This is a story about a lesbian who pretends to be a maid in order to get close to the young princess. The surprise ending is a little experimental.

This story was an experiment in setting up an unexpected twist. It's inspired by how a typical murder mystery will introduce the culprit early as a minor character, and then allow the audience to forget about them.

Although this story does a good job of building up its main scenario, the surprise at the end feels out-of-place. I guess I didn't use the right foreshadowing. It's not enough to just introduce the characters. You need to introduce the story's themes. Being a sexual story isn't the entire theme. It's a sexual story involving a couple fetishes. You don't want to introduce one of them at the last second. People have different preferences. It'll either be a pleasant surprise, or an awful one. People want to know what they're in for.

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Made by: A-10

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