Rabbit Attack

F/F f/F/m  Vanilla/Sally Cream/Bunnie/Tails
Cream eyed Sally hungrily through the keyhole of her room.
The oblivious princess lay on her bed, rubbing herself furiously. This year's heat was especially intense. She had to relieve herself or she'd never get anything done.
"What are you doing out here, sugar?" Cream jumped as Bunnie stepped out into the hallway.
The girl fidgeted, "Um, where's the bathroom?"
Bunnie chuckled, "It's down the other way, hun."
Hearing voices, Sally froze and hurredly pulled the bed covers over herself.
Bunnie knocked on her door, "Sally girl, I gotta go home. Weren't ya'll gonna put Tails to bed?"
"Er, ok I'm coming..." stuttered Sally.
Reluctantly, she got out of bed and stepped into the hallway.
Each movement sent excited tingling up and down her legs.
"Calm down, Sally" she muttered bracing herself against the wall, "I'll finish as soon as I put him to bed."
She knocked on Tails' door.
"That's strange... There's no answer."
She opened the door, "Tails? Are you already aslee-"
The window was open.
"Tails? Where are you?" she called.
Sally jumped as a small hand tugged on her tail.
Turning around, she saw Cream staring up at her.
"He went to my house," she said timidly, "We were going to play hide and seek." 
Sally rolled her eyes, "You two should know better than that. It's already dark out!"
Impatiently, she ran out the front door.
With a sly smile, Cream walked up to the door and locked it.
Then she peered into Sally's room.
"So did you get a good look, Tails?"
The fox boy crawled out from under the bed.
"Yeah! But what was she doing?"
The bunny girl grinned at him, "I'll show you."

Vanilla opened her front door just as Sally was about to knock on it.
"Oh, are you looking for Tails?" asked the rabbit, "Come inside. I think he's hiding around here somewhere."

It was pitch black as Tails stumbled down the hallway.
Cream asked him to follow her, but for some reason, 
she turned off all the lights.
Suddenly, a cold metal hand grabbed his wrist and his arms were pulled behind his back.

"I bet he's hiding in here," said Vanilla as they entered Cream's room.
Ignoring the burning between her thighs, 
Sally got down on her hands and knees and tried to peer under the bed.
Behind her, she thought she heard the door click.

Tails struggled against the ropes as he sat, tied up, inside his own closet.
"Don't worry, sugah." whispered a familiar voice in his ear, "It's all part o' tha game."
Another voice giggled in the darkness as small hands wrapped themselves around his cock.

"What's this?" asked Sally as she pulled an odd rubber toy from Cream's toy chest, "It looks sort of like a-"
"Dildo?" interrupted Vanilla. "Yeah, she keeps raiding my stash.
I tried to get her one of her own, but she prefers to share these double-ended ones."
Sally was shocked, "S-share!?  With who??"

"Your turn, Bunnie." whispered Cream.
As Tails squinted in the darkness, he saw the silohette of a woman crawling toward him on all-fours.
Her slender fingers tickled his balls, and he felt a pair of large breasts sandwich his face.
Bunnie's body tingled as she continued her teasing.
She felt a wet heat oozing between her legs.
Suddenly, she gasped as a small tongue slid up between her pussy lips.

Sally was suddenly aware of her nakedness as the hungry-looking woman approached her, dildo in hand.
"That girl's a lot like me, you know" grinned Vanilla, "We have similar tastes."
Sally's legs felt weak as she stumbled to the door. It was locked.
She felt the other woman's hands slide over her hips as the bunny wrapped her arms around her from behind.
"Don't worry." She whispered, "I'll be gentle." 

Cream wrapped her arms around the woman's legs, holding her down.
Bunnie squirmed involuntarily. The girl's licking was relentless!
Her heat was getting more and more intense, 
and Tails felt hot breathing on his member.
Then to his surprise, something wet slowly began sliding up along the bottom of his cock.
The feeling was amazing!
Then he felt the wetness again, moving faster this time, slithering up and down.

Sally gasped as the soft rubber object poked up against her pussy.
The other woman's hand slid up Sally's stomach, and traced, tantalizingly, just under the curve of her breasts.
The princess felt her nipples getting hard in anticipation.
Vanilla rolled the dildo back and forth in her fingers against Sally's enterance, careful not to penetrate.
The princess felt her legs spreading apart, seemingly on their own.
She wouldn't last much longer.
Slowly, she began to sink down, but Vanilla lowered the dildo as well, refusing to let it enter.
The rabbit continued rolling the toy back and forth.
Sally let out a faint, desparate moan as her wetness dripped onto the other woman's fingers.

Bunnie caressed the delicious boy with her tongue.
It was all she could do to ignore Cream's tongue as it wriggled deeper and deeper into her pussy.
Her heart raced as she wrapped her tongue all around Tails' stiff member, frantically trying to get enough.
Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore and swallowed his whole cock into her mouth.

On hands and knees, Sally crawled toward the woman.
Vanilla looked down at the desparate longing in her eyes.
"I wonder if you're ready?" she teased, pretending to think.
Suddenly, the princess was on top of her and tackled her to the ground.
The rabbit was too surprised to speak as Sally began feverishly tearing open the top of her dress.
Buttons flew off as her breasts were exposed.

Tails gasped as Bunnie suckled him.
Cream grinned in the darkness, she knew all the right spots and could play this woman like a flute.
"Let's have some fun," she whispered and clamped her mouth over Bunnie's clitoris, swirling her small tongue around it.
Bunnie gave a muffled moan as she bucked against the assault.

Sally arched her back as she pressed her breasts up against Vanilla's.
She had goosebumps as their nipples slid over and around each other.
The rabbit woman tried to reach up, but the princess grabbed her wrists and pinned them firmly to the floor.
Vanilla wasn't going anywhere.
"Who knew you royal types could be such animals!?" she gasped happily.

Cream sucked the woman's clit as hard as she could, and Bunnie was going wild!
The young fox squirmed against his bonds as she slathered her tongue around his cock, 
desparate to coax every drop she could out of him.
He closed his eyes as he involuntarily began to pump in and out of her mouth.

Vanilla lifted her knee between Sally's legs.
The princess gasped as it touched her pussy.
She snuggled the rabbit as she began grinding against it.

Bunnie pulled Tails close, almost lifting him up, as she sucked him as hard as she could.
Cream felt the woman's juices dripping onto her nose and running down the side of her mouth.
She began licking them up, coaxing another desparate moan from Bunnie.

As the two women locked mouths, Vanilla rolled on top of Sally.
"It's my turn now," she said, holding up the dildo.
Her dress lay in tatters around Sally, who laid there, waiting for more.

Tails had no idea what was happening as a sudden tingling shot up his cock.
Bunnie squealed, and Cream happily drank up the results, licking every inch of the woman's pussy.
Bunnie squirmed helplessly against the girl's grasp as her orgasm thundered through her.

Hearing a soft click, Sally felt something viberating against her inner thigh.
Vanilla traced the dildo up slowly, stopping just short of the princess's groin.
Then she ran it down the opposite leg.
Sally desparately squeezed her legs together.
Giggling, the rabbit woman pressed it against her own pussy.
The horny princess moaned softly in protest.
Suddenly, Vanilla grabbed Sally and hugged her close, grinding their hips together.
The dildo viberated between them as Sally squirmed helplessly in the woman's arms.

Bunnie lay in an exhausted heap on the floor.
Meanwhile, Tails felt a pair of small hands pushing him onto his back, as someone climbed on top of him.
Something warm and very wet slid down over his quivering cock, squeezing it tightly.
Breathless, Cream began bobbing up and down excitedly.
She had never felt anything like this before!
Tails struggled to sit up, but there was no stopping this girl.
She hugged him tight, wrapping her legs around him.
Cream felt herself being lifted up as he tried to stand.
Suddenly, she planted a deep kiss on his mouth.
The startled fox stumbled back against the wall as she continued fucking him senseless.

The two women lay next to each other, out if breath.
Sally turned to Vanilla and smiled, "Do you think the kids'll be okay without us?"
The rabbit touched her cheek, "They'll be fine."

"Thanks for the ride," said Cream politely as she untied the boy's ropes. She helped him get to his bed and tucked him in next to Bunnie.
She leaned over to the sleeping woman, "Come visit me sometime."