Ridinghood's Routine 1

Little Red sat up in the dim, pale light of the very early morning.
"Mmm... not again."
She rubbed her eyes sleepily, "Now I can't fall asleep again."
That feeling was back.
"It's just like last night..."
Her fingers were already between her legs. 
"Wait... My mom says this is dirty."
But she knew what to do.

Eagerly, she grabbed her riding hood, 
"I'll be quick. No need to change out of my nightie."
Quietly slipping out of the house, Red sprinted across the yard.
She peered at the woods in the dim light.
Her mother had mentioned something about a big bad wolf living there.
But Red wasn't worried, "I'll be back in no time."

She looked around for a hiding place, it'd be easy to spot her on the forest path.
"Weren't there some bushes around here?"
Slipping behind some trees, she climbed over a hill and found a small shrub.

Red got down on her hands and knees, and quickly crawled under the leaves.
She ran her fingers through her pussy.
"This'll only take a few minutes..."

However, in her hurry, Red didn't realize that 
she only crawled partway into the bush,
and her legs were still outside, fully exposed.

Nearby, some leaves rustled.
"... That was probably just the wind." she thought.
A twig snapped.
*Squish* *Squish*
Something pressed down on her back.
"These branches are getting heavy."

She suddenly felt something hard inside of her pussy.
It was quickly pumping in and out of her.
"Ooh!... Yes!... So... good!"
She closed her eyes as the pumping continued.

The gray wolf bounded over the hill.
Exhausted, Red extracted herself from the bush.
"For some reason..." she mused, "It always feels better when I touch myself in the forest..."