Ridinghood's Routine 2

Animal/f F/f
red squirmed in the dim morning light.
she could feel her pussy tingling.
'not again,' she mumbled.
her mother quietly withdrew the soft paintbrush and crept out of the room, leaving the door open a crack.
the small brush dripped with her daughter's juices.
like always, red stirred. she couldn't sleep when she started feeling like this.
sighing, the girl threw off her covers and rubbed herself impatiently.
her mother licked her lips as she watched the little show.

later that day, red slumped down at the kitchen table.
'can't sleep?' asked her mother.
the girl shook her head, 'i keep waking up, feeling all funny. i wonder why?'
her mother shrugged, 'that's just puberty, dear.'
'what's puberty?' wondered the girl.
'all girls go through it,' the woman stared down the girl's under-sized shirt, 'it just means you feel like fucking.'

later that night, her mother switched off the lights.
red sat up, 'i'm not tired,'
'go to sleep, dear,' said her mother.
red crossed her arms, 'why can't i stay up?'
'because,' her mother put her hand on the girl's chest, 'growing girls need lots of sleep.'
'i don't wanna sleep,' huffed red.
the woman squeezed.
her daughter reflexively arched her back at the feeling.
"looks like you need a little tucking in,"
red shivered as she felt her nipple gently being pinched.
"lie down,"
blushing,  the girl nodded.
reaching down, her mother slowly pulled her knees apart.
"i'll teach you a little trick to help you fall asleep," she whispered, licking her lips.
red had goosebumps as her nightie slid up.
then faintly, she felt her pubic hairs being tickled very lightly.
suddenly, the finger pressed down, but not just anywhere.
it seemed to rub a special spot. a spot that red didn't even know about. a secret area that sent a tingle through her whole body.
the girl gasped.
but her mother didn't stop.
the rubbing sped up.
red wiggled her legs back and forth.
"hold still, dear."
"i-i can't help it," panted her daughter.
for a moment, the rubbing stopped.
the girl lay there, catching her breath in the darkness.
she didn't notice the ropes closing around her ankles.
suddenly they tightened, and red felt her feet being pulled apart.
then the rubbing continued. that delicious rubbing!
her legs strained against the ropes that held her against the bed.
she could escape it. she didn't want to escape.
the woman listened to the girl's cute moans as she squirmed under her touch.

early that morning. the woman carefully closed the curtains, leaving the room nearly pitch black.
sliding red's nightie up, she skillfully ran the soft brush over her daughter's pussy.
a moment later, there was a soft moan.
she grinned and crept out of the room.
red would be burning all morning.
from the dark doorway, she watched her handiwork as the horny girl squirmed against her ropes.
suddenly, the woman heard something scratching at the back door.
opening it, she was surprised to see a large rabbit sitting there.
'well, well... what are you doing here, little guy?' she whispered.
ignoring her, the animal hopped inside.
the woman knelt down, 'are you hungry?'
the bunny sat up, sniffing the air.
'you're too cute! let me get you something,' chuckled the woman.
opening the kitchen cupboard, she wondered what a rabbit would eat.
she suddenly had her answer.
running down the hall, she peeked into her daughter's room.
in the dim morning light, red strained against the ropes as soft whiskers tickled between her thighs.
the sensation sent shivers up the girl's back. she reflexively lifted her hips in the air.
to her surprise, something started pushing them back down. she felt paws on her stomach as the bunny climbed on top of her.
'oh my...' gasped her mother as she watched from the doorway.
startled, the girl thrust her hips up, trying to throw it off.
something hard poked between her legs.
she tried again, shoving the large rabbit upward.
as it came back down, there was a wet sound.
red gasped. she could feel something inside of her pussy!
her mother blushed as she realized what was happening.
panicking, the girl squirmed around like crazy, unintentionally fucking the bunny.
hanging on for dear life, the large rabbit slid deeper and deeper into her.
a strange feeling came over red as she pushed.
The woman sat on the floor of the hallway, fingering herself as she listened to her daughter panting.
a moment later, the bunny hopped past the horny woman.
curious, she peeked inside.
a sticky mess dripped between red's legs as she lay there, exhausted.
panting, the woman collapsed against the wall.
she had never cum this hard before.

red never told her mother what had happened to her that morning.
part of her wanted to complain about the frighteningly strange experience.
but something stopped her, another part of her that secretly hoped it would happen again.
across the dinner table, her mother watched the girl fidget in her chair; the way her feet dangled over the floor; the way she kept sliding her knees apart then back together.
'what's on your mind, dear?'
red jumped, 'er, we... you don't usually let me have cake for desert,' she mumbled.
the woman smirked, 'well, you've been such a good girl lately.'
for a moment, her daughter bit her lip in thought.
'um, what about last night?'
'well now that i think about it,' her mother scooped up some cake with her fork, 'that was kind of extreme, wasn't it?'
'not really,' red crossed her legs, 'i was talking back wasn't i?'
the woman chuckled, 'no you weren't.'
'yes i was! i didn't want to go to bed, so you had to do it,' insisted her daughter.
'it almost sounds like you WANTED me to tie you up,' teased her mother.
red blushed, 'n-no, i um... i hate it.'
the woman grinned, 'in that case, i'll never do it again, alright?'
'but, you shouldn't, um... i guess so,' sighed the girl.
red no longer held her fork, and her mother knew why her hands were under the table.

later that night, she was amused to find her daughter bouncing on the bed. she had even put her jeans on.
the woman tried not to smile, 'it's time for bed.'
'no it's not,' countered red.
her mother snorted. it sounded angry, but she was actually trying not to laugh.
composing herself, she asked, 'why not?'
'don't feel like it,' said her daughter, half-heartedly.
still bouncing, she turned around to face away.
the woman had a sneaky idea and reached forward.
red sprang up, but this time her pants stayed put.
yanking downward, her mother swiftly removed the girl's pants.
'eep!' her daughter tumbled to the bed in suprise.
'you need to change into to your pajamas,' insisted the woman as she pinned her down.
for a moment, the girl stared up at her, lustfully.
then suddenly she remembered to struggle, 'no... i-i don't wanna!'
after a half-hearted wrestling match, her mother had pulled the sheets over the girl's body and held her down with one hand on her wrist and the other against the girl's chest.
'what about my pajamas?' mumbled red.
'i'm just going to tuck you in now.'
red rolled her eyes, 'what if i don't wanna be tucked in?'
the woman squeezed, 'you are going to bed.'
the girl nodded without thinking, then changed her mind and shook her head.
'we're staying like this until you fall asleep,' insisted her mother as she slid her hand down the girl's abdomen.
blushing, red squirmed around, pretending to resist her mother's 'grip'
suddenly, she froze as the woman's fingers pressed down between her legs.
slowly, she 'squirmed' against them.
after a moment, her mother felt something wet against her palm.
she glanced down at the darkened sheet, 'you're not going anywhere,' she whispered.
the girl pushed up against her, 'try and stop me,' she whispered back.
as if answering a silent request, the woman curled her fingers.
red panted as she felt them sinking into her folds.
releasing her daughter's wrists, her mother 'held' her chest down.
the girl 'struggled,' sliding her nipples back and forth under the feather-light touch.
the stiff nubs tickled the woman's hand.
'i think we'd better get you changed,' teased her mother as she slipped her other hand under the sheet.
red felt her underpants sliding down.
then, a finger very-lightly traced it's way up the inside of her thigh.
the woman felt the girl shaking with anticipation.
suddenly, she leaned forward and planted a kiss, right on her daughter's mouth.
there was a faint moan.
the acting was over.
her fingers slid inside the girl's pussy with surprising ease.
red was drenched in her own love-juices.
they both blushed as the wet sounds filled the room.
her mother withdrew and playfully ticked the girl's clit.
red moaned into her mother's mouth.
the woman couldn't help blushing at this noise.
she was going to play this girl like an instrument all night.
a flick; 'ah!'
a slow swirl; 'mmm...'
a playful pinch; a gasp.
she wanted to hear every over-sensitive sound her toy could make.
suddenly, her daughter threw her arms around her.
a thrust of the hips, and she felt her fingers sinking into red's love-hole. it was practically sucking on them.
the girl shook, then jerked as fluid sprayed the woman's palm.
red's mound continued grinding against her mother's hand, painting it with her slippery bliss.
finally, she collapsed against her pillow, exhausted and ragged from the orgasm.
'until you fall asleep,' mused her mother, smiling at the truth of it.

when red woke up, she felt a chill breeze.
reaching for a blanket, she discovered the sheet was gone.
she yawned and sat up.
to her surprise, something was in front of her.
something white and blurry.
rubbing her eyes, she suddenly recognized the fuzzy white ears.
she recognized something else too. something hard and long.
the girl flopped onto her back and closed her eyes with a smile, 'i think i need a beauty rest.'
the bedroom door creaked as she slowly spread her legs apart.
behind the door, a nude woman watched as the bunny began pumping pussy.