Puberty Training

F/f Animal/f
"W-What are you doing!?"  Complained the teenage girl.
Sally licked her lips as she peered down the orphan's shirt,  "just trying to decide which one of you I want to take home."
The startled girl clutched her chest and backed away.
"So you're not interested then?"  Cooed the peculiar woman as the girl scurried away.
She heard a cute giggle in the next room.
Peering inside, a slightly younger girl with blond pigtails was playing with her teddy bear.
Sally stepped inside and closed the door behind her,  "well aren't you a cutie."
"Thanks!"  Grinned the young teen,  "my name's Alice"
"I bet you're even cuter under there,"  teased the woman, poking at Alice's large chest.
"Huh? What do you mean?"  The puzzled girl lifted her shirt to see what she was talking about, but there was nothing under there except her large breasts.
"Nice,"  grinned Sally.
A few minutes later, the mistriss of the orphanage stepped in,  "Oh there you are.  Did you find anybody you'd like to adopt?"
"Perhaps,"  Sally glanced down at the cheerful teen who was making her stuffed bear do cartwheels across the floor,  "but I wonder if Alice here has any...  naughty tendencies"
"Oh not at all!"  Clapped the mistriss happily.
Sally thought a moment,  "I guess I'll have to teach her proper behavior then."
The mistriss looked puzzled,  "Oh, but I'm sure you'd be very happy with her."
"Yes,"  smiled Alice,  "I'm sure I will be."

The setting sun blazed orange as the car climbed the road to a remote house by the woods.
Turning into the driveway, a large dog ran up to the fence.
Woof!  Woof!
"Eep!"  Alice jumped at the sound.
"Don't worry, Duke is very friendly."
Alice scurried over to the fence, where the large dog lept up on his hind legs.  He towered over the short teen as he eagerly licked her face.
"Giggle!  You're making me all wet!"
Then she noticed something.
"Hey, what's that thing under his legs?"  Asked the girl.
But Sally was already inside the house.

"It's getting late,"  said Sally,  "you should get changed for bed."
Alice grunted as she tried to squeeze into the pajamas.  Finally, she gave up.  Walking out of her room, Sally nearly had a heart-attack at the sight of her.
"Mommy, my shirt's too small."
The woman eyed the fabric resting limply over her daughter's amazing breasts.
"T-That...  It's fine, dear."
She stepped into the bedroom and pulled back the bed-sheets,  "Let's get you tucked in."
Alice giggled as she belly-flopped into the bed.
Sally patted the girl's ass,  "Good girl."
As the girl turned over, the woman stared silently at her nipples.
"What is it?"
"Oh nothing.  I was just thinking..."
Her daughter snuggled into the sheets, her breasts hanging over them,  "what'cha thinking about?"
"You need a, er...  A training bra,"  she blushed,  "Yes, and training...  pants."
Alice blinked up at her,  "What's a training bra?"
"It'll help you keep these..."  She poked the girl's chest,  "off the bed-sheets."
The girl giggled.
"Not that I mind."  Her mother added.
"And my pants need training too?"  Her daughter peeked under the sheets,  "...  What for?"
"Puberty."  replied Sally.
"Puberty training?"  The girl wondered about this for a moment,  "What's a puberty?"
Her mother tickled the sheets between Alice's legs,  "It means you get all tingly down here."
The girl blushed and giggled.
"And you'll want to fuck a lot."

The next day, Sally shook her daughter awake.
Alice yawned as she was pulled out of bed.
"Lift your arms"
The girl squinted as her shirt was lifted off.
"You already have such cute little hairs down there,"  teased the woman.
She stepped forward and ran a finger under the curve of her daughter's left breast.
"Giggle, t-that tickles!"
Suddenly, a large D-cup was clamped around her torso.
Alice squeaked in surprise.  The velvety bra seemed to massage her nipples.
"Now spread your legs apart."
the girl watched as a thin string of fabric was wrapped around her ankles.
Sally smiled as she pulled the thong up around Alice's hips.
The short teen blinked in surprise as it wedged snugly between her pussy lips.
"These are your training pants,"  explained her mother.
Alice panted slightly as she walked over to the mirror,  "T-They feel really...  neat!"  She said with a goofy smile.
"Good,"  grinned Sally,  "That means they fit in you."
The girl blushed faintly as she slipped on her dress.
"That looks much better.  They really bring out your... curves."

For the rest of the day, Sally watched the way her cute daughter squirmed as she walked.  Every time she sat down, she let out a tiny squeak as the soft thong slid over her budding clitoris.  And when Alice sat up she always lifted her arms up.  It felt good the way her new bra squeezed her every time she stretched.  
Her mother couldn't help smiling.  Her daughter's training was coming along beautifully.

Alice had taken to running around the yard.  Her pussy-lips slid back and forth deliciously around her training thong as she ran.
After a few minutes of this, she stopped and grabbed her quivering knees, gasping for breath.
Duke sniffed the air and eagerly padded up behind her.
"Eeee!  Hee hee!"  Giggled the girl as the large dog lapped at her thighs.
Alice sprinted to the other side of the yard.
Duke galloped across the lawn, casually leaping over his doghouse as he chased her.
It was like a game of tag, but as the girl tried to run away, her legs finally gave out.
She stumbled forward, catching herself with her hands as she forced her quivering legs to stay standing.
The dog watched happily as her exposed pussy was presented to him.
With a mighty lick, Alice quickly collapsed to the ground, panting for breath, but the licking continued.
The girl squirmed in the grass, completely surprised by the new feeling.
Eyes closed, she panted as the dog probed deeper.
"T-That...  Tickles!"  Stammered Alice in a half-laughing half-moaning voice.
The girl's laugh had slowed down to a smiling panting as the dog's tongue massaged her sensitive pussy-lips.
The sound caught Sally's ear and she leaned out the window to see what was so funny.
Growing bored, Duke pulled away and ran across the yard.
"H-Hey wait!"  gasped Alice.
Her mother blushed as she noticed her daughter's juices trickling down her legs.
Desperately crawling after him, the girl yanked her shirt down under her breasts,  "Here Duke.  L-Lick me again."
"Alice, come here,"  called Sally,  "We need to talk."
Disappointed, the girl slowly got to her feet and stumbled into the house.

"It looks like you and Duke were having fun..."  commented her mother.
Alice giggled and panted a little,  "He's really tickly!"
"How nice..."  her mother thought a moment.
"Alice, I think you should stop wearing the training pants."
The girl rubbed her knees together,  "Aww!  Why not?"
Without a word, her mother pulled Alice down over her lap, and yanked the thong down her legs.
"You don't need these anymore,"  she said, sliding them off.
Her daughter moaned in protest,  "It's over already!?"  She was so horny she could cry.
"I didn't say that."
"But it feels so goood!"  complained Alice.
Her mother glanced out the window.  Duke was licking his balls.
"Then you're definitely ready the next stage of your puberty training."

That night, Alice woke up to the creaking of her bedroom door.  She blinked in the dim light and noticed Duke pushing into her room.
"Hi Dukie!"  she smiled sleepily, tumbling out of bed.
Landing on her knees, the girl yawned and rested her head on her arms.
But her pussy still ached for the training thong, and out of habit she arched her back as she slept.
The large dog sniffed at the drooling lips between her thighs.
Alice mumbled in her sleep as a pair of heavy paws pressed down on her back.
Something tickled her, making the girl blush in her sleep.
Then Duke leaned forward.
Her eyes shot open as stiff flesh suddenly pushed deep into her folds.
She giggled at first,  "D-Duke, that...  tickles!"
Then the dog began pumping, and the girl gasped at the new sensation.

A loud moan echoed down the hallway.
Her mother eagerly stumbled out of her room to see.
"Ah!  Ooh!  M-More!  ...Yeah!!  Aaaaaghh!!"
Alice's frantic moaning got louder as the woman groped in the dark hallway.
As she opened the door, the large dog strolled past the her.
Her daughter lay flat on the floor, with her tongue hanging out and a dazed goofy expression on her face.
"Oh my... Did you learn something new, sweetie?"  Grinned her mother.
"Guh..."  Panted the girl in stunned amazement.

A few days later, Sally pulled into her driveway.
"Alice, come here!  I have something for you."  She called.
Tapping her foot, she waited a few minutes.  Then shrugged and looked inside the house.
"Honey, where are you?"
"Huh?  What is it, Duke?"
Strolling to the back yard, she found her daughter on all-fours, eagerly sucking on the dog's shaft.
"Again!?"  The woman grinned in amusement,  "Oh dear, why don't you give poor Duke a rest?"
"Mmm mmm..."  Mumbled Alice, shaking her head.  She refused to budge.
Her mother walked over and kneeled down,  "But you've been playing with him so much lately,"  she teased.
Her daughter simply shruggled, and kept licking.
"Well in that case..."  The woman reached into her purse,  "I have some new training pants for you."
She pulled out a studded dildo attached to a string thong.
But Alice didn't even glance at it.
Her mother crossed her arms for a moment, then reached over.
The girl squeaked as the woman slowly pushed the studded shaft deep into her pussy. 
After sliding it in as far as she could, Sally tied the string thong snugly around Alice's legs, pulling it up over her hips.
She stood up and admired the sight of her horny little girl wiggling her hips as she nibbled on the dog's trembling cock.
Grinning, the woman lifted a smll remote control from her purse and pushed up the slider.  
Her daughter immediately tensed as the vibrator started up.
Losing her grip on the dog, she collapsed to the ground, panting into the dirt.
"Do you like it, honey?"
"Unh!"  Her daughter couldn't even speak.
Alice squirmed desperately, kicking her feet against the sand.
Rolling onto her side, she curled up into a tight little ball as cum started leaking around the vibrator.
*Pant*  *pant*
"Oh my, is this too much for you?"  Teased her mother,  "I thought you'd be used to it by now.  After all..."
She stood up,  "You've had plenty of puberty training already."
Her daughter nodded and tried to uncurl her legs, slowly managing to lie on her back with her legs tightly crossed.
For a few minutes, Sally watched as she tried to hold still, ocassionally twitching as her hips tried to hump the air.
"Good girl...  That's the way,"  the woman strolled around her,  "Big girls have puberty all the time, so you have to get used to how it feels."
She snapped her fingers,  "Duke, go help her."
The large dog happily padded over to the girl, sniffing at her crotch.
Then he noticed Alice's clit poking out just above the thin thong.
He gave her a great big lick.
The girl tightly gripped the grass.
"Oh hun, you can do better than that."
But it was no use.  Alice's legs kicked into the air as she started to lose control.
The woman slowly licked her lips as she pushed the slider higher.
"AAAaagghh!!"  Screamed Alice,  frantically humping the air.
"Here, let me help you,"  cooed Sally.
Kneeling down, the woman cupped both hands over the girl's bouncing breasts and pushed her back down against the ground.
She glanced at Duke.
Once again, warm wet slirps assaulted Alice's quivering clitoris.
The girl bit her lip as she tried to endure it.
Her knees wiggled back and forth as her hot pussy-juice streamed down her thighs.
"Very impressive,"  commented her mother,  who pinched one of her daughter's nipples so she could slide her tongue around it.
"Mmm!"  The girl tensed.
Blushing hard, Sally wrapped her lips around the nipple and began sucking.
Alice squirmed a little under her mother's grip, but tried her best to endure it all.
The woman moaned a little.  Her daughter's milk tasted good.
She pulled away with a wicked grin on her face.
Holding the remote, she suddenly slid it to the maximum setting.
"Guh!  AAagh!!  Uhn!!!"
The girl's tongue hung out of her mouth, and Sally watched in delight as her daughter completely lost control.
Her legs flailed wildly as hot pussy juices spurted all over the ground. Her mother watched for a few minutes as the cum began to pool in the dirt.
The dog happily lapped up as much cum as he could from her trembling pussy.
Eventually, the buzzing stopped.
Alice lay there limply, tongue out, with a silly grin.
Staring half-lidded at the sky, her mother knew she was hopelessly lost in her afterglow.
"You did well, my pet."  Whispered Sally, slowly pulling out the dripping dildo thong.
Her daughter twitched a little, but didn't seem to notice.
The woman stood up,  "I think you earned a little treat."
She patted Duke on the rump.
The large dog immediately jumped onto the small girl.
Her daughter noticed that.
Alice panted happily as the dog slammed deep into her.
The girl's hungry pussy eagerly gripped his thick cock.
*Pant*  *pant*
she licked the air as the beast began pumping in and out of her.
"Even after all that..."  Sally grinned,  "You really ARE addicted to puberty, aren't you?"
The woman knelt down,  "and I think you'll be doing this quite a lot from now on."  
Reaching forward, she attached the doghouse leash to her daughter's new collar.
"She's all yours, Duke."