Sleepover Lessons

F/f f/f
"Ta daa!"
Amy wondered at the strange pieces of cloth suspended in her mother's hands.
"It's a training bra."
"Training?" Amy looked down at her chest, "Training for what?"
"For puberty," explained her mother, "You"re not a little girl anymore. Just look at these things!"
Amy blushed as the woman squeezed her chest.
"And these are your training panties"
Now Amy was really confused. The thong looked nothing like the underpants she was used to wearing.
"Here, I'll help you put them on."
A moment later, the girl stood in front of her mirror, admiring her new clothes.
"Those really bring out your curves," commented her mother.
Amy smiled and shivered a little. They didn't cover much.
She walked over to her dresser.
With each akward step, the soft velvety thong sent a chill up her spine.
Her mother noticed the girl rubbing her legs together as she picked up her dress.
"What's wrong dear?"
"It's my training panties," shivered Amy, "They feel funny."
The woman smiled as some dampness trickled down the girl's thigh.
"That's normal. You'll get used to it."
Fastening her dress, Amy examined the mirror again.
Somehow, her chest looked even bigger.
The girl proudly put her hands up and swung her hips.
Underneath, feathery-soft fabric flossed her clitoris.
Her mother chuckled as Amy gasped and stumbled to the floor.
"M-my legs feel like jelly," she panted. 
"Don't worry, that's just a little puberty"
The woman watched her daughter's chest heave as she caught her breath.
"H-how do I make it stop?" pleaded Amy.
Her mother lifted the girl's skirt, "Here, let me show you a little trick."
The girl jumped as a warm wet tongue suddenly slid up her pussy lips, dampening the fabric between them.
Her mother experty tickled the clitoris hiding under the thong.
Amy moaned. She'd never felt anything like THIS before!
Before long, the girl found herself in her mother's arms, twitching from her very first orgasm.
"Feel better now?"
"Uh... yeah, actually," grinned Amy, "That DID feel good!"

The next day, Amy sat at her school desk.
"What's wrong?" asked Sarah.
Behind her, Amy figited in her seat, "My mom bought me a training bra yesterday."
"Hey, me too. I got mine last week," whispered Sarah, "I'm still trying to get used to these training pants."
A trickle of juice dripped from her seat.

Stumbling through the front door, Amy clung to the door-frame.
"M-mom, I think I'm having puberty again."
Mom waved her hand, "Not now hun, I'm on the phone."
"But I... what do I dooo?" pleaded Amy.
Her mother wasn't listening, "So then I found this really racey store..."

Climbing to her feet, she slowly fumbled up the stairs to her room.
It was torture. Over the last 8 hours, the dampness had soaked down into her shoes.
Her mother glanced at the glistening trail leading up the steps.
Smiling, she whispered into the phone, "What time do you want me to send her over, Sally?"

Amy flopped onto her bed. 
"What am I going to do?" she panted.
The girl leaned forward, trying desperately to lick that one spot between her legs. But no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't reach it by herself.
Frustrated, she fell back onto the bed and suddenly moaned.
The training panties had once again stretched tight against her pussy.
Opening the door a crack, her mother peeked as her daughter curled up in her bed. It was no use. Every time she moved, the velvety fabric rubbed her.
For a few minutes, she just lay there, blushing at the ceiling.
Just as Amy was about to take them off, her mother barged into the room, "How about a sleepover at Sarah's?"
Amy blushed, "But mom, I'm kind of-"
"I have to work tonight, so I asked them to watch you."

"Glad you could make it!" cheered Sally as she opened the door.
Amy waved nervously as she shuffled inside.
"Mom, where are my jeans?"
Sally turned to the hallway, "They're in the wash, Sarah!"
In her room, Amy's friend was pulling on her nightie.
"Your training pants look just like mine."
Sarah tugged at her short gown, "I'm not supposed to take them off. Mom says that's the only way I'll get used to puberty."
"I'm still... having puberty," mumbled Amy.
Sarah, rubbed her legs, "Can't your mom fix it?"
"She's busy," sighed Amy as she unzipped her coat.
"Dinner's ready!" called Sally.

The woman licked her lips as she poured a strange powder into the salt shaker.
"What are we having?" asked Sarah, opening the door.
"Oh, it's um..." Sally quickly hid the viagra among the cooking spices, "Just macorroni and cheese."
"I love mac and cheese!" squealed Amy.
Meanwhile, her friend was already piling half the pot onto her plate.
"Leave some for Amy."
The girls giggled as they shoveled Sarah's mountain of macoronni onto Amy's plate.
Sally grinned and held up the shaker, "Want some salt?"
Sarah started whistling jingle-bells as she showered white powder onto her pasta.
"It's a good thing you have so much maccaroni," gulped Amy, "Here, I need some."
She grabbed the salt-shaker, "Dashing through the snow..."
"Slow down girls!" chuckled Sally.
"Butph the cheeth is thoo gooth!" said Sarah behind a mouthful.
Shoveling up another load, the girl gasped.
"Whath is ith?" laughed Amy.
"N-nothing..." Sarah blushed.
Sally stood up, "Remember the rule. You can't leave the table until you clean your plate."
Amy grinned and held up her half-eaten plate, "Please suh, can I have some mor- *pant*"
Sarah giggled, "This is WAY better than gruel."
She rubbed her thighs together as she took her second bite.
Amy laughed half-heartedly at her meal, not really paying attention.
"Mine needs more salt," said Sarah, grabbing the shaker.
"What about you, dear?"
"Wuh?" Amy glanced up in a daze.
Sally repeated her question, "Do you want more salt?"
The girl nodded.
She looked at her daughter.
"It... it's good," panted Sarah.
"Mmmm!" squeaked Amy.
The girl just couldn't hold still in her seat.
Sally smiled at the two blushing girls. It was working.
"Mmm..." moaned Sarah as she swallowed her last bite.
Meanwhile, her friend was struggling to hold her plate as she licked the last of the cheese off of it.
"Okay you girls, time for bed, " announced Sally.
Sarah stood up, "Ooh!"  but almost collapsed back down into her seat.
"Aagh!" squeaked Amy, as her training pants caressed her.
Clinging to each other, the two girls stumbled to the door.
"M-mom," Sarah turned, "I think I need some help with... *pant*  with my puberty."
Her mother shook her head, "You just have to get used to it.  It's part of growing up."
"But Mom!  L-Last night, you-"
"We have a guest, Sarah." interrupted Sally.
"Aaw!" her daughter groaned as she waddled out of the kitchen.

The bedroom door clicked as it was locked behind them.
"Good night girls."
Amy flopped forward onto her friend's bed, "T-That macoronni and cheese was so  *pant*  so good."
"Yeah," agreed Sarah, eyeing the other girl's short skirt.
She collapsed to the floor, "Damn it, I can't sleep..."
"M-me neither."
A wet spot started to form on the blanket between Amy's legs.
"How on Earth do girls get used to this!?" the girl moaned.
Sarah struggled to her feet.
"Eep!" Amy felt a hand on her almost-bare bottom as her friend stumbled past her.
Blushing hard, Sarah forced herself to lie down.
Amy could hear wet sounds under the rubbing thong as the girl eased herself back.
"I-I don't think I dare move," mumbled Amy.
"Oh really... " Sarah grinned,  "I DARE you to move."
The girl put her hands on the soft blanket and tried to lift herself off the bed.
But as she lifted, she arched her back... "Eeeee!"
Sarah watched as a liquid suddenly spurted down her friend's leg.
Shaking, Amy climbed onto the bed.
Sarah blushed as the girl's tight training pants dripped down onto the blanket.
Finally, her friend rolled over and collapsed next to her.
Turning to Sarah, she grinned.
"What is it?"
"Your shirt's all pointy" whispered Amy.
She flicked one of Sarah's stiff nipples.
It sent a tingle down the girl's spine.
"Hee hee!"  she sighed,  "...Do it again," 
She watched Sarah's chest heave as she squirmed.
"I wonder why our moms won't help us?" pouted Amy.
" *pant*  more..." drooled Sarah.
"I mean, it's not like I can lick it by myself."
Her friend slid her legs apart.  A thick blob of cum spilled out between the stretched fabric.
"I wonder... what it tastes like?" Amy licked her lips.
Slippery fluid squished between her thighs as she leaned closer.
Sarah eagerly lifted her nightie.
Her friend examined the dark fabric of Sarah's training panties sandwiched between her pussy lips. Going up, the soft fabric stretched tight over her hardening clitoris, sliding against it at even the slightest movement.
"What's this thing?"
Amy pushed the thong aside.
Her friend twitched as her clit popped out from under it.
"Maybe that's where I..."
Warm cum splashed her chin the moment her tongue touched the mysterious bump.
She grinned, "Hey Sarah, I figured it out!"

In the hallway, the woman licked her lips as she listened to the frantic moans pouring from the bedroom.
Pulling down her jeans, Sally then unlocked the door and peeked through the narrow crack.
"These girls are going to be at it all night,"  She whispered into the phone.
The woman began fingering herself, "And your daughter has my cute little Sarah pinned down."
Sally paused as she kneeled on the floor, legs apart.
"Those thongs were a great idea," she panted, "I can see everything."
The woman slid her fingers under her panties.
"And they're dripping like crazy... I wish you could see this."
Sally bit her lip as she moaned into the phone.
"I'll send them to your place tomarrow. They'll be on each other like rabbits."