The Princess's New Maid

F/F F/f Animal/f
The young princess had hit puberty and had many admirers as she walked along the cobblestone road.
The backsmith nearly dropped a number of very sharp objects on his feet.
Beside him, his apprentice leaned out the window of their shop.
Next door, 3 girls pressed their faces against the orphanage window.
"I want her!" said Miranda, fogging up the glass.
Her sister shoved her aside, "Good luck! She has those knights with her."
"I wish I could spend just one night in her bedroom with her." squealed the third girl.
Miranda watched as a knight turned to speak to a servent maid.
"Maybe we can..." she muttered.

"Okay, here's the plan." whispered Miranda as the three of them snuck out the back door.
"After we steal that maid's uniform, I'll go to the castle and-"
"Why do you get to go!?" her sister complained.
Miranda crossed her arms, "You guys already tried sneaking in before. The guards know your faces."
The third girl handed her a rope, "Okay, but promise that you'll tell us all about it when you get back."
"Just the dirty parts," grinned her sister.

Moments later, they had the servent maid tied up and gagged.
Carrying her upstairs, Miranda hid her in the closet.
"She's cute!" said her sister.
Miranda started undressing, "Hurry up and take her clothes off. They're expecting her to return soon."
"With pleasure!" said the third girl, groping the struggling maid's breasts.

Miranda tightened her bow and adjusted the uniform, "These underpants are a kind of tight."
She stuck her chest out, "and I'm nowhere near as big as she is."
Her sister handed her one of their old night gowns. "Let me know how the princess looks in this."
Miranda grinned and tucked the small outfit into her bosom.
"Now you look like a maid!" cheered the third girl, as she fondled the tied up woman.
"Eyes up here. I'll try to be back tomorrow morning." said Miranda, grabbing a couple other things.
"Don't worry, we'll keep our guest company." replied her sister with a smirk.

Wolves howled in the darkness as a guard patrolled along the wall of the old castle.
Running his fingers along the deep cracks, he stopped at the sound of leaves rustling in front of him.
Drawing his sword, he crept up to the bushes by the window.
But it was just a rabbit.
It darted out of the leaves and hid under a gap in the wall.
Sighing, the knight glanced up at the window and got an eyefull of the princess being undressed by an unfamiliar maid.
"I bought this at the market for you." said Miranda as she pulled the tiny nightgown down snugly over the girl's curves.
"Y-y-you t-t-think s-s-so?" shivered the little princess, "I w-w-wish it w-was w-w-warmer.
My r-r-room gets c-c-cold at n-night."
Miranda stepped behind the princess and wrapped her arms around her, caressing her bare hips.
"Don't worry princess." she whispered, "I'll keep you nice and warm."
The princess peered up at her, "R-r-really?"
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and another maid walked in.
"Come along Princess, it's time for your bath."
She peered at the undersized outfit for a moment.
"I believe you're a bit young to be wearing a corset." she said.

The bath chamber had a luxorious shallow pool.
The young girl relaxed in the hot water.
Outside the door, she heard the faint sound of muffled voices.
"I'm here to assist the princess with her bath." said Miranda.
The guard raised an eyebrow, "The princess has never needed help with her bath before."
Fidgeting, Miranda nervously bowed and slipped around a corner.
"Patience Miranda," she mumbled to herself, "After the bath, you can tuck her in."
Just then, the princess called from behind the door. "Fetch me a bath toy."
"Yes, madam." replied another maid.
Overhearing this, Miranda suddenly had an idea.
She pulled out a dildo she had brought with her and wrapped it in a hankerchief.
She had to be quick, the other maid would be back any moment.
Approaching the door, she said, "The other maid asked me to deliver the bath toy."
The guard furrowed his brow, "I thought she was retrieving it herself."
"Y-yes well..." Miranda stuttered, "She was called away on another errand and asked me to deliver it."
"Very well," replied the guard.
Walking to the door, he grabbed her arm, "Excuse me."
Miranda looked at him, "W-what is it?"
"For the princess's safety, I must inspect the item." he said, reaching for the hankerchief.
Miranda froze. What would happen to her if he saw the dildo? Did he even know what one was?
"What's taking so long!" yelled the princess.
The guard turned to the door, "Just a moment."
Miranda quickly slipped a more exotic dildo into the hankerchief.
'I hope this works,' she thought.
As she stuffed the old one into her bosom, the guard turned to her.
"Er, excuse me..." he said, "Where were we?"
"You were just about to let me in." replied Miranda.
The guard rubbed his chin, "Ah yes... Right after I have inspected the toy."
Unwrapping the hankerchief, the guard's eyes grew wide.
"W-what IS this!?", He said as he peered at the pink tentacled object.
Miranda bit her lip, "It's a... er... a sea monster."
"How bizarre," Said the guard, as he held it high.
"I'm waiting!!" yelled the princess.
The guard quickly handed Miranda the pink tentacled dildo, and let her into the bath chamber.

The young girl was sprawled on her back in the shallow pool.
For a moment, Miranda just stood there, taking in the sight of the girl spread in front of her.
The princess opened her eyes and looked up at her. "Could you help me wash my back? 
I'm having trouble reaching this one part."
"Oh, er... of course." blushed Miranda.

Meanwhile, a maid opened the door to the Princess's bed chamber.
"Now, where was that toy?"

The princess giggled as Miranda tickled her breasts.
"Hee hee! Hey, weren't you going to wash my back?"
"Tell you what," replied Miranda, "I'll wash you all over, okay?"

Reaching under the bed, the maid retrieved the rubber duck,
and hurried downstairs.

"So where's my toy?" asked the princess, as she and the Miranda splashed around in the water.
Miranda waded over to the edge of the pool, "I bought a new toy for you at the market." she said 
as she retrieved a dildo from her folded uniform.
"Hey neat!" cheered the princess, "But... what is it?"
"I'll show you." replied Miranda as she spread the girl's legs, "Just relax and close your eyes."

The maid was startled to see one of her co-workers standing, half-naked at the castle enterance.
"I just barely escaped." she weezed trying to catch her breath.
"Let's start at the beginning," said a guard, "What happened?"

A moment later, the door of the bath chamber burst open, and guards rushed in.
Startled by all the blushing faces, the princess dipped under the water.
"That's her! That's the one who tied me up!"
With a shiver, Miranda looked up at the all-to-familar maid pointing at her.

Back in her room, the princess shivered in the tiny night gown.
"I fear you're outgrowing your clothes, Princess." said the chambermaid.
"Y-y-yeah, and m-my room's too c-c-cold." stammered the girl.
"It's just this drafty old castle." replied the maid as she closed the curtains.
As she blew out the candle, the young princess squeaked.
"Keep the candle lit, I'm afraid of the dark." she complained.
The maid rolled her eyes, "Princess, you're too old for this."
"But the monsters under my bed will get me."
The maid walked to the door, "Go to sleep, Princess."

The guard shoved Miranda across the castle grounds.
Leaving her outside the gate, he returned to his patrol.
He ran his fingers along the cracks in the wall, ignoring the rustling bushes.

The young princess lay on her bed, listening to the leaves rustling outside her window.
A moment later, she heard something scratching under the wall behind her.
Nervously, the young girl leaned over the edge of her bed and peered underneath.
But all she saw was a small hole in the wall.
"There's no such thing as monsters." she whispered to herself.
Relaxing, she lay back and tried to sleep.
Something shook the matress beneath her.
She ignored it.
Whiskers tickled between her thighs.
She ignored it.
A pair of small paws pressed down on her stomach.
The girl opened her eyes.
The rabbit thrust forward, penetrating her pussy.
There was a shriek inside the room, "Help! The monster under my bed is trying to get me!"
The guard in the hallway rolled his eyes, and locked the door.