Sally Sneaks

F/m  Sally/Tails
The moon shone high outside the window as the bedroom door creaked open.
Sally waited a moment, then carefully peeked inside.
Tails was fast asleep in his bed.
Quietly, the woman crept across the room, her bare feet padded softly over the floorboards.
The squirrel froze as the boy's ears flicked.
She held her breath.
He didn't move.
Very slowly, she stepped over the weak plank in the floor.
The princess silently stared down at the sleeping boy. He had grown up so fast. Hours ago, she had noticed his erection during story-time. The oblivious boy was too young to remember a time when mobians wore pants in knothole. A young princess Sally changed all that when she jokingly said pants weren't allowed. But when everyone started undressing in front of her, the girl couldn't bring herself to stop them.
Those same mischievous thoughts were now drawing the woman's attention to Tails' bedsheets.
She silently knelt down.
Slowly, she reached under the blanket.
The squirrel carefully watched the boy's face as her fingers roamed. 
Suddenly, her palm brushed over something stiff. Sally grinned. "Having naughty dreams, are we?" Thought the princess.
Tails didn't move as the woman slowly lifted the sheet. Her prize glistened in the moonlight.
She took another quick glance at his face.
He was totally oblivious to what was happening.
Somehow, that made this even more exciting.
The woman leaned forward. It was right in front of her.
Opening her mouth, her nose accidentally bumped the boy's dick. It felt hot. The sensation sent shivers up and down Sally's thighs.
Her breath washed over his shaft in anticipation.
Very slowly, the woman traced her tongue up along the stiff length. 
She was resisting an almost unbearable urge to just swallow it all.
Another glance... Tails was still asleep.
The princess's legs quivered in protest.
The air felt cool against the dampness between her thighs.
Distracted by this, she didn't notice her lips involuntarily closing on the base of his cock.
Sally blinked in surprise.
She could feel his entire dick quivering against her tongue. She could taste it!
A trickle of moisture ran down the squirrel's thigh.
Suddenly, there was a loud sigh.
"No, stop! He's going to wake up!" She told herself, but her mouth wouldn't listen.
Sally slowly forced herself to pull away.
The boy's cock slid deliciously over her tongue. The woman felt her cheeks burn from the sensation.
It took every ounce of her will to actually open her mouth.
Then suddenly, at the very last second, hot cream splashed her throat. Sally faintly moaned as the salty goo coated her tongue.
Realizing her mistake, she clapped a hand over her mouth.
The boy stirred as the panicking princess scrambled under the bed.
Pulling away his covers, Tails was startled to find nothing there.
Was it a dream? It felt like SOMETHING was just down there.

"I had a weird dream"
Sally looked up from her breakfast, "Oh?"
"I was in my room. There was something under my blanket," the young fox fidgeted in the chair, "It was really... wet"
Sally smiled, "You'll probably start having lots of dreams like that."
"Huh? Uh... why?" He wasn't expecting her to say that.
The princess put down her tea, "Everyone gets wet dreams during puberty," she explained.
"Even you?"
The squirrel nodded.
Tails stirred his oatmeal, "Do they always feel good?"
"Yes," Sally blushed, "but you'll wake up if you try to move."

Sure enough, Tails had another "dream" that night. 
Hidden under the blanket, Sally could hear his panting as she eagerly suckled him.
Squinting at the moonlight, the boy tried to hold still. It felt amazing! He didn't want it to end. But after a couple minutes... It did.
The princess swallowed greedily as the young fox's eyes grew heavy. 

And the next night, it happened again. Sally drank him down, night after night.
Tails knew that if he pulled down the covers, there would be nothing there. But why did his puberty moan like that?

Each night, his curiosity grew. But he just couldn't bring himself to risk interrupting these great dreams. Puberty just felt too good.

Then one night, the boy decided to take a chance. Slowly, he lifted the blanket. Just as he tried to peek underneath, something darted out of the corner of his eye. The young fox looked around the room, but it was empty. Then he caught a glimpse of something slipping away under his bed.
Sally held her breath as the mattress creaked above her.
Leaning over the side, Tails peered into the black shadows. But he couldn't see a thing.
The princess held perfectly still as the curious boy climbed down onto the floor. 
Gathering his courage, Tails blindly reached under his bed. To his surprise, his fingers bumped into something soft and warm.
The squirrel woman didn't dare make a sound as his curious fingers danced up her ribs, poked her right breast, flicked at the nipple.
Groping around, Tails then encountered something different. Something... wet?
Silently panicking, Sally bit her lip as her clitoris was coaxed from its hiding place.
The young boy curled his finger as it sank deeper. Why was it so slippery?
There was a faint squishing sound as he wiggled his fingers in as far as they could go. The wet thing started squeezing his knuckles. Pulling back, he tried spreading his fingers apart.
Suddenly, something wet splashed his palm.
What was that??
He pulled away. A strange gooey liquid dripped from his hand.
This was the weirdest dream yet.

The next day, Sally seemed very curious about his dreams. She wanted to know all the details.
"It was fun, but weird," smiled Tails, "I wonder what the puberty looks like?"
The princess grinned, "It probably looks like whatever you want it to."

The next night, Sally could hardly wait. She lay in her bed... Waiting. These hours were always torture. But she had to plan this one carefully. Timing was everything.
Creeping down the hallway, Sally stopped and listened at the door. It was faint, but she could just make out the young fox's snoring. Very slowly, she pushed the door open. Leaving nothing to chance, the squirrel peeked inside. The sleeping boy hugged his pillow. Sally approached, carefully avoiding certain floor panels, and knelt low. Carefully, slowly, she lifted the blanket, then draped it over her. 
Hidden by the long fabric, the woman reached for her prize. Her searching fingers found the boy's fuzzy balls, and she couldn't resist tickling them.
She didn't have much time now.
With practiced precision, the horny princess swirled her tongue around Tails' stiffening shaft.
He started panting.
Now was her chance.
Sally quickly let go and disappeared under the bed.
Tails lay there confused. What happened? Why did it stop?
His cock was throbbing. He wanted more.
The young fox looked around the dim room for any sign of movement. Then he noticed something by the floor. Almost immediately, it retreated under his bed.
Sally's heart raced as she silently waited, legs wide open.
A moment later, the boy climbed onto the floor. The princess eyed his dripping cock as he peered curiously under the bed.
Reaching forward, he soon found the mysterious wet spot.
The squirrel closed her eyes. This was perfect. All she had to do was wait, and he'd finger-fuck her.
But Tails had a different idea. The wetness had felt so good. He wanted more. He crawled under the bed.
Sally suddenly noticed something hot pressing against her folds. Opening her eyes, she found herself pressed against the wall as the boy pushed his dick into her.
Biting her lips, the woman tried desperately to keep quiet. It didn't last long.
He started pumping her.
And before long, she was gasping uncontrollably.

Sally stirred her tea in a daze.
She had been strangely quiet all morning.
Noticing Tails, she ruffled his hair and smiled.
"Um, I had another dream," he announced. This was starting to become the morning routine.
She grinned, "I bet you did."
"But this one was different," he added, "I chased the puberty under my bed."
"Oh really?" The squirrel sipped her tea, "Why?"
"Because, um..." Tails shifted in his seat.
Sally knew he was trying to hide a boner. It was always so cute when he did this.
"So what did you do?"
"Um..." The boy blushed, "I... Put it in... into the puberty."
The princess leaned back in her seat, "Wow, really? I never managed to do that before."
Tails looked up, "It's easy. If you try to look, it hides under the bed. You just go under the bed and there will be a wet thing there."
Sally giggled, "Then what do you do?"
"Well you just have to push against it and your... thing will go inside of it. It feels AMAZING!"
Sally's cheeks burned as she listened to Tail's instructions on how to molest herself.
She sighed.
The young fox's ear perked. There was something familiar about that sound.
Slipping down off the chair, he glanced at Sally and noticed something wet glistening between the squirrel's legs.
He shrugged. She probably had a wet dream too.

That evening, Sally walked into his bedroom with a book Tails had never seen before.
"Once upon a time, there was a girl with huge breasts and a red cap. Her mother warned her to stay away from the woods, or the big wolf would rape her."
The young fox grinned, "I bet Riding Hood is gonna get screwed!"
"Who knows? Anything can happen in this story," the princess turned the page.
The boy blushed as he listened to the squirrel's sexy story. But as she continued reading, her voice became breathless, "and then the wolf started *pant* licking her pussy."
The fox's ear flicked, he had heard this sound before!
He glanced up at Sally. She held the book up to her face, completely absorbed in the story. He slowly reached over the woman's thigh. His fingers brushed over her soft fur. It felt so familiar.
Then a thought occurred to him, "I wonder..."
He reached a little higher, and sure enough, he found the wet spot. It was just like the dream!
Suddenly Sally stood up, "Um, I'll read the rest of it tomorrow."
She clapped the book shut,
"Can't you finish it? The fox blushed, "I really like this story."
"I just, um..." Princess rubbed her knees together, "It's getting late. G-Good night, Tails."
Running out of the room, Sally leaned against the wall of the hallway.
"Shit... That was close," her heart was racing, "I shouldn't have read that story."
Something wet trickled down the woman's thigh as she remembered the boy's fingers touching her.
The door creaked. Tails was watching her!
Sally quickly stood up and walked down the hallway. This was no place to masturbate.
Closing her bedroom door, the princess covered the light and flopped onto her bed.
In the darkness, she lay there panting.
Her fingers traced her pussy lips. Then she stopped.
Would she visit him tonight? Or was she too horny to wait. It was always a hard decision to make.
Finally, Sally forced her hand away.
"Patience is a virtue," she whispered.
Suddenly, she heard footsteps in the hallway.
"What is he doing up?" She wondered.
Quietly, the squirrel got up and peeked through her door.
Tails waited out in the hallway. In the dim light, she eyed his stiff cock. Something glistened at the end of it.
Sally gasped and pushed her back to the door, "He's horny as fuck..."
She glanced around her room. Was he going to come in here?
Her thighs burned. More importantly, did she WANT him to?
Heart racing, she glanced at her bed. She could pretend to be asleep.
The princess shook her head, "No... This is going too far."
She ran into the closet and closed the door.
A moment later, the bedroom door creaked open.
A confused boy looked around the dark room. Through the closet slats, Sally stared at his dick. Part of her desperately wanted to feel it on her tongue. She sighed.
Suddenly, she clapped her hand over her mouth. Shit. Did he hear that?
The panicking squirrel quietly masturbated as Tails lifted the blankets.
"Fuck... I wish I was under there," thought Sally. She noticed pre-cum dripping from the boy's stiff dick.
"If he found me, I'd probably be getting plowed right about now."
The woman pushed her fingers deep into her pussy.
Tail's ear flicked as muffled wet sounds emerged from the closet.
Slowly, the boy slid the door open.
Sally silently stared back at him, legs spread, waiting.
Tails grinned, "Those weren't dreams..."
The horny princess shook her head.
Closing her eyes, she gasped as the boy's shaft sank deep into her slippery pussy.
Sally licked the boy's face and wrapped her legs around him as he started pumping her.

The next day, everything seemed completely normal. They ate breakfast. Tails went outside to play. Sally raided robotropolis. Sonic got all the credit. And later she read Tails his bedtime story.

Like always, the princess sat by the bed, "Now, where were we?"
She flipped through the pages, "Suddenly, the wolf jumped on top of Riding Hood..."
Turning the page, Sally sighed as Tails slowly reached between her thighs.
"A moment later, she *pant* started moaning as the big wolf fucked *pant* fucked her silly..."
The young fox grinned. Her pussy was getting really wet.
Sally pretended not to notice. But pretty soon, she could barely get a word out.
"Big Red *pant* Riding Hood started *pant* started licking *Ooh* started licking his *pant* his big *Ahh* his *pant* ...Ah fuck it."
The book flopped out of her hands. The princess just sat there as the boy massaged her breasts.
The squirrel opened her eyes and looked down at him.
"Can I have the funny kiss?"
The princess nodded and leaned forward, pecking him on both cheeks, then his nose.
Tails giggled, "Not that funny kiss."
He lifted the blanket, "I mean the other one."
Sally grinned. Story time would never be the same.