underwear.
"Um, miss...  I forgot to put on my-"
Suddenly, she heard a rustling sound.
A large grey wolf slowly emerged from the bushes.
Red turned to open the door, but it was locked.
The girl squeaked as the beast bit down on the trim of her panties, yanking them down between her knees.
Grabbing hold, she tried to pull them back.
There was a tearing sound, and Red suddenly found herself tumbling backward, landing in the soft grass.
The creature happily padded up to her and licked her chest, "EEeeha ha ha, t-that tickles!"
"It looks like your getting along with your dad."
The neighbor grinned down at her from the window.
The girl blinked, "M-My... Dad?"
"One of many," added the woman, licking her lips.
Red quickly looked back at the canine, "Huh? But he's a-"
"A wolf?" Finished the woman, "That's right... and you've just joined their pack."
Just then, the girl noticed the collar around her neck.

Amy gave the woman a puzzled look.
"Aren't you going to say hello?"
"Er... O-Okay,"  the girl reached her hand out to the wolf nervously.
"What are you doing?"  Scolded the neighbor,  "That's not how you greet a wolf."
"It's not?"
"Of course not.  You're one of them now.  So how do wolves greet each other?"
"Er, with their nose?"  guessed amy, looking at her own nose.
"They lick each other, silly."
"Oh right... I knew that," agreed the girl.
She leaned forward, looking the large wolf straight in the eye. Taking a breath, amy stuck out her tongue and slid it across the beast's muzzle.
Immediately, she receives a wet kiss back.
"Hee hee!  I think he likes me."
The woman simply peered down at her, "But why did you stop?"
"Come on... A wolf doesn't stop with just one lick, do they?  Where's your enthusiasm?"
Amy gave the canine another lick across the face.  Then another.  And another.
Suddenly, she felt a pair of paws pressing down on her back.
The woman smiled at the well-hung beast rearing up behind the girl.
"How sweet. That one's giving you a hug." she lied.
Amy smiled and gave the first wolf another lick, not noticing the large shaft growing under its belly.
The wolf behind her pushed forward, shoving the girl down to the ground.
She giggled and stuck her tongue out to continue her greeting.
Surprisingly, she tasted something salty.
The wolf panted as the girl lapped at the tip of its cock.
Opening her eyes, she caught a glimpse of the large object just as it slid into her mouth.
"Good girl.  Keep licking."
Puzzled, she suckled on it for a moment, then squeaked in surprise as another one pushed in behind her.
The girl squirmed as it slid up her pussy.
As she was pushed forward, Red felt the wolf dick sliding smoothly over her tongue.
The warmth was strangely soothing.
And the slimy wetness had a creamy taste to it.
This wasn't so bad.
She sucked harder as the wolves began pumping their new sex-toy.

An hour later. Red followed the two wolves on all-fours. Her pussy dripped with a warm tingling as they led her to her new home in the woods.