Ridinghood's Routine 3

Animal/f F/f
Little Red Riding Hood woke up horny in the dim morning light.
"Not again..." she grumbled.
The girl turned over in her bed, rubbing her legs together.
"Why does this keep happening?"
Peeking through the crack of her bedroom door, her mother chuckled to herself.
In her hand, she held a soft paintbrush. The tip was still damp from stroking her daughter's pussy in her sleep.
Red stretched her arms. The strap of her nightie fell off her shoulder. She wouldn't be able to fall asleep now.
Quietly, she snuck out of her room.
"Maybe if I'm quick, Mom won't know I was gone,"
Glancing around the silent house, she slipped out the back door.
Her mother locked the door as the girl ran into the woods behind their yard.
Stepping behind a tree, Red began rubbing herself. It was the only thing that worked.
Suddenly, she heard a twig snap.
The girl caught sight of something grey sniffing around the open field ahead of her.
"A wolf!" she gasped.
Then she remembered something her mother had told her the night before.
"If you see a wolf, get down on the ground so it won't see you."
Ducking behind the bushes, little Red lay as flat as she could.
A few minutes passed.
The waiting was becoming unbearable.
She slipped her hand underneath her, and continued rubbing her pussy.
A moment later, she heard a sniffing sound nearby.
Panicking, Red crawled under the foliage.
Following the interesting scent, the wolf caught sight of a pair of feet sticking out.
A moment later, the girl felt a warm breeze blow up her short skirt.
The wolf licked his lips.
"Just as I planned," grinned her mother as she adjusted her binoculars.
Something warm and wet suddenly slid over the girl's pussy.
Gasping, she scrambled to the other side of the brush.
The girl's nipples poked against her short nightie as she ran back to the yard.
She struggled with the doorknob, "Crap! I locked myself out."
Red frantically glanced around the yard for some kind of hiding place... Anything!
Noticing an old dog house, the girl quickly hid inside.
She sat in the darkness, tightly hugging her legs while she listened to the panting noise outside.
"That's right dear," breathed her mother, "lift them just like that."
The hot breath against Red's pubic hairs made her jump.
Meanwhile, the wolf stared hungrily between the girl's legs.
"Er... n-nice doggiEEEEEE!!!"
The sudden licking caught her off-guard.
Her legs shook as the hot tongue caressed her pussy.
From the window, her mother fingered herself, watching the beast climb into the dog house.
Red felt the wolf's paws under her breasts as it pressed down on her.
Falling onto her back, something stiff pushed against her pussy.
The small girl tried to get up, but the beast was too heavy.
With a wet sound, it slid inside.
For some strange reason, it actually felt good.
The woman panted as she watched her daughter's legs kicking out from the tiny shelter.
Little Red squirmed on her back as the large wolf rapidly pumped her.
Wild moaning echoed across the yard.
An hour later, the girl shoved the window open and climbed inside the house.
Stumbling down the hallway, she tried to quietly reach her room.
Flopping face-first onto her bed, Red smiled as she finally drifted to sleep.
From the hallway, her mother stared at the naked girl sprawled out on the bed, noticing the wetness between her legs.

The rest of the day went as normal.
"I bought you a present," said her mother, holding up a small red hood, "Here, let me show you how to put it on."

Early the next morning, Red stirred from her sleep.
In spite of the cool air, her pussy was on fire again.
She sat up, not noticing that her nightie had been pushed up to her waist.
Quietly, she wrapped the hood around her shoulders, tucking the laces into her nightie.
Her mother watched from her window as little Red ran across the grass.
The girl blushed. The laces tickled between her breasts as she ran.
Nearby, three wolves emerged from the bushes.
Blushing, the horny girl got on the ground, laying as flat as she could.
The woman swirled the soft paintbrush between her legs.
She watched the wolves line up behind her.
"I hope Mom doesn't find out," she panted.
Pretty soon, the yard was filled with wild moaning as they fucked her silly.
In a daze, the girl passed out.
There was a faint tug on her hood as the wolves dragged her into the forest.

Red woke up with her nightie in shreds.
Wolves prowled around her.
Tying her short riding hood tight around her shoulders, she stood up and looked for a way out of the cave.
One of the wolves jumped up and pressed against her, tracing its warm tongue across her nipples.
Legs shivering, the girl sank to the ground.
"I-I need to get home," she shuddered, "Mom's gonna wonder where I am."
Little Red tried crawling toward the light at the enterence.
Suddenly a wet tongue slid up her pussy.
The girl whimpered at the amazing sensation.
Then she shook her head, "N-No... I've got to... *pant* hurry back."
Another wolf came up alongside her.
Red gasped as it caressed one of her breasts with its tongue.
Arching back, she felt another wolf join in on her boobs.
With a faint moan, the girl hugged them close.
"M-Maybe later..." she gasped.

Hours passed and the sun began to set.
An exhausted wolf tried to get away, but Red grabbed it by the shaft.
Squeezing tight with both hands, she ran her tongue over the tip.
The wolf whimpered helplessly as she coaxed another salty drink from him.
Looking up, she noticed it was getting dark.
"I'll come back tomorrow," she giggled as she skipped out the cave.

When her mother saw her sticky daughter, she nearly creamed where she stood.
"O-Oh my! What happened to your night gown?"
Red shrugged, "I played a really fun game today."
"Y-Yes... I can see that," blushed the woman, "Um, why don't you tell me about it while you're in the bath."
And she led her daughter to the bathroom, groping the girl's ass as they walked.