Pimp Sister

The door shut as Tim stepped out of the shower.
"Wait, I'm in here!" he called.
"Whoops, I thought the bathroom was empty," chuckled Sarah.

Walking into the livingroom, he saw his sister texting someone on her phone. There was a weird grin on her face.
Her mother looked at her, "Don't sit like that, Sarah. Everyone can see you."
The girl signed and put her feet down on the carpet.
"What show is this?" asked Tim.
"It's a Discovery Channel show about the world's oldest tree," she said, "Want to watch it with me?"
Tim rolled his eyes, "Not exactly popcorn material."
Sarah giggled.
She was curled up in the easychair again.
Glancing up at him, she closed her phone, "Hey Mom, I have to stay after school tomarrow."
"But I have a job interview tomarrow. Did you get detention again?"
His sister leaned back, "Something like that."
"Terrific," groaned their mother, "Now I need to find someone to babysit Tim."
"I'm too old for a babysitter," complained Tim.
"No you're not," teased Sarah, "Let me ask Amy."
She resumed texting.
Her mother walked over to her purse, "I don't have very much."
"Amy says she'll do it for 5 bucks an hour," said Sarah.
"Really? Only 5?" The woman looked at her, then sighed, "At least cross your legs, dear."

Tim closed his locker.
Across the hall, Sarah's friends had gathered around her phone.
One of them looked at him and giggled.
"It's 40 bucks," said Sarah, "Just don't tell anybody"
"Hey, Sarah!"
A cheerleader ran up to her, "I got the money."
Just then, the bell rang.
Tim hoisted his backpack, "Have fun in detention."
The tall cheerleader winked at him, "See you later, cutie."

Stepping off the bus, Tim noticed that the car was already running.
His mother rolled down the window, "Get in, Tim. I don't want to be late."
"Can't we skip the babysitter?" he asked.
"Buckle your seat-belt."
Tim sighed as he sat down.
"I'm not leaving you home alone," She pulled out of the driveway, "The last time I did, the computer was full of porn."
Tim blushed, "I bet Sarah gets the internet on her phone."
"Her phone only does text and photos."

Tim got out of the car.
"Okay, be a good boy. I'll be back in a few hours."
He looked at the house. All the lights were off.
Nervously, he knocked on the front door.
He waited... nothing.
"Great, it's not even the right address."
He watched the car drive away.
"Is she gone?"
Startled, he turned around.
A familiar cheerleader smiled down at him, "Hello again, cutie."

Stepping inside, he looked around the strange house.
"Why are all the lights off?"
The door clicked shut behind him.
"My parents aren't home," Amy turned the lock, "It's just the two of us."
Tim gulped, "Um, I just got home from school."
"Then you'll need a bath," She grabbed his wrist.
"Wha, hey!" 
"Sarah wants me to take GOOD care of you," she said, dragging him up the stairs.
Tim stumbled into the bathroom, "I can just take one when I get home."
"No you can't," she teased, "In MY house, you have to take a bath as soon as you get home."
"Oh yeah? What about you?" countered Tim.
Amy grinned, "Hee hee! You catch on quick!"
He turned to see the cheerleader pulling up her dress.
"W-What are you doing?!" he stammered.
"I'm a dirty girl," she tossed away her dress,
"I need a nice..." and her bra, 
"hot..." her underpants,

Panicking, Tim shoved past her into the hallway, "Hey!"
"Wait, what's wrong?" She called after him as he stumbled down the stairs.
He wrestled with the front door, but the lock wouldn't open.
Suddenly, two warm arms closed around him.
Panting, the tall girl squeezed him close, "You're not going anywhere until I've had my 40 dollars worth."

Tim struggled as the older girl pinned him down on her couch.
His jeans lay inside-out on the floor next to his torn shirt.
"Ribbed, or lubricated?"
Tim looked up, "Wha? I...I don't know!"
"Ribbed then," said Amy, slipping the condom over him.
"I may be the first," she kissed him, "But I won't be the last."
Her tongue twirled in his mouth, as her pussy swallowed him whole.
Amy arched her back, squeezing his shaft as she slowly pulled herself up.
Tim swore it was somehow sucking on him!
The sweaty girl smiled down at the shivering boy.
"You're too cute," she panted, "I'm glad Sarah's letting me borrow you."
"B-Borrow?" Tim gasped as she clamped on down him.
"40 bucks a go," she whispered in his ear.
"After seeing that photo," she hugged him, "All of our friends are lining up to screw you silly."

A few minutes later, the Tim tried to catch his breath as Amy pulled herself off him.
"S... Sarah..."
She looked at him, "Hmm? What about her?"
The boy blinked in a daze, "She's... not in detention... is she."
"Nah, she's hanging out with my friends," Amy winked at the coffee table.
Turning, Tim noticed a tiny red light blinking.
Her phone was propped on the coffee table, recording everything.

"I'm sorry he was so much trouble," apologized Tim's mother, "Here's a little extra."
Amy giggled, "Thanks, Miss Shafer."
His mother closed the car door, "I told you to be a good boy. Next time, do what she says."
Tim nodded. He wasn't sure what to make of all this.

His sister was curled up in the chair when they got home.
"Guess what, Sarah? I got the job!" cheered her mother, "I even gave Amy a big tip."
Sarah grinned, "Not her first!"
Tim blushed. His sister had obviously seen the whole thing.
"So how was it?" asked Sarah.
Tim shrugged, "Um... pretty... good?"
"That's good," she licked her lips, "Because you're gonna need a lot of babysitting when Mom starts her new job."
"And you'd better start behaving!" added his mother.