Tails Tempts

M/f  Tails/Sally
Tails stared at Sally's partly zipped-up vest as she read him his bedtime story.
However, he failed to notice the sheets rising between his legs, or the slight smile on her lips.
"Alright, that's enough for tonight."
The book clapped shut, snapping him out of his daze.
His cheeks burned as she leaned over him to give him the "funny kiss"
Her fingers gently pressed against the back of his head pulling him forward.
"Mmmwah..." she kissed his left cheek.
"Mmmwah..." his right cheek.
Sally leaned forward.
Without thinking, Tails lifted his mouth at the last second.
...right on his lips!
His head was swimming. Time seemed to vanish.
After a moment, he suddenly realized what was happening and pulled away.
"oh, uh... sorry?" It was an accident.
For a moment, Sally glanced down at something.
Then she smiled and ruffled his hair.
"Good night, Tails."
Tails sighed with relief as she left. She wasn't angry.
Looking down, he suddenly noticed he had pitched a tent in his sheets.
He gasped and quickly cupped his hands over it.
'Did she see it?' he wondered.
But she had already left.

Outside the room, Sally stopped a moment, biting her lower lip in thought.
She turned and walked down the hallway, deliberately softening her steps as she went.
Then silently, she crept back.
Kneeling down, she peeked through the crack she left in the door.

Tails thought about the accidental kiss.
How long were they like that?
He pulled down the sheets.
...She didn't stop him. Did she enjoy it?
Tails smiled. He liked the thought, even though he knew it was ridiculous.
He imagined Sally kneeling down as he squeezed his fingers around his shaft.
"It's time for the funny kiss," he imagined her saying.
He imagined her slowly unzipping her vest.
The zipper whizzed as the boy rubbed himself.
His ear twitched.
Tails opened an eye, 'Did I hear that or imagine it?'

Outside, Sally pressed her lips together trying not to breathe as she ran her hands over her nipples.
Licking her lips, she stared eagerly as the boy continued.

Tails imagined Sally leaning over him, then suddenly climbing on top.
'What are you doing, Aunt Sally?' he pretended to ask.
With a deep sigh, she lowered herself onto his dick.
Pinning him down, she started panting as she "molested" him.
Faster and faster, her pussy pounded his member. Wet sounds filled the hallway.
Tails froze. The sound continued.

Sally licked the air as she pushed her fingers in and out.
Damp juices trickled down her fingers as she opened her eyes.
Unfortunately, Tails had already stopped.
Did she miss it?

The young fox listened, slowly realizing what he was hearing.
'She's masturbating in her room!' he thought excitedly.
Ideas raced through his mind as he grabbed his cock.
'She saw my sheet sticking up a moment ago', he reasoned, 'Maybe she's thinking about me?'
His hand moved faster.
'Maybe she thinks about this every night!'
Sally's panting grew louder.
'What if we're imagining the same thing right now?'
This was awesome. He could almost believe it.
Suddenly, he heard the door creak slightly.
It was open!
His orgasm hit so hard he practically shook.

Sally gasped in amazement as the boy's cum shot straight up into the air.
Thoughts melting into heat, she fingered herself like crazy.
Rapid squishing noises echoed in the hallway as her juices spilled out, drenching her shaking palm.

Tails heard the muffled moan behind the door.
He lay there is disbelief.
It was true!
It was actually true!

Sally sat there, hand clamped over her mouth.
'Shit! Did he hear me?' she wondered.
She looked. The fox lay on his bed, still as stone.
'He... maybe he's asleep,' she hoped.
Nervously, she stood up, trying to move slowly in spite of her panic.
Feet shaking, she carefully tip-toed to her room.
That was way too close.

"Our Sugah-Tails shore is growin' up fast."
Sally sat down at the table and shook her head, "You have no idea..."
"Why?" Bunnie grinned, "Is he already playing with himself?"
The princess looked out the window, "D-Don't be ridiculous."
Bunnie nudged her, "Aw come on! I bet you caught him doin' it at least once."
Sally stirred the oatmeal in front of her, "Er... Maybe."
"Oh come on, Sally girl. Don't go keepin' all the juicy details to yerself." urged Bunnie.
Sally blushed, "It's not like I TRY to catch him at it."
"Aw, yer no fun," pouted Bunnie, slumping back in her chair.
The princess gave her a weird look.
"...What?" shrugged Bunnie, "A gal's gotta have a little fun."
Sally rolled her eyes.
Bunnie got up and poured some water for Sally.
"...Soooo?" she whispered.
Sally looked up, "Wuh?"
"What-all happened?" grinned Bunnie.
The princess nervously glanced out the window.
"Er, he... practically shot the ceiling."
"Oh mah stars! Ya caught him at the end?" cheered Bunnie, "You lucky girl, you!"
Sally stammered, "I-It's not like I'm watching him!"
"Ya keep sayin that." Bunnie winked, "I wondah why..."
Sally groaned. There was no hiding it from her.
She sat there in awkward silence as Bunnie took a sip of water.
The Rabbot regarded her friend for a moment.
"Ya know Sal," she said, "If that frisky boy was stayin' here, I'd be tempted something awful."
Sally shook her head, "It's not like you'd marry him."
"Well who ELSE is gonna marry me!?" Bunnie blurted.
Surprised, Sally looked at her friend.
"Erm... all I was sayin' was-" Bunnie figited.
There was an akward silence.
"Look, Sally-girl. I'll level with ya," She sighed, "Tha truth is... I've been waitin' for that boy to grow up for a long time."
"Didn't you have your sights on Uncle Chuck?" said Sally.
Bunnie's ears flopped as she shook her head, "Sally, I was only kiddin' about that."
The princess rubbed her chin, "Well, Rotor seems nice."
Bunnie held up her claw, "This is the only part o' me he's interested in."
The princess finally understood. Aside from Sonic, Knothole didn't have much of a selection.
"So can I have 'im?" pleaded the Rabbot.
Sally bit her lip.
Thinking a moment, she slowly nodded, "Um... Just don't go too fast. He doesn't really know what it is yet."
She sighed, 'What am I saying? I'M the one who needs to slow down!' she thought to herself.
Outside, the thatch roof rustled as something flew away.

Sally felt a little guilty as she started reading the story.
She tried not to notice the boy's cock lifting the sheets.
Turning the page, she continued reading in a half-hearted monotone.
Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw Tails reaching under the covers.
She felt his eyes exploring her body.
She felt her nipples getting stiff.
She tried to relax.
Leaning on one arm, she felt something stiff under her palm.
She froze, suddenly realizing where she had put her hand.
Not sure what to do, she glanced down at Tails.
"What is it, Aunt Sally?" he asked.
She lifted the book to her face.
Her hand stayed where it was.
Tails shifted position, pushing it against her fingers.
Sally's cheeks flushed as she continued the story. More slowly this time.
She could feel the warmth through the sheets.
She tried to turn the page with her left thumb, but the book fell out of her hand.
Groaning, she picked it up off the floor.

There was a glint of light outside.
Bunnie was watching from her hut, through the binoculars Sally had given her.
Sally took a breath, 'Here goes nothing.'
"That's enough for tonight, Tails." she said.
The princess leaned forward, carefully placing one of her hands against his cock.
She pulled him forward.
"Mmmwah..." she kissed his left cheek.
"Mmmwah..." his right cheek.
Tails looked at her innocently.
"Mmmwah..." she kissed him on the nose, as her fingers tightened around his shaft.
She stood up, smiling at the blushing boy.
Why DID she always give him a "funny kiss?"
Covering the glow-flowers that lit the room, she tried to remember how it started.
Tails watched as the door closed... mostly.
He waited a moment, then stood up and uncovered the light.
"Tails, go to bed!"
Yup! She was still there.
He put the cover back on, leaving a slight opening to keep the room dimly lit.

Bats fluttered through the trees outside as Bunnie adjusted the focus. This was it. Would he do it?

Sally rubbed her knees together as she peeked through the door.

Tails glanced at the crack in the door.
Then stretched his arms, pretending to yawn.
In the faint light, the nervous princess eyed his hard dick.
Sitting down on his bed, he didn't bother pulling the sheets up.
Slowly, Tails fondled his balls. He knew she was watching.
He tried to imagine what she was doing right now.
His ear twitched at a faint unzipping sound.
'There goes her vest,' he thought.
The boy wrapped his fingers tightly around his member, "Oh... Sally." he whispered, just loud enough for her to hear.
There was a faint gasp from the hallway.

Sally leaned against the wall.
Did she just hear that!?
She shook her head, 'no, I probably imagined it.'
But she couldn't help imagining herself on top of the boy as he thrust his dick into the air.

Bunnie spread her legs as she watched the motion.
"Someday..." she panted.
She pushed her hips against her fingers.
"...very soon."

The faint wet sounds sent an electrifying shiver through Tails, as he cupped his balls. "Sally," he breathed, "fuck me."

The princess's nipples were so stiff it hurt.
She sat on the floor, quickly pushing herself up and down on her fingers.

Tails could hear her panting through the door.
It was too much. The fox began jacking off rapidly.

Bunnie watched as something soared down to his window.
"Having fun, are we?" teased Rouge.
The boy froze.
Her white face peered in at him through the window.
"I-I wasn't... I mean," Tails stuttered.
She chuckled.
"I guess you need some help then." interrupted the bat woman as she climbed in the window.
The boy stared at her skin-tight outfit.
Wasting no time, she slipped a hand underneath him, lifting his hips higher.

The Rabbot gazed in amazement.
She had never seen such a beautiful woman!
Confused tingling tickled her pussy.

Sally shivered as the woman wrapped her long tongue around the boy's cock.
She couldn't just barge in there. It would be too suspicious. Tails would know she was spying on him. She needed an excuse.
The princess watched helplessly as the wet tongue swirled around his quivering boyhood.
'Damn it! I can't think like this!' she cursed.
She continued watching, unable to look away.

Bunnie squeezed her pillow between her thighs as she bucked her hips.
"Yeah girl, show him how it's done!" she panted.

Rouge tightened her fingers around the boy's shaft, holding back his orgasm.
Tails squirmed as she polished him off.
She began counting.
Sally fingered her clit.
Bunnie arched her back.
Rouge let go.

Everyone's eyes lit up as the hot stream shot into the air.
Sally watched in astonishment as Rouge leaned back and caught it in her mouth, "Wow." she whispered.

Bunnie watched a second stream of white fly into the air.
Her pillow was soaked.

Eyes half closed, Sally arched her back.
She didn't want it to stop.

Tails stared in a daze as the woman licked the cum off her fingers.
She winked at him, "You taste good."
A moment later, she was gone.
Cool wind blew through the window.
The boy ran the scene through is mind as he touched himself.
He wanted to be hard again.

A soft thump echoed from the hallway.
Tails slowly opened the door. An exhautsed Sally lay passed out on the floor, front-first, ass in the air.
Kneeling behind her in the darkness, the curious fox ran a finger through her pussy.
It was warm and slippery.
Sally let out a happy sigh as the boy pushed it inside.
Tails felt his dick getting stiff.

Wet sounds echoed in her ears as Sally slowly opened her eyes.
The room seemed to be shaking.
She gasped as she felt something stiff pushing into her folds.
But the princess was too tired to move.