How to Train Your Viking

Animal/f  Toothless/Astrid
"What are you hiding!" snarled the viking girl.
Before the timid boy could speak, a large black beast emerged from behind a large boulder.
A dragon! She grabbed her battle axe and ran forward.
But the boy blocked her, "Don`t! You'll scare him!"
"Scare the dragon!?"
The creature growled.
"Easy, boy. She's a friend."
He looked at her, "Astrid, this is toothless."
Another growl. She readied her axe.
"W-woah! It's okay. She won't hurt you."
"Are you crazy!?" She said, shoving out of the way, "We have to get out of here before it eats us!"
Sprinting away, she heard a roar behind her. 
Suddenly, talons gripped her shoulders and she found herself rising up into the air.
She desparately tried to swung her axe over her head, but the dragon bit down on it, yanking it out of her hands.
"Let go!" she screamed.
The next thing she knew, she was dropped into a tall pinetree. 
The giant creature grabbed the trunk above her and Astrid held on for dear life as the tree swayed and bent under its weight.
She tried to catch her breath. There was no way she she could fight it like this!
She tried to climb over to the trunk.
Why was she even up here?
As she got closer, she wondered why it wasn't attacking.
She looked up, and was surprised to find herself starting straight at its balls.
The creature simply stared down at her.
"W-what do you want with me!"
It lowered its head and tilted it, gesturing for her to get on.
"What's with this thing?"
She glanced down at the distant ground, and immediately closed her eyes, "A-alright, I'm sorry. Just get me down from here."
But no sooner did she climb aboard then the dragon took off, and they they were airborne again, climbing higher and higher into the sky.
Hugging its neck tightly, they suddenly broke above the clouds into the most beautiful sunset she'd ever seen.
Astrid gasped in amazment. She had NEVER seen the sky like this!
Soft rainbow-tinted clouds drifted below them.
She was actually riding a dragon!
She glanced down at herself... And in one piece!
The sensation was incredible.
Iredescent arrora borealis danced across the dimming sky as they soared gently in the silent night.
She sighed, "It's so beautiful."
The dragon purred as she rested her cheek on its neck.
Astrid looked down, "I was wrong about you," she whispered.

A few minutes later they landed on a high cliff.
She stroked the dragon's face, "That was amazing."
Turning around, she saw a cave in front of her. "Uh... Where are we?" She looked back, "Is this your home?"
Without thinking, she glanced down at the dragon's balls, only to notice something rising up.
Astrid blushed, "Woah..."
The large beast stepped forward.
"N-now hold on!"
She looked around, but she didn't see any way down.
It took another step.
Backing into the lair, the girl suddenly realized she was stuck here.
She down looked at Toothless. He was very stiff now!
She gulped. Not paying attention, her foot hit a crack and she stumbled backward.
Immediately, the dragon was on top of her.
She squeaked as teeth quickly yanked and tore at her armor.
Pushing against the large beast, she felt its hot shaft brushing against her bare breasts, and suddenly realized she was already naked.
Her cheeks burned as the creature leaned forward, pressing her to the ground.
There was no escaping it.
One moment, she was riding a dragon. Now it was riding HER!
The girl shivered in a mix of shock and amazement as the large shaft slid up between her thighs.
She squeezed her legs together. It felt hot against her skin.
The dragon's balls brushed over her knees.
What was this going to it feel like?
Astrid gasped.
The tip poked against her pussy.
The girl shook in anticipation.
Then it pushed inside.
Her breath shuddered as it slid deep inside of her.
She stretched her legs at the sensation.
It was pinning her down from inside.
What a feeling!
Astrid felt herself being lifted off the ground as the dragon sat up.
Now gravity took over and the girl panted as she slowly sank down on its shaft.
"So... Deep," she breathed.
Hugging her dragon tight, she pulled herself up.
She felt every inch of this movement.
Gasping, Astrid lost her grip and slipped down helplessly with a faint moan.
She sighed in bliss as toothless gently ran his claws through her hair.
Suddenly, he thrust upward.
The momentum sent her sliding up along his cock.
Then... A slippery sound as gravity pushed it back into her pussy.
Astrid collapsed against his stomach, trying to catch her breath.
But the dragon thrust again.
This was the most amazing thing she had ever felt!
The shaft began pumping her pussy, and the girl moaned frantically as her juices gushed around it.
But toothless did not let up.
Astrid could feel his dick getting hotter inside her.
She licked her lips.
It was only a matter of time now!
White hot cream burst out and tickled the folds of her pussy as it leaked out.
The girl trembled at the sensation.
The second shot caught her by surprise.
She wasn't expecting another one!
She whimpered at the tingling burning in her pussy.
Astrid's moan echoed off the walls.
Her legs shook from her orgasm.
It felt so good!
"M-more..." She begged, but the girl was too exhausted to move.
Another hot spurt caressed her vagina.
She felt faint.
The dragon gently laid her down as he pulled out.
She smiled weakly as her mind buzzed with incredibly dirty dreams.

She could marry this dragon!
He might unexpectedly mount her at any time.
Abduct her from her room in the middle of the night.
She'd be tied up. A helpless dragon "sacrifice" and they'd fuck her silly.
One after another.
A slave to a whole family of dragons.
They'd lick her. They'd molest her. The little ones would practice on her.
They'd keep her as their pet.
They'd make her their sex-toy.

Toothless watched in curiosity as the sleeping Astrid began to cum in her sleep.
Yawning, he curled up around her.
She now had the warmest bed on the entire island.