The Princess's Bedtime

the maid pulled the small nightie down the girl's naked body.
'i do not wish to go to bed.' complained the young princess.
'oh but you must.' insisted her maid, as she fastened the buckles on the girl's tight leggings.
the princess crossed her arms, 'but the monsters under by bed shall get me.'
'there is no such thing,' replied the maid, eyeing the two steel rings embedded in the floor.
'tis true!' the girl knelt down on her knees, 'they enter through a hole.'
the maid stooped down next to her, 'i see nothing.'
'it is in the back,' the princess got on her belly and crawled under the bed.
there were two faint snaps as the maid attached the buckles to the steel rings.
the candles went out.
'wait, i do not like the dark!' protested the princess.
blinking in the blackness, the girl tried to back up, but found that she couldn't move her feet.
the maid closed the door, 'pay her no mind,' she said to the guard, 'our young princess fears the dark.'
the guard nodded as he locked the door.
outside, a guard patrolled the garden with his trusty hound. he peered across the hedges as his dog sniffed the air. turning around, he noticed something missing.
'that stupid mutt's always wandering off.' he grumbled.
shrugging his shoulders, he continued along his patrol route.
'release me!' demanded the princess as she struggled on the floor.
just then, she thought she heard a faint panting sound.
desparate, she tried to back up.
the sound was getting louder.
she tucked her knees under her and pulled herself back. the nightie brushed up under the bed frame and slid over her hips.
she felt cool air against her skin.
for a moment, she thought something poked her cheek.
the princess froze.
she listened in the darkness.
the room was silent.
she let out a sigh of relief.
'there's no such thing as monsters.' she whispered.
warm air tickled her pubic hairs.
'i'm being silly.' she thought.
soft warmth pressed down on her back.
the princess shook her head, 'i've been reading too many fairy stories.'
something hard brushed against the girl's thighs...
'there's no such thing as MOOOOOONN-'
... and deep into her pussy.
the guard stood outside the door.
suddenly, there was a muffled scream, 'eep! the monster will get me!'
he rolled his eyes.
in her chamber above, the maid pressed her ear to the floor.
her fingers slid around her wet pussy as she listened to the heavy breathing beneath her.
faintly, she could make out the wet squishing sounds of the dog pumping into the small girl.
the sounds got faster... and wetter.
the girl's breathing turned into frantic moaning.
the princess felt the hard knot pressing into her as the dog pushed her down, curling her up into a tight little ball of hormones.
with a surprised squeak, her cum sprayed the carpet.
but the beast was relentless, and pumped her up to another orgasm.
her juices spurted again... and again.

sunlight streamed though the curtains.
the maid looked down at the sleeping princess sprawled out on her front.
fresh cum trickled out from between her spread legs.
releasing the buckles, she lifted the exhausted girl onto the bed and pulled the covers over her.
she whispered in her ear, 'did you have another of your dreams, princess?'