Rouge the Babysitter

F/m m/F F/F  Rouge/Tails Tails/Sally Rouge/Bunnie
Tails watched as a very sexy bat-woman crept into Sally's room.
Rouge jumped. She expected the house to be deserted.
"Sally's not back yet." said Tails, blushing.
Rouge noticed his hands were trying to hide something between his legs.
She smiled in spite of herself.  He was too cute.
"Tell you what. If you keeps this a secret..." She leaned forward,
"I'll give you a nice blowjob later."
Tails gulped. Those breasts reminded him of Bunnie.

Suddenly, the lights came on.
"You're under arrest, Rouge!"
Sally stood there with a squad of Freedom Fighters.
"Your jewel-stealing days are over!"

Rouge stood before the princess in the great meeting hall.
The bat-woman was handcuffed.
Sally pounded the gavel.
"Weighing your alabi against the 2 testimonies we've just heard. The court has decided to pronounce you guilty." she said.
"It is my duty as Princess to decide a suitable sentence." continued Sally, "Now I consider myself a fair ruler, and I believe the concquesnces should suit the crime."
She paused in thought.
"For your disservice to the community, you are hereby sentenced to one week of community service."

As the freedom fighters filed out, the Princess lead Rouge out of the great hall. As they walked, she grinned at the bat-woman.
"I couldn't help but overhear what you said to Tails." whispered Sally.
Rouge looked away, 
"Whatever... What's this 'community service' crap about anyway."
"It's simple. You serve a member of the community."
"In this case..." Sally grinned, "Tails."
Rouge raised an eyebrow.
Sally leaned close, "Let's say you make good on that promise to him." she whispered.
The bat-woman couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"We'll just say that you're... babysitting."

Sally knocked on Tails' door.
"Um... I'm busy." he replied.
Sally walked in, "I'm going on a mission Tails."
Tails looked up, "Cool! Can I come this time?"
"No Tails," she sighed, "I've hired a babysitter for you."
"What!?  But I'm not a kid!  I've gone through training!  I've-"
Rouge walked in.
"She said she promised you something." Sally shrugged, 
"I figured she wouldn't mind babysitting."
The Princess closed the door behind her.
Rouge looked down at the blushing fox.
She couldn't help smiling, "So what were you so busy with?"

Outside the room, Sally bent down and peeked through the keyhole.
This was perfect! She got a free show, and all in the name of "justice."
An hour later, there was a loud yelp.
She knew that sound. Rouge had definately done her part.

Sally retreated to her room. 
Rouge walked in, licking her lips.
"So I'm free to go?"
Sally opened a box and held out a large ruby.
"This is what you were after last night. Wasn't it?"
Rouge blinked, "W-wha you're... GIVING it to me!?"
"Babysitters get paid." Said the Princess, "And I'd say this is a fair exchange."
Rouge grabbed the jewel. Then she slowly looked at Sally and frowned...
"What's the catch?" she said.
Sally shrugged, "No catch... I'm a princess, remember? There's plenty more where that came from."
"Really..." said Rouge, grinning, "I'll have to look harder next time."
Sally reached into her vest pocket, "No need,"
She pulled out two sparkling blue saphirres.
Rouge couldn't take her eyes off them. "So, what's the deal?"
"Tails is very curious at this age." Said Sally, slipping the jewels back into her pocket. 
"You can't expect the Princess of Acorn to get involved."
Rouge tried not to smile, "So you want me to be some kind of... sex-ed teacher?"
"A 'babysitter' will do." grinned Sally, "Much more fun, don't you think?"
Rouge thought about this. "And, uh... how many 'lessons' would you say he needs?"
The princess reached into another pocket and pulled out a large shining piece of Amber.
"How rich do you want to be?"

That morning, Rouge sat down to a large breakfast of Pancakes and eggs.
She stared at them a moment, "How much will this cost?"
"I'm not charging you for food, Rouge." said Sally, "Room and board is a neccessary part of your 'job'."
Tails looked up from his food, "Is she going to babysit me again?"
Sally nodded, "Yeah, The mission went badly. We'll need to run a few more."
"I bet if *I* was along, we coulda taught 'ol Robuttnik a real lesson!" boasted Tails.
Rouge ruffled his hair, "I don't know... I bet there are a few 'lessons' I could teach a cute little boy like you."
Tails didn't say anything. He just smiled at his pancakes, blushing.
He looked up at Sally, "When are you leaving?"
"Right after breakfast." she said, "I won't be back until tomorrow though."
Tails began wolfing down his eggs. 
He couldn't wait for breakfast to end!

For days, Tails had no time to notice whether Sally was home or not.
Rouge would grab him right after breakfast, and the Princess would watch as Rouge found creative things to do with him.
They'd be thumping and moaning in the next room all the way into the evening. Then Rouge would finally emerge for her payment. 
By that point, Tails would be worn out and fast asleep.
The bat-woman's apparent lust for riches startled Sally, though she suspected that Rouge enjoyed this job.

On the 6th day, Rouge paused after Sally handed her a generous handful of topaz gemstones.
"I'll never understand your disregard for money, freedom fighter." mumbled Rouge, "But this 'job' of yours is starting to get old."
Sally shrugged, "Tails will miss you. He's gotten used to having a playmate."
"Oh that won't be a problem." grinned Rouge.
In a flash, the bat-woman swooped behind Sally. Before the princess realized what was happening, Rouge had tied her hands behind her back, and disappeared out the window.
Struggling against the bonds, Sally heard the door creak open.
Tails looked at her and blushed.

Sonic the Hedgehog yawned as he sped back from his forest patrol.
As he entered the village, a loud yelp echoed from one of the huts.
He stopped and scratched his head. He couldn't figure out where it had come from. Shrugging, he ran home. 
Meanwhile, a bat-like figure soared up into the branches.

Rouge sat in the tree, counting all the jewels Sally had given her. Zipping up the bag, she tried to ignore the suddenly intense burning between her legs.
Sally was right. Tails had gotten used to screwing someone every day.
But Rouge had also gotten used to it.
Desperately, she looked down at the village for someone... anyone!
But it was deserted.
Just when she thought she'd head back to Sally's, she noticed a figure sneaking off into the woods.

Gliding over, she spotted Bunnie hiding at a secluded camp site.
Rouge landed nearby and peeked through the bushes.
The rabbit was furiously rubbing herself.
As cum began trickling along Bunnie's fingers, Rouge's whole body was on fire.

There was a rustling sound.
Bunnie froze.
Suddenly, another woman's hands shot out from behind her and grabbed her breasts. She gasped as a leg pushed up against her burning pussy.
In the dark, Bunnie felt a long tongue trace its way down her body.
As it snaked its way deep into her pussy, the rabbit came violently.

For a few minutes, the two figures lay on the ground, breathing heavily. One of them got up, and Bunnie noticed the distinct silohette of a bat-wing in the moonlight.
She knew that any money she had would be missing, but she didn't care.

Money had no real value to freedom fighters. They shared everything.
But within days, many of them had made a habit of carrying jewelry with them, hoping to tempt a particularly friendly thief.