Pokemon the 13th

Animal/f  Pikachu/Misty
Water in the stream flowed with a strange color. 
A pokemon sat up from its drink. 
Something stiffened between its legs as it sniffed the air.

Meanwhile, a girl unrolled her sleeping bag. 
A pair of eyes watched as she sat down. 
A breeze blew past her legs, making her shiver as she pulled out her pokedex. 
It moved closer. 
"When several of these pokemon gather," said the pokedex, "their electricity can cause lightning storms."
"What are you talking about?" she asked the pokedex, tugging at her skirt as something rushed underneath it.
Suddenly, she felt something long and hard shoved up her pussy! 
With a shriek, the girl fell backward, her moans echoing through the trees as the pikachu relentlessly rammed her!

"This is an upgrade, your pokedex will now automatically tell you when there's a pokemon around!" explained Professor Oak.
Ash's eyes lit up, "That's so cool!"
He turned from the videophone, "Guess what, Misty! MY pokedex is better than yours now!"
Thunder growled outside. "We'll see about that!"
She marched across the lobby and inserted her pokedex into the phone. "Upgrading Firmware," beeped the pokedex. 
Suddenly, the power went out. 
People in the room yelled excitedly as Nurse Joy's voice called out, "Everyone, stay calm! It's just a storm!" she said, "But I'd like to ask you to help me with the emergency generator until the power comes back on."
"I'll help you, my sweet!" 
Ash and Misty groaned at the sound of Brock's voice.
"Actually, I was referring to him," she said, pointing to Ash's pikachu.
"Pika!" it said with a determined look, as it joined in with the other Pikachu in the generator room.

Before long, the pokemon center was fully operational. 
"Don't worry, I'll take good care of your Pikachu until the storm's over." Assured the nurse.
"As soon as the storm's over, she'll boil him alive!" teased Misty.
"That's not funny!" complained Ash, zipping up his raincoat. 
Brock opened the door, "Why are we going out in THIS!?"
"I wanna test out the new pokedex before anyone else does!" replied Ash as he stepped out into the rain. 
Misty rolled her eyes, "A lot of people already have this upgrade."
But Ash didn't hear her, "I'm going to catch a new pokemon before anyone even leaves the Pokemon Center!" he yelled, sprinting down the road. 
A motorcycle drove up to the Pokemon center as they ran after him. 
Not noticing the 3 kids she passed, Officer Jenny got off her bike and raced inside. "Are your pokemon acting normal?"
"Yes." replied Nurse Joy, raising an eyebrow, "is something wrong?"
Jenny leaned close and whispered something in her ear, "There's something wrong with the water."

Something ducked behind a bush as Misty followed behind Ash. 
"Ash, slow down!" she complained, "I can't keep up with you!"
"No way! I'm going to find a pokemon!" 
Just then, his pokedex beeped, "When it spots an enemy, its body transfigured into an almost perfect copy of its opponent."
Ash looked at his pokedex, "What?"
"When it spots an enemy, its body transfigures into-"
"Wait, I know what this is!" he interrupted. 
Brock and Misty looked at him.
"My pokedex found a pokemon!" cheered Ash. 
They fell on their faces. 
He looked around. 
Suddenly, he saw something disappear behind a nearby tree. "Okay Pikachu! Thundershock, now!" commanded Ash.
A small rumble of thunder rolled in the distance. 
He waited. 
Nothing happened.
Misty sat up, "Ash! Pikachu's still at the Pokemon center!"
Brock put his hands over their mouths, "Not so loud," he whispered, "You'll scare away the Ditto."
"WOW! I FOUND A DITTO?!" yelled Ash. 
Before he realized what happened, the pink creature slid away through the rain-soaked trees.
"Hey, wait ditto! I want to catch you!" called Ash running after it.
"You'll never catch it that way!" complained Brock, as he followed behind Ash.
Misty stood up, "I wonder why my pokedex didn't go off?" she thought as something rustled in the bushes behind her.
She looked down the soggy path, "Hey you guys! Wait up!"

A few minutes later, Misty ran into Ash, who almost dropped his pokeball.
"Guess what Misty?" he said cheerfully, "I caught the Ditto!"
Brock set his napsack down in the mud, "I practically had to walk him through it."
Ash held up his pokeball, "Who cares! Ditto likes me now!" He threw the pokeball to the rain-soaked ground and Ditto appeared, half lodged in the mud.
"Ew!" shrieked Misty, "It's disgusting!"
She hid behind Ash
Looking at the two of them, the Ditto glared at her enviously.
There was a beep, "When it spots an enemy, its body transfigured into an almost perfect copy of its opponent."
"Your pokedex is going to run its batteries dry if it keeps doing that." commented Brock.
"Speaking of dry. Can we go back to the Pokemon center now?" said Misty with a shiver
"I think we should dry off and rest first," said Brock pulling out his tent, "we'll catch cold if we stay in this rain any longer."

They set up camp near a stream.
From the foliage, a pair of eyes watched Misty as she sat down inside her tent.
"Geez, I'm soaked!" she said, pulling down her shorts and taking them off.
The creature moved towards the tent's opening.
"On top of that, my pokedex got bricked by that stupid power failre!" complained Misty as she pulled her shirt up over her head.
"When several of these pokemon gather, their electricity can... cau... se..."
Misty gasped and dived under her sleeping bag.
"Misty! Are you rested yet?" called Ash.
Startled, the pokemon scampered away.
"Haven't you ever heard of privacy Ash!?" screamed Misty.

Ash skulked back to his tent. "Why would she need privacy to rest her feet?"
As he passed Brock's tent, he heard snoring.
Ash sighed and dumped his pack by his tent, "I guess we'll be here awhile."
As he ducked into his tent, something pink slid out of his napsack.

Misty squeezed the water out of her underpants.
Bushes rustled outside.
"Ash! That better not be you!" she yelled, pulling her sleeping bag up over her breasts.
Thunder rumbled and a twig snapped in front of her tent.
"That's it!" she quickly slipped on her shirt and shorts and stormed out of the tent.
"Ash, I know you're out here!" 
A pair of eyes watched as Misty bent over to peer into the bushes.
Suddenly, a mostly-small yellow pokemon rushed up behind her.

Ash lay on his back, "what's so great about girls. All they do is complain!" he muttered.
Suddenly, he heard someone unzipping the enterance to his tent.
"Hey Misty, whatever happened to 'privacy'?"
There was no response.
Ash sat up, "I thought you wanted-"
Misty sat there, completely naked.
Ash gulped.
She smiled and looked at him with strange eyes.
He looked down with a confused look as she reached forward and unzipped him.
"M-Misty... What are you doing?"

Rain soaked through Misty's shirt as she ran blindly through the trees.
A flash of lightning lit up the sky and she saw the jagged yellow tail in the bushes swiftly chasing behind her like a shark in the water.
She noticed the sound of water up ahead and made a beeline for the steam.
The Pikachu's whiskers tickled her legs as she jumped.
With a giant splash, she landed in the water and swam to the other side.
Climbing out, the water seemed to tingle on her skin.
"Where am I?" she gasped.
Misty desperately scrambled behind a fallen tree.
On the other side of the water, she saw the pikachu drinking from the strangely-colored stream. Her eyes widened as she saw something long and stiff emerge between its legs.
Misty's cheeks burned. Then she shook her head, "What's wrong with me!?"
Just then, she spotted a tent. 
"It's a miracle!" she thought, "I'm back at the camp!"
Ignoring the heat building between her legs, she ran over.
"Ash! Brock!" she yelled, "Come on, let's go!"
She climbed into the tent, "Come on Ash, we gotta-"
She gasped.
A girl lay unconcious on her sleeping bag.
Her skirt was shoved up to her breasts and her underpants hung in soggy shreds.
A small trickle of drool fell from her lips each time she exhaled.
A twig snapped and Misty realized she was being watched.
There in front of the tent, stood a Pikachu.
Then another one appeared. Then another!
Misty's heart raced as she counted.
Three... seven... Nine of them!
A bolt of lightning crackled as Misty suddenly felt something stiff rammed clean through her shorts!

Ash lay exhausted. 
Somehow, he couldn't shake the feeling that the girl sleeping next to him wasn't Misty.
Was it her kindness? or maybe it was the eyes?
Over the rain, he heard a faint moan. Then another one. Then another.
The sound seemed to repeat endlessly.
"I wonder what kind of pokemon that is?" he thought as he drifted into sleep.