Rouge's Strategy

F/F F/f F/m  Rouge/Sally Rouge/Bunnie Rouge/Cream Vanilla/Rouge Rouge/Tails Sally/Tails 
The great forest was in full bloom as the sun set.
Spring season.
Perching on a high branch, Rouge looked down on the small village.
They all looked so... innocent.
Ripe for plunder!
She eyed one of the women.
It was a redhead who was trying to hide her spring "fever."
She could see it in her walk. The way her knees shook. The way her fingers fidgited in silent protest.
Those were always the easy ones.

Rouge swooped down by one of the huts and waited.
She heard the woman open the door.
... Her footsteps as she walked inside.
... The predictable fluff of pillows as she got on her bed.
...... and the sigh.
That was her cue. Rouge snuck inside.

Sally lay on her bed in a lustful daze.
Her fingers danced over her pussy as she drifted in fantasies.
Rouge approached slowly. Timing was crucial.
The younger woman's breathing began to get more ragged.
Rouge stuck out her long tongue.
The redhead began to thrust her hips.
Keeping with her rhythm, Rouge's tongue prodded her clitoris... helping her along.
The squirrel had no idea this wasn't part of her fantasy.
The long tongue slid through the folds of her pussy.
She surged.
In her dreamy haze, she saw a very sexy bat woman leaning over her.
A sweet, feather-light kiss brushed her cheek.
Blushing, she blinked. The bat was gone.

Bunnie leaned against a tree, watching the sunset.
She placed her only real hand on her aching chest.
Nobody knew how lonely she was.
She glanced over at Sonic's hut.
No man wanted her.
She listened to Tails playing somewhere behind her.
The rabbot had watched the boy hopefully for many years, as he slowly approached adolescence.
Bunnie shook her head. She had to remind herself again that he was still a kid.

A flying shadow crossed her face, distracting her from her thoughts.
Looking around, she saw no one.
Then, for a brief moment, she thought she saw a woman smiling at her from the wooded shadows.
The vision faded.
All of a sudden, it seemed to be getting awfully hot outside.
Bunnie rushed back to her hut.
Under the covers, she stroked herself to sleep, with that gentle smile haunting her dreams.

Sonic sat in his room, tuning his electric guitar.
Out of the corner of his eye, a bombshell of a woman walked past his window.
He looked up, but there was no one there.
Glancing out the window, the village was deserted.
But the revealing pink and black outfit stuck in his mind,
and he decided to go to bed early.

Tails flew high over the rooftops.
Rouge flew high over Tails.
She looked down at this helicopter of a fox.
What a peculiar boy.
But not entirely young.
She quickly swooped down behind him for a peek at the goods.
Tails had a strange feeling and looked behind him.
Nobody was there.
He collided with a tree... again.
Dizzily, he rolled over onto his back.
High above a pair of very sexy legs... just above two large round shapes, a face looked down at him.
The unknown woman winked at him.
Holding his head, he stood up.
He found himself blinking at thin air.
But for some reason, a strange new feeling stirred between the boy's legs.


The next day, Sally sat up in her bed.
"What a strange dream." she mumbled.
She blushed at the memory of it.

The princess walked outside and saw her friend, Bunnie Rabbot.
The southern girl's hair was a mess.
Sally could tell she had been rolling in her bed until late into the night.
"G'mornin'..." she yawned.

She walked up to Sonic at the village cafeteria.
His thoughts seemed to be elsewhere.
Sitting next to him, he jumped.
"That's strange." Teased Sally, "Since when do YOU startle so easily."
He waved his hand, "Eh, my reflexes are still way faster than yours." he said half-heartedly.
"I guess it's the season." She replied, partly to herself.

Meanwhile, she noticed Tails eyeing Amy as she ate her breakfast.
Amy paused mid-munch. There was a curious new look in his eyes.
"What is it?" she asked.
He quickly looked away.
A knowing smirk curled around her lips.
Sally knew better than to plan missions during this time of year.
It was dangerous. Nobody would be able to concentrate... including her.
Spring heat was in the air.
She looked over at Bunnie, who sat alone at another table,
wondering if she could help her lonely friend.
But how far might it go?
Sally knew what Bunnie needed.
This wasn't the first time she had considered it.

Freedom Fighters couldn't risk having children.
Not while the threat of Robotnik loomed over them.
The tension was thick in the air.

To ease the tension, everyone casually exchanged lewd jokes over the breakfast table with an almost drunken non-chalance.
Sally would've complained about Tails being there, but decided he was old enough now to hear it all.
He listened in quiet fascination.
Sally burned pleasantly at the thought of this boy discovering these things for the first time.
She kept this to herself.
Her thoughts drifted past all the different things he might try as soon as he was alone.
She struggled to keep her hands on top of the table.
Finally, it was too much.
Without finishing her meal, she stood up and left.
Sonic grinned as he watched Sally run to her hut. "Our jokes are getting to her."

Sally spread herself on top of her covers.
Here at least, she could spend time alone with her thoughts.
Again, she imagined Tails... in his bed... touching... exlporing...
Her fingers began exploring.
She imagined the boy... stiff... his fingers exploring her.
She purred...
Then shook her head and tried to think of something else.
Sally pictured Sonic leaning over her.
But this was an old fantasy. It was boring and usually over too quick.
So instead, she imagined Bunnie, smiling down at her with her sad eyes.
"A-are you sure, suga'?"
Sally nodded.
She imagined the Rabbot's fingers exploring her... eagerly.

Tails peeked through the window. But it wasn't Sally he was looking at.

Sally lifted her hips, and imagined bunny leaning down between her legs with a longing gaze,
her ears flopped down in flustered heat, her long tongue sliding deep into her pussy,
hot breathing tingling Sally clitoris, the woman lifting Sally's feet up and apart, as her long tongue sinuated inside of her.
Sally frantically began rubbing her own nipples.
A lady so beautiful... even women melted under her gaze.
Moaning, the princess arched her back.

Tails' eyes widened as Sally's cream filled the lady bat's mouth.
He quickly ducked under the window and began furiously rubbing himself.

Sally squirmed around on the bed as Rouge's relentless tongue swirled within her.
Finally, she collapsed, exhausted.
Breathing heavily, she felt the woman's weight on top of her.
Her warm arms cradling her.
The burning kiss on her lips.
Sally had never cum like THAT before!
Her pussy still shuddered from the sensation.
In a haze, she looked up at the mysterious bat woman.
Rouge smiled at her, and glided out the window.
The princess had no idea who this woman was... And she didn't care.
She replayed the incredible experience in her mind...
... Drifting off to sleep as her pussy oozed for that woman's tongue.
The princess woke up late in the evening.
Her sheets were soaked.
Standing up and stretching, she noticed that her jewelry box was open.
This was odd since Sally never wore any of it.
She walked over to the box.
It was just one of the many things left to her by her late mentor, Juliya. (check spelling)
The box was mostly a decoration for her room.
Closing it, she shuddered at the thought of one day having to wear these metal things as a princess.
She preferred natural beauty.

Stepping outside, the fresh twilight breeze was refreshing.
The wind blew and she listened to the sound of thousands of leaves rustling in the trees above her.
... And snoring.

Glancing around the side of the hut, she found Tails taking a nap.
"They're so carefree at that age..." she thought.

In the distance, some muffled moaning caught her ear.
Walking across the village, she noticed a dim light in Bunnie's window.
It wasn't surprising.
The spring months were always hard for Bunnie.
But the moaning grew louder and more frantic.
Then it stopped.
She watched as a bat-like silohette climbed out her friend's window.
Realization dawned on her and she felt a sudden wave of relief.
Sally had always hoped that someone would help Bunnie.
Wandering up to the window, Sally peered inside.

Bunnie Rabbot lay in her bed, breathing heavily.
Her hair was tussled, but there was a blissful smile on her face.
A warm feeling filled Sally's heart, and she let out a long sigh.
She was so happy for her.
Bunnie blearily opened an eye and looked at her.
"Sally girl... it... was..."
"I know." interrupted Sally with a warm smile, "Good night Bunnie."


The next day, none of them spoke of the unknown visitor.
They didn't need to.
Bunnie deserved it.
Sally relished it.
Tails fantasized about it.




Cream played in the sandbox by herself.
She had taken her underpants off and was fingering herself, just like her mother had shown her.
Being a rabbit, she had reached puberty early.
And like most rabbit families, her mother took it on herself to teach her daughter everything she knew.
Her mother had just finished coaching her half an hour ago, and left her to her own devices.
Cream saw Sally running to her hut.
Instinctively, she knew why, and snuck up close to watch.
For some reason, she always liked watching the women in Knothole.
Creeping toward the hut, something caught her leg and she tripped forward.
As she landed on the soft grass, she was surprised to feel her feet being lifted up behind her.
Then spread wide apart.
In front of her, she saw someone's shadow. She knew from the bat wings that it wasn't her mother.
Suddenly, the girl felt a long tongue penetrating her little pussy.
She instinctively thrust against it as it slid deeper and deeper into her.
She began to moan loudly.

The sound startled Sonic out of his nap.
"Frikkin' rabbits..." he mumbled.
He turned over in his bed and tried to get back to sleep.

Cream squirmed uncontrollably.
Her cum ran down the front of her stomach and dripped from her petit breasts.
Rouge didn't stop.
Meanwhile, Vanilla stepped out of her hut to check on her daughter's progress.
To her surprise, she found a bat woman eating out her daughter!
"Wow... THAT woman knows what she's doing!" she thought with a smile, and crept closer.
Rouge swirled her tongue around inside the frantic bunny. The taste was surprisingly sweet.
Suddenly, she felt her pants being pulled down.
She was so surprised that she paused to look back.
"P-please! Don't... stop!" moaned Cream.
Vanilla grinned at Rouge, "You'd better do as she says." 
And cupped her hand over Rouge's mound.
Surprised, Rouge slowly continued licking the little bunny.
Cream arched her back, "Ooohh! YES!!"
"What's with this family?" thought Rouge, as the older rabbit began fingering her pussy.
With surprising flexibility, Cream twisted around to lay on her back without withdrawing the long tongue.
She stared up at Rouge with affectionate eyes, "Mom, let's take turns with her!"
"Alright dear." And the two rabbits turned Rouge around.
"You lick her clit, and I'll suck her breasts." instructed Vanilla.
Rouge found herself suspended between the two horny rabbits 
as Cream lifted her thighs and her mother carried her by her shoulders.
She began to wonder, "How'd I get into this mess?" but was interrupted by a rapid onslaught from Cream's tongue.

Sonic was woken up again. This time, the voice was different.
Groaning, and pulled his pillow over head.

Hours later, Rouge lay in the sandbox, dazed.
She slowly came to and sat up stiffly.
She couldn't remember how many orgasms she had.
The little bunny's tongue was so fast and skillful, she had lost count,
but her pussy ached from it all.




At Rotor's lab, Sally reviewed his plans for a vibration device.
She liked the idea, but they'd need parts from robotropolis and this wasn't the time for excursions.
As she left the lab, she caught sight of Rouge, sitting in a tree.
She beckoned with her finger and licked her lips, before gliding silently towards Sally's hut.
Sally almost came on the spot!
Catching her balance, she ran after the woman.




Tails lay on his bed.
It was midnight and pitch black in his room.
His cock stiffened at the thought of the woman he saw with Sally, and he began to stroke it.
Suddenly, he heard rustling in the bushes outside. 
He listened in the darkness.
Suddenly, he felt a weight press down on both sides of his matress.
Tails froze and pretended to be asleep.
Something wet slid down around his cock.
It tightened.
And pulled...
Then slid down again...
He grabbed the sheets to keep from squirming around.
But it didn't stop.
He let out an involuntary gasp.
Rouge's noctournal eyes had no trouble seeing in the dark, and looked down at his face.
"They're so cute when they pretend to be asleep." she thought.
She picked up the pace... and began to REALLY fuck him.
She felt Tails thrusting back at her.
He couldn't help himself.
She lifted the boy's hands, and cupped them around her breasts.
"Oooh! Sally would love this!" she whispered.

She cradled Tails in her arms.
He felt himself being lifted up,
and carried out of the room.
A moment later, she set him down on something soft.
He heard someone snoring.
Then a faint squshing noise, followed by a soft moan.
Rouge withdrew her fingers from Sally's pussy.
She knew the princess was awake... and waiting.
"Izzat you?" she mumbled.
"Yes, it's me." replied Rouge in a teasing tone, "I have something for you."
Eagerly, Sally sat up in the dark. Rouge spread her legs as she guided her forward on all fours.
Rouge placed her hand on Sally's tail and pushed down.
Tails felt the wetness again, closing around his cock.
"Ooooh! Rouge!" Sally moaned, "You brought me a toy?"
"You could say that." giggled Rouge.
Tails reached up.
Small fingers closed around Sally breasts.
She sighed and began humping him.
He continued groping her breasts.
Her breath grew ragged as her thrusts became more and more desperate.
Slowly, Rouge reached around and hugged her from behind, caressing her stomach.
Sally was in too much ecstasy to realize how many hands were massaging her.
All she knew was that she LOVED this!
As she approached her peak, she began to hear a familar gasping.
Sally knew this sound.
She heard it every time she peeked into Tails' room to watch him masturbate.
This turned her on even more.
She started moaning.
Tails pumped into her as she climaxed.
Rouge's fingers rubbed Sally's slippery clit.
The pumping continued.
Sally threw her head back, "Yes! YES!!"
It began to twitch inside her.
Her tongue hung out as she eagerly approached her next orgasm.
Hot, thick cream began filling her.
Suddenly, she exploded, and the juices squirted around Tails' shaft.
The Princess squirmed in Rouge's arms, as she desperately tried to keep riding Tails' softening cock.
Then she collapsed, exhausted.
A pair of kisses brushed her cheeks.
A pair of tails caressed her thighs.
A wet dream embraced her mind.

Rouge carried the exhausted Tails back to his bed.
In the darkness, he felt her long tongue encircling his member, 
pulling and milking the last of his cum.
He fell asleep between her breasts.