Tails Peeks

m/F  Tails/Sally
"I-I gotta go."
She clapped the book shut and practically ran out of the room.
Tails grinned.
He waited a moment, then stepped out into the dark hallway.
Through the blackness, he could hear wet sounds coming from her bedroom.
Peeking inside, dim starlight from the window revealed Sally's sprawled silohette on the bed.
She shuddered in euphoria as her fingers vibrated and the door creaked.
She froze.
. . .
The princess took a deep breath.
"Okay Sal, get a grip. This is supposed to be relaxing."
She closed her eyes and imagined Tails playing with her clit.
'What does it do?' she imagined him asking.
"Touch it and find out," she breathed.
Her fingers curiously probed at the bump.
She pretended to gasp, imagining a surprised look on his face.
"Don't be scared, Tails."

Crawling along the floor, the boy could just make out the motion of her fingers spreading her pussy.
He felt himself getting stiff.

Sally bucked her hips as she slid a finger inside.
"Ooh... Tails" she mumbled.
Her head rolled on the pillow as she pinched her clit betweeen her fingers.
Stretching her legs, she imagined Tails eagerly forcing them apart.
She lay back helplessly as he pinned her down.

Tails watched her silohette humping the air.
Peeking over the bed. He could almost see her pussy.
Carefully, he leaned forward for a closer look.

Sally imagined looking up at the cloudy sky over the secluded picnic area where she was getting molested.
She moaned as a warm breeze tickled her pubic hairs.
He could smell her heat, and the horny boy wasn't going to let her go.
Helpless, she shuddered as he forced it inside of her.
No matter how she thrashed, he refused to withdraw.

Tails felt warm juices coating his palm.
As Sally lifted her knees, he felt his fingers being pulled in deeper.
This was amazing.

"Alright, do it." Sally panted, "I won't stop you."
She felt the boy's weight on top of her.
Tails felt her legs wrap around his hips. Squeezing him.
He froze. How would he sneak out of there?
Desperately, he tried to push her away as she pulled him close.
Sally felt the horny boy pinning her down as he penetrated her. She could feel the throbbing stiffness pushing deep inside her pussy. She could even feel the hair on his balls brushing over her slit. This was her best fantasy yet!
She kissed him hard on the mouth as she humped him for all he was worth.
She could practically hear him panting.
He was REALLY horny now!
She was panting so hard she could barely breathe. She felt herself getting close, but she didn't want it to end.
Hot juices spurted around his shaft as Tails felt himself dragged down into another intense kiss.

The next morning, Sally woke in a cold sweat as she remembered something that her late mentor, Julayla had once told her: 'Be careful what you wish for.'