Red's Wine

F/f Animal/f
Red nudged her bedroom door a crack and peeked into the kitchen.
"Darn" she pouted. Her Mom was already awake.
The girl eyed the bottle of wine of the kitchen table.
"How am I going to get her away from there?" She whispered, tapping a finger against her cheek. Just then, the girl heard a faint wolf howl outside. Shivering in her nightie, she walked over and closed to her bedroom window. The dim morning light barely lit the nearby forest.
"Wait, I have an idea." she grinned.
Opening up the window, she leaned out and shouted. "Help! Mom! There's a wolf out here!"
The chair in the kitchen fell over. "Red?? What's wrong? Why are you outside?"
It worked! The girl quickly tip-toed out to the kitchen and grabbed the wine off the table. Hugging the bottle to her chest, she darted back to her room. Heart racing, she quickly took a big gulp.
"Hee, this stuff's good!" she swooned. Red loved the way it warmed her body. The way it made her tingle, especially... down there. She sat on the floor, squeezing her legs together and apart.
Suddenly her door flew open.
"Ah hah!  There you are, you little thief!"
The girl jumped.
Wine splattered all over the floor as the bottle shattered into a million pieces.

Red glanced back at the front door.
"And dont come back until you get me more wine from your Aunt Selmie!"
The girl stared nervously at the dark woods, shivering in her nightie as her bare feet stepped on the cool grass. Everything was silent. Even the birds were not awake yet. Her stiff nipples poked against her night gown as she climbed over a dead log onto the dry leaves.
*crunch*  *crunch*
She tried to ignore the breeze tickling her thighs. Looking back at her house Red couldn't tell if her mother was watching, so she took a hard left and wandered into a thick patch of trees.
A large oak leaned across a dry riverbed. Ducking under the bark, Red unbuttoned her nightie and rubbed at her nipple.
*Crunch*  *crunch*
The girl stopped.  Her eyes darted back and forth across the trees.  Then she looked down at her toes wiggling in the leaves.
"Nobody is watching you, silly" she mumbled, and to prove it she stood up and quickly yanked up her nightie.
She waited.
Nobody yelled out.  The forest was silent.
Her pubic hairs tingled in the breeze.
Red blinked.  One of the dead shrubs by the riverbed started moving.
Then there was a growling sound as a grey muzzle emerged from the branches.
"I-Its a-" The girl clapped her hand over her mouth.  She didn't talk.  She didn't even breathe.  Slowly she stepped back under the tree.
The wolf snapped to face her.
With a snarl, the canine growled as it slowed approached her.
Red dropped her skirt and scrambled across the riverbed, But the wolf was faster and the girl nearly fell backward as the animal chomped down on the back of her night gown.
"No!  Don't eat me!"
She frantically tried to pull away.
The bottom half of the nightie fell to the ground as she stumbled forward.
woof! Woof!
Bolting bach to the path, she didn't look back, and didn't stop running until she saw her aunt's house.

*Bang bang*
Red desperately thumped at the door.
It echoed in the distance.  Her heart pounded as she turned around. Far down the path a the grey wolf galloped out of the trees toward her.
"Aunt Selmie! Let me in- oop!"
She fell backward as the door suddenly opened.
"Why Red!  It's been ages!"
The small girl scrambled to her feet and slammed the door.  Loud scratches raked across the wood.
"a wolf..." She gasped, "outside." She tried to hold the door shut.
Her aunt turned the lock.  Red sank down to the floor as the woman looked out the window.
"You should have stayed on the path, honey."
		The woman smiled and leaned down to peek under the girl's torn nightie.
The woman smiled as she stared down at Red's heaving chest.
The girl shyly looked up, "H-Hello... Auntie"
"You also should have worn a shirt."
Red gasped.  Her nightie was still hanging wide open!
Aunt Selmie chuckled as the girl fumbled with her buttons.
"Here, let me help you."
The tall woman knelt down slowly cupping her hands under the girls breasts and lifted the nightie. Red blushed as the silk gently slid over her nipples.
"You know, it's not every day I get to see you like... this," she teased.
Red gulped nervously. "Um, Mom sent me to... Get more wine"
"Oh would you like some?" Her aunt immediately stopped buttoning the nightie and skipped over to her cupboard.
"It's for Mom," added Red.
Selmie winked back at her, "yes, of course it is..."
The small girl tried to fix the button but was quickly yanked over to the table.
She sat down, "eep!"
Selmie popped the cork, "What is it, sweetie?"
"N-Nothing..." blushed Red.
She still had no underpants on!
She fidgeted with the torn edge of her nightie hanging limply over her bare thighs.
A tall glass glistened as the woman poured and poured, stopping just as the wine reached the top.
Red blinked, "Is that... all for me?"
"My sister's too greedy. You go ahead and enjoy it, honey."
"You're the best, auntie!" She cheered.
The woman watched as her niece fumbled with the glass. A few drops dribbled down between the girl's breasts. After a great big gulp, Red slumped back in the chair with a happy sigh. Selmie watched the girl's chest 	heaving. Some of the wine dripped off the girl's nipple, still visible under the one single button she fastened.
Her niece blinked unevenly, "How'd ya knoww I liked wiinne." She swooned.
"Feels good, doesn't it?" Said Selmie.
The girl giggled, "It makes me all warm... and tingly."
"Oh really?" The woman grinned, "Where does it tingle?"
With a clumsy flop, her niece threw her hand onto her arm, pointing at the floor "mmakes my arm goose-bumpy."
Selmie laughed, "Is that all?"
Red thumped her chest.
Her aunt reached forward, "You mean... theeese?"
The girl giggled and blushed as the woman tickled her nipples.
"Anywhere else?"
Flopping her head back in thought, her niece stared at the ceiling, "Um... tha wine makes my vulv-er legs get kind of... tingley too."
The woman gently ran a finger up along Red's thigh, "Up... here?"
"Y-Yeah..." Panted the girl. Arching her back, her knees began to shiver.
"You remind me of me your mother."
Her niece took another sip.
'she was always a lush... Also a lightweight."
Red's eyes slowly drifted closed.
"Just like you."
Selmie quickly caught the empty glass as the girl slumped in the chair with her legs wide apart.
"Oh dear, you seem to have passed out," she lifted the nightie and peeked underneath, "Isn't that a shame."
The woman licked her lips.

Red stirred in her sleep in spite of the faint muffled buzzing.
Her aunt picked up a pink remote and slid the dial lower.
The woman ran her fingers along the wire, following it under the blanket.
"Mmm" the girl shifted.
With a wet sound the muffled buzzing suddenly grew louder.
Selmie lifted the vibrating dildo and switched it off.
"Oh my, you're all wet" she whispered.
For a Moment, she watched the juices dripping down the toy.
Licking her lips, she pulled away the blanket, "time to clean you up."
Red panted in her sleep as something wet tickled her pussy.
Toes curling, the girls spread legs tugged at the ropes tied around the bed posts.
Her aunt glanced up at the naked girl.
Reaching up with both hands the woman cupped Red's large breasts.
"Mmm..." The girl moaned quietly in her sleep.
Her hands flopped against the bed posts they were tied to.
Lick lick
The girls hips suddenly pushed up against selmie's face and twitched as warm cum dribbled onto the sheets.

The setting sun glared in Red's face as she rubbed her eyes
yawning, she sat up.
"Enjoy your nap, honey?"
Pulling off the sheets, her bare ass brushed against the damp sheets.
"Huh??  Wheres my pants?"
"Your pants?" Selmie shrugged, "Oh, you weren't wearing any."
The girl blinked in confusion, "huh?  But I thought-"
"And your nightie was all torn up so, I just threw it out..." continued the woman.
"What??" her neice ran for the garbage can, "I need it!"
Selmie smiled as she stared at the naked girl.
"I guess you'll just have to stay here now.... just you and me"
Red stepped back, "um, can't I just... wear some of your clothes?"
"Nothing I have fits you," shrugged the woman, "Not that I mind."
With a grin, she licked her lips, "Perhaps we should have some more... breakfast."
Red covered her breasts, "A-Are you sure?  Nothing fits at all?"
Selmie thought a moment, running a finger along her chin.
"Hmm... I suppose I'll let you wear some of my underpants."
Pulling open a drawer, she tossed over a small thong.
Red caught the thin fabric.
"These are... kinda small."
"Of course they are.  They're pants for grown-ups."
"I guess?" The girl turned them over.
"You don't have to wear them," teased Selmie.
The girl shook her head, "H-How do I put them on?"
With a grin Selmie got down on the floor, "Like this"
Red shivered as her aunt slowly slid the string bikini all the way up the girl's thighs.
She blushed, "These... Aren't covering my-"  She couldn't even finish her sentence.
Selmie grinned up at her, "They're not supposed to."
"And where is my nightie??" demanded her niece.
"Outside," The woman pointed at the window, "Where all the wolves are."
She smiled wickedly as the girl gulped, "You don't want to go out there, do you?"
"G-Go get them for me!" yelled Red.
"Why should I?  I like having you around.  Besides..."
The woman pulled a bottle from the cabinet, "I have more wine for you."
Grabbing the bottle, Red threw open the door and ran outside.

Outside the girl tugged at her strange underpants as she rounded the corner of the house.
She could hear the front door open, "Come back any time, cutie."
Red hugged the bottle against her bare breasts and ducked down behind a bush.
"Mmm!"  She shuddered as the thong pulled tight.
For a moment, she sat there, waiting until she heard the door close.
"My nightie's gotta be around here somewhere."
Her legs shivered as she slowly crept past the windows.
Eventually she spotted the bright tattered gown draped over a hedge.
The girl wrestled with the buttons while something pushed through the bushes in the distance.
*Crunch* *crunch*
She froze.
Her eyes darted across the trees.
"I... Must have imagined it."
Finding the path, Red started walking home.
Meanwhile, a pair of eyes watched her from behind a large rock.
Suddenly there was a howling in the distance.
The girl shivered and started walking faster.
There was a rustling noise behind her.
She froze, then slowly turned around.
But there was nothing there except the shrubs gently blowing in the breeze.
"Relax. You're still on the path you scaredy cat," she mumbled.
Meanwhile the wolf silently watched her through the trees.
Something about the girl smelled different this time.
It lowered its nose and started following her.
Red blushed as she continued walking.
The thong was starting to slide into her pussy.
She stumbled a little as she pulled it back out.
"Why do these keep rubbing me?"
Tripping over a branch the girl squeeked and dropped the wine.
Landing on the leaves the bottle rolled behind a log.
Red shuddered a little as she leaned forward to pick it up.
The pants stretched tight across her clitoris.
She jumped and whirled around.
A large grey wolf happily sniffed at her thigh.
The girl stumbled over the log and sprinted down the path.
Ignoring the thong's rubbing, she huffed and panted as she ran.
Droplets ran down her thighs.
Leaping over a rock she clambored across the dry riverbed.
The thong was practically flossing her pussy now.
Her panting turned into moaning.
Red's knees shook as she slowly climbed up the hill.
She could see her house.
The girl gasped as the canine bounded over the rock.
Scrambing to her feet she sprinted toward home.

Red was on her knees by the time she made it to the door.
Blushing hard she pulled herself up and grabbed the handle.
"M-Mom! Open the door!  Theres a  *pant*  wolf out here!"
"Oh no, I'm not falling for that one again."
The large animal padded up to the girl as she banged on the wood.
"H-He's getting closer!"
"Did you get the wine?"
"No I dropped it, it's just-"
"Sure you did, dear... Maybe you should go get it?"
"I'm not letting you in until you do."
Red squeaked as a large wet tongue slid up her thigh.
Her legs felt like jelly.
She tried to swat away the wolf as she stumbled to the side.
The animal jumped in front of her and nuzzled under her skirt.
Slimy warmth coated the small girls pussy.
"Aaahh!" She moaned.
"Let me guess.  The wolf is trying to eat you?"
"Guuh-agh!" moaned Red.
The thong slid over her clitoris.
Her legs gave out as she slowly sank down onto the grass.
The curious canine eagerly sniffed at the juices dribbling between her thighs.
Her chest heaved. The cool grass ticked her ass.
"Mmm!" Sqeaked Red, flopping backward.
"You can pretend to cry all you want. I'm not letting you in until you get my wine."
She humped the air and clawed at the grass.
Her nipples were so stiff they started to hurt.
Two paws stepped over her shoulders.
The wolf's tongue lapped at her face.
Something nudged against her as the thin string underpants slipped to the side.
The girl reached down to fix them.
But suddenly she felt the wolf's cock sinking into her pussy.
Red squeezed her legs as the strong animal pushed forward.
Then it rose to its feet, and the girl felt her whole body being lifted up with it.
The thick shaft twitched inside her, and slid deeper as her nipples tickled against the wolf's fur.
Head spinning, the trees above Red started to blur.

Crickets chirped as Red stirred.
Yawning she sat up the the cool moonlit grass.
The girl pulled herself up onto her feet.
Warm goo spilled out of her.
"Huh? What's this stuff?"
The broken thong dangled between her aching thighs.
Pulling down her ragged skirt, she stumbled over to the door.
But it was locked.
"Oh thats right... The wine" she glanced back at the dark woods.
Just then the door creaked open.
"Good grief, Red. What happened to you?" Said her mother.
The girl rubbed her knees, "Um, n-nothing."
Her mother pulled her inside.

Red lay in bed and listened to the wolves howling outside.
The sound gave her goosebumps.
Blushing hard, she tried to sleep.
She rubbed her legs together.
Rolling onto her back, the girl pulled the pillow over her face, while her other hand fingered at the stickiness in her pussy.
A tingle ran up her spine.
Red shifted as her stiff nipples brushed against the soft quilt.
She could almost feel the wolf's fur tickling her.

"Good morning Red."
The girl rubbed her eyes as she sat down at the kitchen table.
But a hand caught the back of her nightie.
"Not so fast, young lady"
Her mother pushed her out the door.
"You still need to go get my wine"
Red stared at the forest. Three wolves stared back from behind the trees.
"Um, m-maybe later-"
The girl blinked in disbelief.
"I guess... I have no choice." she mumbled.
Two more wolves emerged.
She blushed as she spotted the stiff Red cocks dangling between their legs.
They were waiting for her.
The cool morning breeze tickled her public hairs.
Red's heart raced.  She slowly walked towards the woods.
A wolf padded up to her and nuzzled its nose between her legs.
She was about to push it away, but then... decided not to.
Walking past the trees, another wolf licked the girl's thighs.  This sent a tingle up her spine.
Crossing the riverbed, an animal started tugging at her nightie.  Red gasped a little, but ignored it.
Climbing over the old log, one of them tore her skirt. She ignored it.
Leaves crunched under Red's feet.  With a tug her nightie's button came loose.
The gown dangled open in front of her and the wind tickled her exposed nipples.
She shivered a little as she stood there watching the wolves.
One of them blocked the path in front of her.
"I guess... I'm not going to auntie's house"
She turned and walked left instead.
With another tug, the nightie slid off the girl's shoulders. She ignored it.
She was completely naked now.
Following the wolves she saw a cave up ahead.
A wet tongue slid over her ass. She ignored it.
In her daze, Red stumbled over a tree root.
On her knees, a wolf started licking the girl's pussy. She ignored it.
She crawled toward the cave.  The licking continued.
Another wolf blocked her.
She stopped and looked around.
The whole pack was surrounding her.
Then the licking stopped.
They moved closer.
Her pussy burned.
Two paws brushed over the girl's shoulders.
She held perfectly still.
Fur tickled her back.
As the weight pressed down on her, Red leaned forward.
Her cheek rustled against the dry leaves.

Opening the window, Selmie heard moaning in the distance.
She recognized the sound and smiled, "Gee, somebody started masturbating early this morning."
The woman fingered herself.
As the hours passed, the moaning became more wild and frantic and wolf howls echoed from the trees.