Tails' Sex-Ed

F/m  Sally/Tails Bunnie/Tails
Sally glanced down from the storybook she was reading to Tails. There was a suspicious bulge under his blanket. In the back of her mind, Sally suspected what it was, but curiosity got the better of her.
She thought a moment, 'It might be something else. He's still young... right?'
"Tails, what are you hiding?"
The boy blinked at her, puzzled.
Sally sighed and lifted the edge of the blanket.
Bending down, she peered under, but it was too dark to see anything.
Reaching in, her fingers brushed over something warm and stiff.
Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Sally panicked and quickly withdrew her hand.
Tails looked up at the blushing woman.
"What's wrong, Aunt Sally?"
She shook her head, "N-Nothing."
She quickly stood up and left the room.

Climbing into her bed, Sally remembered the stiffness against her fingers as she tried to collect her thoughts.
'What could he have been thinking about?' she wondered as she rubbed herself.
Then she sighed. It was pretty obvious.
'I guess he's at that age.'
'He'll need to learn about sex sooner or later.'
Forcing herself to stop, she thought a moment.
'Maybe Bunnie will know what to do.'

Bunnie stared up at the ceiling.
Another lonely night. She sighed sadly.
Knothole was her only refuge. It hurt to remember their last visit to the eastern front. The freedom-fighters there regarded her with suspicion. Like she was some kind of robotic monster that might turn on them at any moment. She lifted her claw. Who could possibly love a 'robot?' Knothole was all she had.
A sudden knocking sound startled her.
The rabbot opened her door.
"Why Sally-girl, whatever are y'all doin' here at this time o' night?" she said, trying to sound cheerful.
Sally figited nervously. "Um, it's Tails." she stammered.
"Oh my stars, is he okay?"
Sally looked up at her, "Oh don't worry, he's fine... it's just."
She paused a moment, "I think he's getting curious about girls."
Bunnie breathed a sigh of relief, "I swear Sally-girl, you had me real scared for a moment there."
She thought a moment, "But why are y'all out worrin' about it at this time o' night?"
Sally bit her lip, "Well, what if he starts experimenting?"
Bunnie shruggled, "So what if he does?"
"Some girl might try to take advantage of him."
The rabbot folded her arms, "Like who?"
The princess thought a moment, "Well, there's Amy."
"You mean that girl with tha' big 'ol crush on yer Sonic?" Bunnie shook her head, "Sally-girl, just calm down. Nobody in Knothole's chasin' after 'im."
The princess nodded her head. "Yeah. I guess you're right." 
She turned to leave, but stopped and looked back at Bunnie, "But don't you think he needs some kind of explaination?"
Closing the door, Bunnie thought about the young fox. "Poor Tails. The moment he starts thinkin' about women, he's gonna start feeling mighty lonely."
She glanced at herself in the mirror, "Kinda like me."
Then a thought occured to her, making her blush, "Well... if he's already thinkin' about us."
She made up her mind. She wanted to help Sally with Tails.

She visited her friend the next morning.
"So how can we explain it to him?" asked Sally from across the table.
"I don't think it needs to be anything fancy." replied Bunnie, "The moment he learns to masturbate, he'll know what it's about."
Sally rubbed her knees together as she shifted in her seat, "Yes, maybe we should start with the obvious."
Bunnie stood up, "No time like the present,"
she said as she walked to Tails' room.
Sally followed close behind her.

"Masturbation's a trick all boys outta know," explained Bunnie, "All you gotta do is rub yourself down there."
"Really?" replied Tails, "But, what's it for?"
"Try it and see." said Sally.
As they turned to leave, the two women noticed the fox already starting to rub himself.
"Like this?"
Sally watched his shaft emerge.
Bunnie felt her nipples tighten.
For the next few minutes, the two women stared as the boy jerked himself off.
Suddenly, a white stream shot out, and Tails collapsed on his bed, blissfully dazed.
Sally and Bunnie looked at each other.
"Er, T-That's probably enough for today." stammered Sally.
They ran into the hallway.
Bunnie leaned against the closed door, catching her breath, "Oh mah stars... He did it right in front of us!"
Sally looked at her nervously, "What should we do?"
"Shucks, Sal. It's not like he did anything wrong." said Bunnie, smiling.
The squirrel tried to calm down, "Yes, yes... he only did what we told him to."
"Whatever we tell him..." mused the Rabbot.
Sally rubbed her knees together as she thought, "So... what about next time?"
Bunnie grinned.

"Girls can masturbate too." explained Sally.

Tails watched as the squirrel spread her legs.
Bunnie noticed the sheets lifting up.
"They do it by rubbing this part up here," continued Sally.
"Try it and see." interrupted Bunnie.
Sally froze. Bunnie grinned.
Slowly, Tails reached forward.
The princess shivered as the boy's fingers touched her.
"What does it do?" he asked.
Sally gasped, "Um, y-you'll see."
Curious, he rubbed at her clit.
The princess pressed her hips forward as the boy explored her pussy. She smiled in spite of herself. This was too easy!
Tails watched as she pinched one of her nipples.
"What's she doing, Aunt Bunnie?"
The Rabbot hugged him, "Ah that's just a little somethin' that makes a gal feel good."
She thought a moment.
"Kinda like this." she added, tickling his balls.
Her friend blushed as she felt another hand on her breasts.
Bunnie whispered in his ear, "An if ya really want to make her feel good, poke yer finger up in here."
Sally gasped.
"Then she can pretend it's a guy's thing goin' in and outta her."
He smiled, this was neat. He began pushing it in and out quickly.
"Oohh..." The princess started moaning.
"That's right, Sally-girl. Cum for tha' little guy. Show 'im how it's done!"
She arched her back, "Aahhh!!" Tails felt her pussy tighten around his finger.
Suddenly, warm juices drenched his hand.
"Is this... cum?" he asked.
Bunnie squeezed him, "That's right, suga-Tails. Ya'll did a real number on her!"
Sally collapsed on the bed.
The boy watched the cum dripping between her legs, "It's different from mine."
The rabbot suddenly let go of him, "Ah think that's enough for tonight. Ya'll know what to do."
She picked up her exhausted friend as Tails began rubbing himself. She smiled as she watched, 'This is goin' better than ah expected.' she thought.

The next night was strangely... ordinary.
Sally sat down to read Tails his bedtime story. She picked a book she already knew by heart. As she read, she occasionally glanced down at his sheets.
She made a point not to wear her vest this time, and she could feel his eyes all over her. 'This is educational,' she thought, blushing, 'I'm doing this to help him learn.'
Sure enough, a tell-tale bulge started to rise under his sheets.
She casually rested one hand on the bed, placing it by the bulge kind of accidentally on-purpose. Blushing, she continued reading the book one-handed.
To Tails' surprise, she finished the book and left.
A few minutes later, he heard odd sounds coming from Sally's room. Quietly, he opened her door a crack and peeked inside. Sally lay on her bed, frantically fingering herself.
He remembered something Bunnie had said, 'She pretends it's a guy's thing goin' in and outta her.'
The boy looked down. Did she want this?
Suddenly, he felt a light tug on his tails.
Bunnie stood in the dark hallway and pressed a finger to her lips. Then she quietly motioned for him to follow her.

Tails wondered what was going on as he followed Bunnie to her hut.
Closing the door, she knelt in front of him and tickled his balls, "Could ya'll do me a little favor?"
Blushing, the boy nodded.
The rabbot opened her top, "After Sally-girl goes to sleep, could ya'll come visit your Aunt Bunnie?"
To Tails' surprise, she stuck her tongue out and licked his shaft. It felt amazing!
"Ah'll do anything ya want me to," she panted.
He held her ears as she began suckling him.
It wasn't long before it just became too much.
He collapsed to the floor as Bunnie licked his cream off her lips, "Ya taste pretty good, sugah."