Royalty Never Regrets

F/f Animal/f
"Lady Sarah where are you going?" Called the guard.
"Outside," she said defiantly.
He blocked the door, "No you're not."
"You can't stop me," the girl planted her hands on her hips, "I'm the princess."
The man locked the door, "It's dangerous out there."
"Yeah, yeah... Of course it is. It's "dangerous" to go out after dark. It's "dangerous" to stay up past my bedtime. It's "dangerous" to wear my favorite dress. If every single little thing is dangerous, I guess I'll just rot in my room until I die!"
The girl stomped up the stairs.
Her chambermaid was waiting for her in her room.
"Why miss Sarah, whatever is the matter today?"
"Everything! They never let me go outside!"
"I see."  The maid quietly rolled her eyes.  "And why would you want to go out there anyway?"
"So I can play with all the cute animals in the woods!"
"Everybody else gets to but not me, because I'm THE Princess, I'm sooo "special."
The maid glanced out the window at some wolves prowling around the trees.
"Well I'll show them. I'm gonna sneak out!"
The maid chuckled as she noticed one of the dogs humping a tree.  Perhaps the stubborn girl would have to learn her lesson the hard way.
"What's so funny??" Sarah glared at her.
"Oh, it is nothing."
"You don't think I can do it, can you?  Don't even think about trying to stop me!"
The maid stepped away from the window, "Now why would I do that? I am no guard. Just a simple maid. All I do is get you dressed for bed. How could I possibly keep you here?"
Sarah pouted.
"It's late. Please undress princess."
The girl pointed her chin up at her, "No, YOU do it!  That's your job, right?"
"Very well."
The woman slowly stripped the girl naked, leaving her shivering slightly as she slowly pulled out a short silk night-gown from the dresser.
"H-hurry up and finish already."
The woman stopped, "As you command, princess.  We'll just make-do with this."
Sarah blushed and snatched up some panties.
Sliding the girl's arms through the sleeves, the maid draped the thin gown around her, typing the laces between her breasts.
She then slowly pulled the panties up to her hips, stopping with a light tug that made the small princess squeak.
"Now, lets get you into bed."
"Hmph... YOU take me to bed!"  Pouted Sarah, trying to ignore the tickling between her breasts.
The woman shrugged and lifted the girl up in her arms, resting her fingers just between her thighs as she carried her.
"Good night princess," she said, laying the girl down on the quilt.

No sooner had the door closed shut, Princess Sarah stumbled out of bed and began tying her sheets together.
"Stupid maid thinks she's clever.  Barely dressing me.  She thinks she can embarrass me, well I'll show HER.  Nothing shall stop me."
She wrapped the end around her bed-post and tied it three times.
From a nearby balcony, the maid quietly watched the girl climb down to the grass.
A wolf howled and bushes rustled.
Sarah crawled into the shrub.  "Here squirrel squirrel."
A startled mouse darted across the grass.
The princess giggled and chased after it.
The maid watched as a wolf quietly followed behind her.
Like a cat, the girl stalked the mouse as it shifted in the grass.
With a pounce, she saw the tiny creature skitter away under a tree root.
Sarah meowed playfully and crawled forward.
But something tugged at her gown.
Glancing behind her, a wolf stared back, wagging his tail.
The girl scrambled to get away.
The canine playfully pulled at her dress as the delicate skirt tore away.
Up on the balcony, the maid watched the scene unfold, "Maybe now you'll stay inside, princess," she chuckled.
Sarah stumbled through the trees as fast as she could.
Finally she hid behind a large oak to catch her breath.
Nervously, the girl peeked around the side at the castle.
She didn't see the wolf.
The princess shivered slightly as a cool breeze brushed over her bare ass.
Blinking, she puzzled girl glanced down behind her.
The playful wolf stared up at her, clenching her panties in his teeth as they slid down her knees.
Sarah tripped over the fabric.
Desperately kicking behind her, the girl clawed at the dirt as she pulled herself away.
Finally, she got to her feet and made a beeline back toward the castle.
But she stopped short.
Two wolves emerged from the bushes in front of her.
Glancing behind her, the princess suddenly realized that she was surrounded by the whole pack.
Trembling, the girl backed up against a tree as one of them approached.
Heart racing, Sarah looked around, and then quickly grabbed at the trunk, attempting to climb up the tree.
The rough bark caught the laces of her nightie as the inexperienced princess pulled herself higher.
She had only managed to raise herself a few inches before she suddenly felt a warm tongue slide across her thighs.
Startled, she hung on for dear life as the licking moved higher.
The wolf nuzzled in between her legs and an odd tingling shot up the girl's spine.
Sarah finally lost her grip and tumbled backward onto the dry leaves.
She opened her eyes to see panting faces all around her.
One of them leaned down and sniffed at her open night gown.
The princess gasped and hugged her exposed breasts.
Another wolf happily licked her cheek.
"D-Don't eat meee!"  She screamed.
Covering her face, Sarah didn't notice the biggest one climbing in between her legs until his large paws pressed down on her belly.
She suddenly realized she was pinned down as the large beast lowered himself.
The girl tried to lift her knees to kick but his descending weight forced them apart.
Then she felt it.  Something stiff and hot tickled her pussy lips.
The giant wolf leaned forward and licked the princess's forehead.
Sarah blinked in surprise.
She felt her pussy sliding apart and... Something stiff.
Something long.
Her legs tensed as it sank into her.
Squirming at the sensation, the girl could barely move under the canine's weight.
The princess lay there helplessly as she felt every inch effortlessly sliding into her.
"Guh..." Panted the girl in stunned amazement.
Tongues lapped at her nipples.
She shivered in confused excitement as the pack of wolves continued to... Not eat her.
The girl squeaked in surprise as her orgasm squirted around the large wolf's cock.
Then it swelled, locking her in place.
The beast reared up, pulling her hips up with it.
It continued to throb inside of her as her legs dangled.
Slowly, the large shaft gradually slipped out of her.
Sarah lay in the grass, panting in confused amazement. Not noticing the other wolves lining up to fuck her.
The rest of the night was a blur as one by one, each of the dogs took a turn with the princess's slippery pussy.

Very early the next morning, Sarah shivered in the cool damp air as she stumbled toward the castle. Surely nobody would be awake yet.
In the dim shade of the forest, her panties were nowhere to be found.
"It's not like anybody would dare try to peek at the princess anyway," she mumbled to herself as she cautiously pulled her ragged nightie down to cover her hips.
With tiny careful steps, she made her away across the cool damp grass.

The old doors creaked shut as the girl crept down the hall.
"Did you enjoy your walk, princess?"
Sarah froze and glanced at her maid.
"V-Very much so..." She adjusted the skirt of her nightie, "Shouldn't you be cleaning my room?"
The woman smirked as she noticed a trickle of white goo running down the girl's thigh, "I have already made your bed, my princess."
Sarah's cheeks burned in annoyance, "F-Fine..."
She briskly made her way over to the grand stairs.
"Is something the matter?"
The princess squeezed her knees together, "Of course not! Why would anything be wrong?" She lied.  She stomped up the steps as sticky noises squished and sqeaked between her legs.

The girl ran to her bed, hugging the pillows to her face.
She yanked the large blanket over herself and pretended this was just another morning.
Lifting a pillow, she glanced at the window.
"It's fine..." She mumbled, "I played with the forest animals, just like I said I would."
For a moment, she basked in the familiar warmth, trying to ignore the way the cum tickled as it dripped down her pussy.
Finally, she couldn't stand it and threw the pillow across the room.
"Stupid maid! She KNEW this would happen!"
The princess yanked the blanket away and stared at the mess coating her thighs.
Wiping it with a pillow, the girl grumbled as more juices leaked out.
"Just how many wolves were there?"
Sarah flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.
The first one was so large.  She remembered the heavy paws pushing her shoulders against the ground as it... Did whatever it was it did.
Trying not to blush, the girl hugged another pillow to her chest.
"I bet she thought I was going to hate playing with wolves."
Sarah remembered the way her nipples tingled as the dogs licked her.
"W-Well she's wrong!"
She remembered the way they hungrily licked at her.
The girl pulled the blanket over her.
"Nothing... bad happened. They didn't eat me."
She shivered under the warm quilt.
"I wasn't scared at all."
She remembered the way they tore at her skirt.
"But they DIDN'T eat me," she repeated.
She remembered the way the maid grinned at her that morning.
"She's wrong!" Screamed Sarah, kicking the blanket off the bed.
"I'm not... scared.  In fact I'll... I'll do it again!"
The princess stared down at the mess dribbling out of her pussy.
"I don't even care." She mumbled, "I'll do it tonight."
She grabbed the sheets, "No, I'll do it right now!"
The girl began tying them together. She wasn't going to let herself chicken out.
"I'll show that maid how wrong she is."
Sarah threw her make-shift rope out the balcony window.
Tugging at the knot, she climbed outside.
"I don't care what she thinks," she huffed, "She can't stop me from playing in the woods when I want to."
Landing on the grass, the princess marched straight back toward the trees.

The chambermaid stretched her arms and hung-up her cap.
"That should keep her inside for awhile" she yawned.
She had stayed up all night, just to see the princess regret her decision.
"Worth it..." She mumbled, passing the window
"Maybe now she'll stay inside the-"
Some dangling sheets caught her eye.
"Wait... Don't tell me she-"
The woman ran to her balcony just in time to spot Sarah disappearing into the trees.
She ran for the door.

The girl froze as bushes rustled nearby.
"Well that was fast," she gulped.
She looked around nervously, and then shook her head.
"Probably just a squirrel."
Moments later, Sarah stood defiantly among the trees. She ignored her shivering as she waited for something to come out... Anything.
The girl dared herself to go deeper. She took another step forward, loudly crunching the leaves under her bare feet.
She was determined to face the wolves again.  Playing with cute forest animals was what she wanted in the first place.
"But... Wolves aren't cute."
The princess shook her head.
"I'm not afraid, so I'm going to play with them," She reminded herself.
Sarah marched down across the dried creek. She climbed over the large rocks on the other side. 

Stumbling out the gate, the maid barreled into the woods.
Stepping on a sharp twig, she hopped on one foot.
"S-Shit!  Why didn't I put my shoes on first?"
Limping past the trees, the woman squinted in the dim morning shade.
"Let's see... Where's that blue nightie of hers?"

The princess trembled as she stared at the old cave.
"S-stupid..." She gritted her teeth, "just go in already!"
But her feet refused to move.
"G-go on!"
Her fingers fidgeted until she clenched them into fists.
In frustration, Sarah pulled off her nightie and threw it down on the dirt.
"Y-You're going in there..." She commanded, "you are going to 'play' with them, and then you shall brag about it!"
The girl took a deep breath and got down on her hands and knees.
Her palm tingled as she lifted it like a paw and placed it down in the dirt in front of her.
Then she lifted her leg, pressed her knee on the ground, and pushed herself toward the opening.
But the princess was only one inch closer to the cave.
"A-Alright then, I... I'll call them."
She worked up her courage... Inhaled, and let out a very faint howl. "ooooh..." It sounded like a pathetic Halloween ghost.
"Pitiful..." She grumbled.
She quickly took a great big breath, and forced it out of her lungs.
The sound echoed through the trees.
The girl shook like a leaf as her eyes darted nervously at every shrub that moved.
Slowly, she began crawling forward.
Then a branch snapped. She froze... She un-froze. 
"I don't care..." She told herself, and took another step forward.
She didn't see what made the sound, but she wasn't going to let herself be scared... Much.
The bushes next to her rustled.
The princess could barely breathe.
"I-I don't care..."
Forcing herself not to look, she pushed herself forward.
Leaves crunched behind her.
"I don't... oooOOFF!"
Suddenly, leaves slid across Sarah's face as something shoved her down.
She didn't move. She couldn't. The girl didn't dare make any sudden movements.
She just... waited.
"J-Just let it happen," she whispered to herself.
There was a grunting sound.
A cool breeze tickled her pubic hairs.
The girl's heart raced.
But... Nothing.
Finally, she very slowly turned her head.
She noticed something just behind her foot.  It resembled a large brown paw, but it was too big to be a wolf.
Suddenly, warm fur slid over her back.
Then a wet sound.
Sarah was so startled she barely noticed the bear nudging behind her.
But then she felt the warmth... And the stiffness.
The princess braced herself as it slowly pushed into her... 1 inch... 2 inches...
3 inches.
"Guh!" The small girl gasped as her pussy tightened around the giant shaft.
But it kept going.
4 inches... 
She squeezed her eyes shut.
5 inches...
Her legs began to shake.
6 inches...
Finally, it stopped.
Sarah gasped for air. It was like having a log inside of her!
But she could feel it twitching along every inch of her love canal.
The princess slid her hands over the dirt and tried to push herself back up... But she couldn't!
It was actually holding her down!
She couldn't even squeeze her legs together.
The girl lay there helplessly as the gigantic beast licked at her hair.
Suddenly, her whole body began to lift as the bear slowly stood up.
Now upright, Sarah trembled as her pussy slowly slid lower on the bear's dick.
The small princess's legs dangled freely as she reached down. Her fingers could just barely feel the shaft bulging against her lower belly.
Then the bear thrust forward.
Almost airborne, the girl felt her entire body slide upward and then down again, landing with a loud squish.
Her pussy juices drooled as it squeezed around the thick shaft.
Sarah's head flopped forward and she tried to catch her breath.
The bear bucked again, sending the flailing princess halfway up its cock.
She heard loud sticky noises as she slowly slid back down.
Her shivering legs spread apart as she struggled to take it in.
Black claws groped at her shoulders, pulling the girl backward against the bear's warm fur.
For a moment, she just hung there, panting at the sky as her clitoris quivered with anticipation.
The bear's large muzzle gradually came into focus above her.
And then a wet lick slid across her face.
The girl blinked.
She saw the figure of a woman cowering behind a tree.
Sarah forced a grin.
"T-That's right... I'm-  Oogh!  P-Playing with the woodland animals, and..." She shuddered as the bear shifted, "You can't... Stop me!"
The look of horror on the maid's face was worth it.  It made everything worth it.  She had won.
Her own fear quickly drained away as she reveled in her triumph.
"Ha ha haooh!"
The princess bit her lip, trying to hold her smile as the beast pulled her upward.
But the sudden drop broke her ruse.  The girl's tongue rolled out as thick cum gushed inside of her.
The bear's giant dick throbbed as it continued pumping into her tight pussy.
Falling backward, the woman scrambled to her knees and broke into a run.
In a daze, Sarah heard the leaves crunching into the distance.
"T-That'll show... HeeEERR..."
Her legs began to twitch. 
Before passing out, the last thing she remembered was the hot semen streaming down her thighs and dripping from her toes.

It was late evening when the princess finally stumbled back to the castle.
"Princess Sarah, is that you?" Called a guard from the ramparts.
"Y-yeah," she squeaked.
Other guards spilled from the gate and rushed the exhausted girl inside.

Soaking in the hot bath, Sarah pressed her palm down on the slight bulge in her belly.
Sticky cum spilled out of her, turning the water a cloudy white.
Pressing again, another cloudy billow poured out.
She watched with fascination, wondering how much was inside of her.
The young princess rubbed her abdomen, enjoying the tickling sensation.
"What a mess."
Sarah jumped. She didn't even notice the maid come in.
"I hope you're happy," groaned the woman, "you just let those animals rape you."
"So you say..." The girl didn't recognize that word, but she wasn't about to admit it. She had gotten her way. That was all that mattered.
"Well it won't happen again," continued the maid, picking up a towel, "the king has forbidden you from leaving the castle from now on."
The princess crossed her arms.
"Even you cannot defy the king," reminded the maid.
Sarah spat into the water, "and I bet you're just thrilled about it."
The woman handed her the towel, but the girl threw it into the water.
"Princess, what you were doing it's... it is dangerous!" Warned the maid, "You might have been eaten."
Sarah rolled her eyes, "If the animals were going to eat me, then they would have done it."
"And you nearly let them!" Screamed the woman.
The small girl stretched out in the warm water, "They're not eating me... they are raping me, so there!"
The princess grinned at the way the maid's mouth dropped open.
"S-surely you don't enjoy being... DEFILED like that??" Stammered the woman.
Sarah shrugged, "Maybe I do."
This was fun.
The maid wrung her hands and shook her head, "I... I can't... Listen to this!"
The princess giggled as the woman stormed out of the bathing room.
Settling back in the water, the girl wondered at the weird way the animals had acted. Tearing her clothes off. Licking her. Climbing all over her.
Her nipples began to feel stiff, "So that is rape, huh?"

"Princess, please don't do that."
Sarah sat up in her bed, "Don't do what?"
"You're touching yourself," sighed the maid.
The girl flopped back and continued rubbing, "Has father forbidden me from encountering myself?"
The woman pulled her hand away, "Do you even know what you're doing??"
"What?  Are you going to say I'm raping myself now?"
The maid flushed bright red, "Not at all, but... It's dirty."
Sarah flicked herself on the shoulder, "Oh dear me!  I've ruined my precious shoulder.  Behold the horror of my own self!"
The woman turned away, "That's not the same thing at all!"
"You're being silly," said the princess, "There is obviously no harm."
The maid let out a long sigh, she paced toward the window, then back again.
For a moment, she watched as the girl flicked up her skirt, flashing her pubes at her.
"You know..." The woman rubbed her chin, "perhaps you are right about that."
Sarah blinked in surprise, "Er- yeah, of course I'm right!"
She wasn't expecting her maid to start agreeing with her.
Staring suspiciously, the princess immediately plunged her fingers into her pussy.
But the woman simply shrugged, "Clearly, that is safer."
"In fact," she added turning to the door, "If you insist on this, then I shall bring a new toy for you tomorrow."
"A toy??" The princess rolled her eyes, "Oh please..."
The maid gave her a knowing smirk as she left the room.
"Hmph!  She thinks she's so clever," mumbled Sarah, "She's just trying to trick me into stopping.  Well I refuse!"
And with that, the girl vigorously rubbed herself until she was exhausted.
Panting heavily, her eyes slowly focused on the wooden ceiling.  This just wasn't the same.
She thought about the way the wolves climbed on top of her.  The way each one took turns hammering her pussy.
Her nipples tingled while she thought about it, but she was too tired to move now.
"Mmm... In the morning," mumbled Sarah as she drifted off to sleep.

Activity bustled outside the chamber door as the princess retied the laces of her favorite nightie.
If she was quick, she could sneak out before her maid arrived to dress her.
The girl tugged the damp sheets off her bed and quickly tied them together.  The knots were almost second-nature by now.
As she pulled the curtains, Sarah heard the door open.
"Princess, wait!"
Wasting no time, the princess flung the other end over the balcony.
But an arm flew across her waist and pulled her back.
The girl kicked the air as the maid carried her over her shoulder.
But instead of putting her down, Sarah felt something lift the tattered skirt of her night-gown.
She gasped as a soft shaft slid effortlessly into her damp pussy.
The princess struggled as the maid twisted the dildo back and forth.
In and out, in and out... The girl's breathing gradually turned into panting.
The woman smiled as the kicking subsided, then she dropped her horny highness on the bed.
Sarah blinked in a daze as the thick toy cock skillfully twirled inside her.
With a press of the switch, it began to vibrate.
"Eeeh!?" Moaned the princess, shoving her hips up against the maid's knuckles.
The woman simply let go and watched as the girl squirmed.
Sarah rolled her head from side to side as her fingers groped at the bedding.
"Wha... What is thi- Oohhh!!"
She rolled over and curled into a tight ball as her cum began to dribble out of her pussy.
The maid reached down and pushed the switch higher.
The girl kicked her feet out and tumbled onto the floor.
Sitting with her knees wide apart, the princess desperately humped the air.
The woman chuckled, "Does the young highness enjoy her new toy?"
But Sarah didn't hear her.  Her whole world was now a buzzing sound, the quivering of her nipples, and the sensation of the shaft vibrating hard against the wooden floor.
Stretching her legs wide, the girl slowly lowered herself down onto it until it suddenly began grinding against her g-spot.
"Oh! Aagh!! MMMmmm!!"
Hot juices poured down over the quivering dildo, soaking the floor.
Amused, the maid stared down at her.  With every twitch, every spurt, the puddle grew bigger.
"I think that's enough for now."
The princess collapsed in a delirious haze as the toy was extracted from her.

Hours later, Sarah slowly opened her eyes.
She found herself sitting on a large damp stain by her luxurious carpet.
"W-What WAS that trickery??" She wondered.
Her legs shivered like jelly as she struggled to stand.
"H-How dare she..." The girl rubbed her aching pussy, "I won't let her control me."

But it didn't matter.  The very next day just as the princess woke, her legs were spread wide with the irresistible sensation of the dildo quickly being pushed inside of her.
"I'm not taking any chances this time," said the maid as she tightened a complicated knot.
Indignant, the young princess tried to stand, but squeaked as the rubber shaft rose up with her.
She tugged uselessly at the leather straps, but no matter how she pulled at them, the thick toy was held tight inside her pussy.
"Hmph!" The girl whipped her hair and ignored the maid as she calmly grabbed her royal dress, "I think I shall take a stroll."
"I think not Princess," countered the maid.
Sarah glared at the vibrator remote in the woman's hands.
She tried to reach for it, but her shivering legs betrayed her.
The girl moaned as she slowly sank to the floor.
"That's a good girl," the maid smirked, "Just stay in the castle like a good little princess and play with your "toys."
The woman chuckled as she turned away from the squirming girl and left the room.

Hours passed before Sarah finally managed to stand.
And another hour before she could stop herself from panting out loud.
Drooling, the princess leaned against the wall and stared out the window as she silently endured the lust surging through her.
She refused to be embarrassed. She was going to overpower this. That maid was NOT going to rule her!
"This feels normal.  I-I don't feel anything,"  Sarah lied to herself.

Later that day, the chambermaid was shocked when the princess calmly passed her in the castle corridor on her way to the dining hall.
"Damn, did she manage to pull it out?" Grumbled the woman.
She sighed as she followed behind her.  The morning had been nice, but now it was back to watching this girl like a hawk.
"Woah!" The woman slipped and landed on the smooth marble floor.
Glancing down, she could just make out a damp trail behind the young princess.

"There she is!" Announced the king as his daughter quietly sat at the dining table.
He motioned a serving girl over.
But Sarah barely blinked as her favorite breakfast dessert was placed in front of her.
"Oh do cheer up," urged her father, "A girl of your age and we are already receiving marriage offers for your hand."
A snap of his fingers, and a dozen recently unsealed letters were brought to him.
"For example," He leafed through the parchments, "Young Prince Erickson of Davenport sent this rather charming wedding poem. I like to imagine he even wrote it."
"And if you can believe it," He passed another letter to the girl, "this one was delivered all the way from the sacred woodlands of Dooni-gah. Your reputation reaches quite far! Though I don't suppose you fancy such an offer from the princess of the fairies."
His daughter said nothing, slowly spooning up her ice cream.
"No no, of course not," he chuckled, "Though can you imagine the court's surprise if you did? The looks on their faces!"
Sarah wriggled in her seat as the ice cream slid down her throat.
"Ahem! Not to worry my daughter. You have plenty of respectable grooms-to-be," paper shuffled as he lifted another letter, "Ah, our old friend Duke Warthington. He has excellent connections, you know."
"Oh, and would you look at this!"
The girl ignored the hot dampness under her skirt as she glanced at the drawing her father's hand.
"It's a rather skillful portrait of Prince Darian, if I do say so."
The king smiled, "Oh, you blush!  I wonder which artist he employed to depict himself shirtless like this!  Makes you wonder what the next drawing might be, hmm?"
Taking a bite of his turkey, the man broke the seal on the next letter, then broke into a hearty laugh.
"Oh this is rich!"
The laughter continued for a solid minute before the Princess finally spoke up, "F-Father, just what is it?"
"It... another marriage offer," the king squeaked between giggles.
He took a breath, "T-This writing!  Why I never-"
Choking back his chuckles the large man slapped the table, "And it's from... Hee hee!"
"Who??" Urged Sarah.
"D... Dr..." The king could barely force the words out, "Dragons!  Haa haa!!  Can you believe that??"
"Oh... What?"
"The joke of the century!" He merrily passed the note to her, but the girl could barely make out any of the words.
He waved his hand, "Don't bother trying to read it. Those beasts can't write..."
He snorted, "They just THINK they can!  Bwaa haha ha!"
"Right..." She smiled nervously. She could feel her juices dripping off the seat of her chair.
"Um, p-please excuse me, father."
The chambermaid followed nervously as the girl ran from the room.
But turning the corner, she was relieved to see the princess heading back to her room.
"Maybe my new toy is working out after all."

Slamming the door shut, the young girl arched her back against the solid oak.
Cum squirted from the leather straps wrapping her pussy.
"T-This is ridiculous," whimpered Sarah.
She lost count of how many times she had to hold back her orgasm.
She thrust her hips at the air.
Sinking to the floor, she held her knees as she curled up into a tight ball.
The buzzing got louder.
The princess crawled along the floor toward her bed.
She hated being the chambermaid's remote control toy.
Lying flat, she slammed her hips down against the hard stone.
But the buzzing continued, and her pussy continued to drool.
The impact on the dildo sent shivers up and down her spine.
Blinking slowly, she lay there panting.
Then slowly lifted her hips again.
The shaking was unbearable.
Sarah licked at the air... Focused her thoughts.
The girl squeezed her eyes shut.
Slippery wetness oozed between her legs.
As her moaning died down, the princess noticed something.
Her thoughts slowly drifted into focus.
"The buzzing... The vibrator... It stopped!"
Flopping onto her back, she tugged at the leather straps. Sure enough there was a crack in the base of the dildo.
Spreading her legs, the princess eagerly chipped away at the infernal device that had turned her own body against her.
Piece by piece, the base finally fell apart and the straps loosened.
The girl moaned loudly as she slowly wriggled the thick dildo out.
"Heh... Stupid maid," she panted.
And then, resting her cheek against the cool marble floor, the exhausted girl slowly drifted to sleep.

Sarah yawned the next morning, stiff but elated.
She rubbed her sore hip, "That's the last time I sleep on the floor," she chuckled.
Stretching her arms and legs wide, she cheerfully sat up and danced around her room.
The princess flung her dresser open. Today she would dress herself, on her own terms.
"Come to think of it, when IS the last time I dressed myself?"
Pulling out her royal robe, the girl flung it around her shoulders.
Then on went the pants.
Then the underpants were...
Then OFF went the pants, and ON went the underpants.
Sarah ignored the silk gently tickling her pubic hairs.
She paused for a moment, just to be sure she wasn't forgetting anything else.
"I really need to do this more often."
Bounding up to her mirror she twirled to admire her handiwork.
The large robe twirled with her... Then fell off.
The girl blinked as the velvet slid away from her bare chest.
"Whoops... A shirt might be a good idea."
Cool air caressed her nipples as she pulled open one drawer after another.
Then the princess glanced up and noticed the closet.
Sure enough, it was lined with rows upon rows of blouses... Hanging from hooks.
Sarah pouted and yanked one down, "why do clothes have to be so complicated??"
And then, seeing the hole she just tore in it, she gently lifted another one off of its hook.
Pulling it around her shoulders, she very carefully plucked the buttons into the holes one by one.
"How on earth do the maids do this so fast?" She wondered.
The girl strained to force her arm through one of the sleeves.
Then she slowly wrestled with the other one.
After accidentally snapping a few buttons, she finally had both arms and both breasts in both sleeves.
"Gaagh!" She squirmed and groped at the cloth, slowly nudging her chest until the cool satin tightly cupped her curves in the center.
It was finally starting to look normal. But just to be sure, she turned toward the mirror.
Suddenly something tugged between her legs, "Eeekk!!" The girl hopped on one foot.
The small underpants had wedged in between her pussy-lips.
"Oh for the love of-"
Sarah blushed as she tugged and yanked the tight underpants all the way down her legs.
Kicking them off, she stood before the mirror, the young princess rubbed her knees together as she pondered each item.
"NOW I put the pants on... I think."
On they went.
"And then the skirt!"
On it went.
"And the robe... Probably."
Tying it in a clumsy knot, she turned to the massive closet.
"Okay, what ELSE does an outfit have?"
Far in the back, dangled something with two large curved pads with strings hanging from them.
"Um, that's... Probably for special occasions?"
Ignoring the bra, she closed the door.
SHE was the princess. Her rule was law. And she had decided she was dressed.
"And now I think I shall have breakfast."
But she was already starting to feel awfully hot.

The girl strode confidently down the hall.
She felt an odd tingling as her thighs slid past each other under her baggy pants.
"Er, good morning princess," greeted a maid.
Sarah simply nodded.
Another passed her, "Oh, is there a draft in here?"
The girl shrugged, "Nope, don't think so," She wasn't going to ask what a draft was.
As she walked, the princess almost thought she felt something vibrating between her legs.
She shook her head and ignored it. It was a silly thought. There was nothing down there. The maid's device was back in her chamber... In pieces. She was free of it.
As she turned a corner, a butler bowed to her.
"Good morrow... Chilly morning isn't it?"
"N-not particularly," She didn't stop walking.
"Ooo... kay?"
The girl ignored the hot dampness trickling down her knee. This feeling was all too familiar.
The chambermaid smirked as the princess awkwardly stumbled passed her.
"On your way to the dining hall?" She asked.
Sarah didn't even look at her, "That's r-right."
"No trouble with your... new toy, I trust?" She teased.
"Hmph!" The princess folded her arms, "For your information, that stupid thing doesn't work anymore."
"Yes, I'm sure," smiled the maid, "Is that why you're touching yourself right now?"
The girl gasped. She hadn't noticed her own hand rubbing between her legs.
"Q-Quiet you!" She stammered, "These pants don't fit right."
"Yes of course."
The woman briefly revealed the vibrator remote hidden in her dress pocket, and with a sly look she slowly raised the slider.
But... Nothing.  There should have been a buzzing sound.
Sarah grinned back at her and continued down the hall.
Puzzled, the maid tapped on the switch until she noticed the damp trail on the floor behind the princess.
"Well played highness. You muffled the noise under all those clothes," she mumbled, "but you cannot fool me."
But Sarah was getting nervous. Even as she approached the doors of the dining hall, her pussy was already soaked. But why??
The girl suddenly noticed her hand on her chest and pulled it away, but her nipples still burned.
She glanced at one of the windows. Bit her lip for a moment. Then nodded.
Yes, she would sneak out.
The princess almost ran down the corridor as she made her way toward the grand staircase.
But as she approached the castle entrance, she slumped against the railing. Her legs were practically shaking now.
Peering at the floor below, she panted in frustration.
The castle was flooded with guests and guards at this time of day.
Pulling herself to her feet, the girl nearly slipped.
Catching herself, she looked down and noticed a wet spot on the floor.
Sarah stepped back and saw a puddle glistening on the hard white marble.
"Did one of the guests spill their drink?" She wondered.
Then she noticed the trail. Her eyes followed it all the way back the way she came.
Nervously, the princess slowly stepped to one side.
Right where she had been standing... Another puddle!
After two more steps, she felt something warm dribbling down her slit.
She was... Leaking!
She blushed hard as she whirled around, looking for any place she could hide.
Sarah stepped away from the stairs and broke into a run.
All along the decorated hall, she glanced into each room as she passed.
There were guests in the study.
The kitchen was bustling.
The dining hall was full.
The servant's quarters were locked.
The girl stepped to one side as two guards passed. She casually leaned against the wall and prayed they wouldn't look down.
"Morning highness," they saluted.
Still winded from running, she couldn't manage a reply, so she just forced a smile as her shaking fingers slid down along the velvet window curtain.
They passed, and she glanced up at the thick red fabric dangling from high above her.
She looked up and down the corridor.
A maid stepped into the dining hall. The guards continued down the stairs.
Quickly, the princess shifted the large curtain away from the wall and slipped behind it.
Heavy red velvet billowed around her as she pressed her back against the cold stone wall.
Nobody could see her here.
And not a moment too soon.

Opening her robe and yanking up her skirt, there was a large damp patch growing on her pants.
She could feel her pussy trembling under all the fabric... somewhere.
Sarah groped at the skirt and fumbled with the all the laces holding her pants up.
"Grrrah, why'd I use so many knots!?"
The princess clapped her hand over her mouth.
She listened anxiously... Nothing but distant murmurs.
Then let out a ragged sigh.
She had to do this quietly... somehow.
Her other hand was already rubbing the broken buttons on her shirt and working its way inside.
This was worse than the vibrator.
Falling to her knees, the girl tore at the silk waist until her pants finally split down the middle.
"F-Finally..." She moaned.
She squirmed under her fingers and thrust her hips.
One of the butlers carried a tea-set out of the dining hall and stopped at a faint squeaking noise.
"Dear me," he peered around the floor, "Did a mouse get in?"
Sarah's palm felt damp as it clamped over her mouth.
She held her breath while the footsteps faded.
"Ptoo!" She blushed as she spit out her cum.
Then bit her lip as she desperately peeled down her underpants.
The fabric dripped between her fingers like a wet sponge, raining juices onto the floor with a loud splatter.
Rolling her head from side to side, the girl panted and groaned as her fingers tickled her burning lips.
Her back arched and her pussy sank down against the cold floor.
Her fingers vibrated furiously, "Oooogh!"
That was too loud!
The princess quickly bit into the thick curtain to muffle her voice.
Her knees waggled back and forth as her drooling pussy slid all over the floor.
Sarah's head was spinning.
"What the dickens??"
The curtain suddenly pulled away.
Hot cum gushed through Sarah's fingers.
The delirious girl barely noticed the handkerchief being pressed into her mouth as she rode her orgasm.

Chains rattled as Sarah's legs twitched.
On the edge of another orgasm, she yanked her wrists in vain, but the iron shackles held her tight against the dungeon wall.
She protested into her gag, drooling all over the remains of her torn satin shirt.
Cum slowly dribbled onto the floor.
"Don't try to talk, highness," advised the royal alchemist, "You are clearly very ill."
"Mmm, Hmmph!!" explained Sarah.
"Poor dear," he turned to the king, "Your daughter seems to be afflicted by a most peculiar malady."
"Peculiar..." The queen rolled her eyes, "Tis mere puberty, you fool."
"Puberty??" The King gasped, "This is utter madness!  What lady could act this way?"
Pushing with her tongue, the princess forced the handkerchief out of her mouth.
"R-Release me at once!"
"Oh surely not," protested the king, "The guests mustn't see you like this!"
"It's... nothing. I'm f-fine!" panted Sarah.
The alchemist shook his head and reached into his robe, pulling out his pointing rod.
Sarah blushed intensely as he lightly brushed it across her shoulder, "Aaaagh!"
Everyone's eyes went wide as a puddle of cum spilled out across the stone floor.
"Hysteria," concluded the alchemist.
The queen blinked in shock, "I never believed such a thing possible."
"Surely there must be a cure," mumbled the king, trying not to stare.
The expert paced in front of them, "It is unknown what causes this sickness."
"P-Perhaps a shaft could be used to... extinguish the symptoms?" suggested the queen.
"It didn't help," the alchemist pointed to small desk by the wall. A series of dildos, brushes and silk cloths lay covered in liquid.
"The royal nurses spent half the day attempting to-"
"Guuhh..." The girl arched her back as her orgasm finally subsided.
Coughing into his fist, the expert turned away, "But the cycle simply repeats, with one release soon following the next."
Sarah kicked her feet at the air impatiently.
"Just... Let me get some... fresh air.  I-In the woods!"
"The woods??" The king was appalled, "You have a perfectly good balcony at your chamber."
Her head flailed from side to side, "No I need... I n-neeed, Aaggh!!"
"Stay with me dear," said the queen, "What could you possibly need in the wilderness?"
"I just- I just want to..." The princess drooled, "Can I please pet the cute animals?  Ooh!"
The queen squinted at the juices oozing through the girl's underpants, "Petting indeed..."
"I'd advise against that," interrupted the alchemist, "as she is, your daughter is much like a beast in heat."
The woman stroked her chin, "It is going to be difficult to calm her enough to greet the guests."
"Uuuugh..." Sarah licked the air.
"Hmph!  Utterly impossible!" The king threw his hands up, "She cannot marry like this."
"But," the queen turned to him, "The marriage... our kingdom's future!"
The doctor nodded, "I assure you we shall attend to the princess for as long as it takes."
"In the dungeon?!" questioned the queen.
"Besides... what is to prevent another incident later??" Bellowed the king, "You yourself said you do not know the cause."
"We must get her away from the castle," agreed the Queen, "Far away from prying eyes and influential guests."
"Indeed," The king nodded, "Somewhere far away.  But cared for.  Yet... Unseen by anyone... Indeed... Indeed..."
"The monastery then?" Suggested the queen.
Her husband's mouth twitched, "T-That place is positively crawling with people!"
"They're monks."
He wrung his hands, "They're... witnesses!"
Sarah stared up at them, "Is that... near the woods?"
"Quite right, it IS in the woodlands..." Her mother glanced at the ceiling and closed her eyes in thought.
"Impossible..." The king gripped his crown, "Oh how the mind reels... Everything is impossible!"
"Like a beast in heat..." The queen pondered.
Her husband paced behind the alchemist, "... No heir... No alliance... No marriage at all..."
"Except for..." His wife mumbled.
The man held the crown to his chest, pleading, "Have you any other suggestions my dear?  Anything!?"
"Cared for..." She rubbed her chin, "yet away from human eyes."
Nodding to herself, the woman opened her eyes, "Surely we still have the wedding invitations.  Perhaps even the one with the... scratchy writing?

The chambermaid ignored the wet sounds as she entered the princess's chamber.
"Surely you've finished by now."
It was very late at night, yet Sarah still happily humped the air as her fingers danced between her legs.
"J-Just... once more-" she panted.
There was a knock at the door.
The maid glanced nervously at the girl, "Who comes?"
"His royal majesty's alchemist," replied a muffled voice.
"Oh thank god," she opened the door, "Surely you've concocted a remedy."
He glanced at the panting girl, "No change I see..."
"Yes, it is late," said the woman blocking his view, "and you're here because...?"
The man cleared his throat, "I bring instructions for you."
"You DO have a cure!" The maid sighed with relief.
A sealed scroll was placed into her hand, "Um, what is this? ... and why does it have the king's seal?!"
The alchemist pressed a finger to her lips, "For your eyes only."
And with that, he left.
"MY eyes?!" She nervously held up the scroll, "But... I'm just a chambermaid."

Wolves howled in the distance as the castle's side gate slowly opened.
The chambermaid stepped out into the cool air, and peered across the grounds.
"Why must the ceremony be at night?" shivered the woman, pulling at the leather strap behind her.
"Why must I wear this?" The princess stumbled forward as the leash tugged at the collar around her neck.
"I don't know," sighed the woman clutching the scroll, "apparently it is customary for dragon weddings."
Sarah shrugged, then quickly caught the loose silk gown as it slid down her shoulders.
She tightened the single white bow holding the outfit together between her breasts.
Staring at the woods across the royal field, the girl didn't notice her hand slipping down into her wedding underpants.
"You'll get your gloves wet," chided the maid.
Sarah pulled her fingers out and pulled the short gown closed, but it barely reached around her hips.
Meanwhile the woman nervously watched the bushes for any movement as they quickly crossed the grass.
"I didn't know dragons got married," huffed the princess.
The maid hopped over a tree root, "Neither did I"
Stepping onto a thin old path, she peered into the deep dark woods, "This whole thing is ridiculous."
"You don't decide who I marry," retorted the princess, defiantly.
The woman glared back at her.
The princess grinned, "Even you cannot defy the king."
Rolling her eyes, the maid took a deep breath, then took a step.
Her shoes crunched loudly over the dried leaves.
Then another step. A twig snapped.
And another. A girl moaned.
"You're doing it again," she mumbled.
Sarah yanked her hand away and shook the dampness off her glove, "What does my husband look like?"
"Like a dragon," the woman glanced up at the stars peeking through the leaves above.
"Yeah but-" the princess almost tripped as the leash yanked her collar, "do you think he's... bigger than a bear?"
The maid swallowed, "You WOULD ask that."
The girl hopped on one foot as they began walking faster.
Her low underpants tugged between her pussy-lips and the cool breeze tickled the slit just above the fabric.
Sarah blushed as her clit started to poke out.
The woman heard panting behind her, "Hurry up. The sooner we get there, the sooner I can go back to bed."
Suddenly there was a sharp tug and the leather strap slipped out of her hand.
The princess was on the ground.
"You can't be tired already??" The maid reached down for the leash.
Sarah moaned and arched her back.
"Stop, you're going to ruin your-" a spurt of cum drenched the leaves, "... gloves."
The woman tapped her foot and stared down at the girl dripping in front of her.
"This is no way for a princess to behave," she huffed.
The princess wiped the drool from her mouth, "It's your fault..."
"My fault!?" The maid yanked the leash, "YOU'RE the one who kept sneaking into the forest!"
Knees shaking, Sarah tried to stand, "Stupid toy..." But then she stumbled down again.
"You're hopeless," the woman tugged the leash, but she couldn't get the girl up again.
Turning away, she crossed her arms, "Fine!  I'll "walk" you to the dragons if I must... is that what you want??"
Leaves crunched as the princess crawled behind her.
Panting, the girl glanced back at the trail of fluid on the ground, "It's just like last time."
Bushes rustled nearby. She blushed as a wolf poked its nose out, sniffing between the leaves.
Then she heard a faint roar somewhere above them.
The leash yanked sharply as the maid tried to run.
"Hurry up, I think that was a-"
The woman turned, then gasped. The wolf was halfway on top of the princess.
The forest turned upside down as Sarah was flipped over the maid's shoulder, "Not this time you stupid mutt!"
Sprinting through the trees and across the empty riverbed, she pushed out into a large clearing.
The exhausted woman fell to her knees, dumping the girl onto the grass. "Ow!"
"This is no way to treat a princess," complained Sarah, pulling the leaves out of her hair.

"We have been waiting for you, highness."
The maid's eyes shot open. A dozen dragons stared down at them.
The princess stared too... but her gaze was on something lower.
"You look happy to see me," laughed one of the dragons.
The woman swatted the girl's hand away from her legs, and stood up.
"Right, shall we begin the ceremony then?"
The beast licked his lips, "Yes, remove your dress little one."
Sarah started untying the ribbon, but her maid grabbed her wrist.
"W-Wait stop!  I meant the wedding!" 
"Bwa ha ha ha!" The large creature laughed, "Dragons do not marry."
He sniffed the princess's thighs, "... We breed."
The girl gripped her skirt and rubbed her knees together, trying not to "ruin her gloves"
The woman stepped back nervously, "B-But all these guests-"
"Will also participate," explained the dragon.
Baffled, the maid looked up at one, then another, "But then... who is the groom??" She could barely tell them apart.
Suddenly all the reptiles burst into laughter, "Bwa ha ha ha!!"
"The little one will be a queen to all dragons," said one of them, lifting the girl's skirt, "therefore she belongs to us all."
The woman blinked in shock, "N-No I... I want no part of this!"
Breaking into a run, she swiftly fled into the trees.
Sarah turned back to them and held her chin high, "So I'll be in charge?"
"Yes... in time"
She blushed as a long tongue slid up under her breasts.
"What do you-" the girl swallowed her drool, "what do you mean?"
The dragon flicked his tongue, making the girl squeak.
"You must first BECOME a dragon queen."
Her fingers fidgeted with her gown, "H-How do I-"
"A dragon queen... carries dragon eggs," a claw flicked her ribbon and the silk gently fluttered down to the grass, "Until then... we breed."
"Eggs!?" Sarah blushed, "B-But... humans cannot lay- Oooh!!"
The long tongue slathered up between her thighs.
Her whole body shuddered as she collapsed.
Another tongue ran across her burning pussy, making her arch up.
Two gentle claws gripped the girl's shoulders as a long thick shaft slid under her, brushing her belly and ticking between her breasts.
Panting, the princess looked down at the hot throbbing cock rubbing against her.
Suddenly it rose up, carrying Sarah up with it. She slid backward and bumped against the dragon's abdomen.
Her legs instinctively clamped hard around the large dick in between them and her pussy drooled all over it.
Her feet dangled down, playfully brushing the beast's balls.
Blushing hard, the girl slowly reached forward.
The dragon's shaft jerked slightly at her touch and stiffened as she stroked it.
It felt like she was sitting on a very warm rock.
Leaning forward, she pressed her cheek against the hot tower.
Suddenly, something warm dribbled over her face.
Wiping her eyes, the girl blushed as she stared at the cum hotly oozing onto her chest.
The sensation sent a tingling shudder through her body and she slumped back, reveling in the searing warmth.
In her daze she barely noticed the two claws reaching under her arms and lifting her up.
Her feet dragged against the sides as she slid up the dragon cock.
Sarah squeaked in surprise at the hot liquid as the tip poked between her legs.
Her thighs shivered in anticipation as she was pressed down by her shoulders.
The girl arched her back as her pussy lips swallowed the cock.
Kicking her feet out she lifted her knees in delight as she slowly sank down.
"Guuuhh!!" She moaned.
The princess was so horny she could barely move.
Her hands dangled at her sides as she was pumped up and down by the dragon.
Minutes turned into hours.
Hours turned into daylight.
By the dawn, three of the dragons had thoroughly mated her.
Sarah's belly swelled with their jizz, so they were sure they had their queen.
She babbled incoherently in a blissful daze as a dragon lifted the dripping girl into its arms and flew her back to their mountain roost.

But a princess is always right. Humans cannot lay eggs.
And the small girl never did.
So she remained their princess bride, duty bound to keep mating and mating until she carried dragon eggs.
Day after day, they tried to breed her, pumping her and riding her until she squealed.
But the only thing that came out of the her were happy moans and lots of cum.
Human rumors named her the tamer of the dragons.
But to the dragons she was the eternal bride... and their favorite pastime.