Pokemon Daycare Hypnosis

Animal/f  Charizard/Misty Misty/Pikachu
Misty's gasped as a stray branch caught her tight shirt, pulling it up.
Pikachu caught himself drooling at the girl's suddenly exposed chest.
"Wow Misty, you sure are clumsy." Snickered Ash.
Misty waited a moment, then grumbled as she reluctly released the branch.
Brock crossed his arms, "Ash, you shouldn't make fun of women."
But Misty no longer cared if Brock saw her.
Ash didn't notice that morning when she leaned over him to get a bottle of water from her bag. Ash didn't notice when she "accidentally" tripped in front of him, landing with her tight shorts in the air.
And Ash barely noticed when her breasts were in plain view.
"F-Fine! Be that way!" she blurted out, and stomped off toward the creek.
The boy scratched his head, "What's her problem?"
Brock shook his head. "You just don't get it, do you?"
"Get... what?" Wondered Ash.
The older teen sighed, "Nevermind."

Pikachu quietly followed behind Misty.
The pokemon knew what would happen next. She always masturbated when she felt frustrated.
The girl stared down into the water.
"How can someone so cute be so... annoying??"
She splashed her fists into the water.
"Stupid, stupid!"
Misty sighed and pulled off her suspenders.
Pikachu crawled in close to get a better look.
The girl froze as she heard the rustling sound.
She rolled her eyes, "I'm in a forest full of pokemon. Why am I jumping at every sound?"
She slipped off her shorts and sank into the water.
Pikachu pouted as he flopped on the ground. Misty hadn't bothered to take off her shirt and now he couldn't see anything.
Humans always covered themselves and did everything secretly. It was frustrating. If only Ash had a girl Pikachu.
Misty panted quietly as she massaged herself.
The pokemon felt his disappointed boner pushing through the grass under him.
He had been with them for months, and not once had he ever had a chance to mate.
Pikachu listened to the pidgeys chirping in the trees above him. He was probably the only pokemon in this whole forest who was a virgin.
"Agh, this is ridiculous!" screamed Misty, "What am I even doing out here?"
Pikachu watched, hoping she might get out of the water.
The girl slumped back, "Maybe I should just go back to Cerulean"
No!  She couldn't leave!
Pikachu immediately ran over to the creek and put on the cutest mousey smile he could pull-off.
"Pi-ka... Chu!"
Misty glanced back at him and smiled, "Aww! What are you doing here Pikachu?"
"Cha!" He danced around on one foot.
Misty giggled and splashed him.
That was close. He couldn't bear the thought of her leaving.

That night, Pikachu purred in his sleep.
He saw a grassy field with playful Pikachu scampering around a pokeball. The pokeball opened and Misty appeared, completely naked. She began scampering around the grass with the other Pikachu. 
A strange sound echoed, "Aaaabbrrrr"
fences appeared, and Misty was now sitting in some kind of farm pen.
The girl's eyes became sleepy and she slumped forward in the grass with her rear in the air.
the other Pikachu started lining up behind her.

Pikachu jumped at the sound.
Bright hot sunlight seared at his eyelids.
He blindly zapped the air, completely missing the obnoxious pidgey who just HAD to wake him up.
The pokemon blinked blearily at the woods.
He blinked again, and looked around.
For a moment, he thought he saw a pokemon in the shade of the trees.
"Ow... I'm tired of sleeping on the ground," groaned Misty.
She sat up and rubbed her eyes, "I never had to do this back in Cerulean."
Pikachu scampered up to her and gave her a big cute smile.
The tired girl shoved her palm into his face, "Go away, Pikachu" she groaned, before turning over in her sleeping bag.
The pokemon watched as she rubbed her thighs together under the fabric.
He wished he could be in there.
"Hey Misty! You'll never guess what I found!" Shouted Ash.
"Earplugs?" Grumbled Misty.
"Nope, even better. A pokemon breeding center!"
Misty pulled her pillow over her head, "I don't CARE..."
"Um, are you sure Ash?" Brock sat up and rubbed his hand through his prickly hair.
The boy stomped the ground, "I'm not lying!"
"It's probably just a poke center."
Suddenly Misty was on her feet, "There's a poke-center here?  Where is it?"
"Nowhere!" Insisted Ash.
Brock got to his feet, "Well it can't be a breeding center. There aren't any in this area."
Misty quickly tried to roll her sleeping bag and grab her things, "But poke centers have beds! Real beds... With soft pillows and everything!"
"It's not a poke center!" Screamed Ash.
"Well it had better be!" Misty forced her backpack closed, "I'm tired of camping."
The boy shrugged, "Nobody said you had to come with us."
"Yeah well..." Misty fumed.
Pikachu rolled his eyes. This was the part where she would mention her wrecked bike. And how Ash owed her a new one. And how she wouldn't leave until he-
"Maybe I won't!"
Ash glanced back at her, "huh?"
"Maybe I'm tired of sleeping on rocks.
She heaved the pack onto her back.
"Maybe I'm tired of morons who can't get a clue."
"Uh oh..." Mumbled Brock.
"Pi ka!"
"Maybe I'm tired of squeaky pokemon waking me up at fuck-o-clock every damn morning."
And with that, Misty stomped down the path away from them.
"Now you've done it," mumbled Brock.
"But..." Ash scratched his hat, "I didn't do anything."
Brock rolled his tent, "That's the problem."

An hour later, Pikachu blinked at the strangely familiar fence surrounding the remote building in the woods.
"Well... I'll be."
Brock inspected the sign out front, "Who knew there was a pokemon breeding center way out here?"
"Told you so," beamed Ash.
Pikachu's ears perked at some faint noises coming from behind the building.
"Pikachu, are you coming?"
He opened the front door.

"What are YOU doing here?"
"Us??" Ash stared at Misty, "What are you doing here?"
Brock pulled out his map, "I couldn've sworn she want the other way," he mumbled.
None of them noticed the abra quietly watching them from the corner.
"Welcome to the Extasia breeding center."
A quiet young woman entered through the rear door behind the counter.
Ash waited.
Misty waited.
Brock stared at her for a moment... "Thank you." And went back to his map.
Ash and Misty looked at each other, puzzled.
Pikachu looked at the abra.
"Just sign here to register your Pikachu." Instructed the clerk.
Misty glared down at her pokemon, "Not YOU, psyduck!"
The boy blankly glanced at the form, "Uh, sure thing."
"Do you even know what breeding is, Ash?" Groaned Misty, trying to find her pokeball.
Brock re-traced a path with his finger, "Probably not"
"Er, sure I do!" Replied Ash, "It uh... Makes your pokemon... Stronger?"
Misty rolled her eyes.
Psyduck stared blankly at the abra.
"Excellent, would you be interested in purchasing an elemental stone then?"
The clerk opened a display case.
Misty peered at the odd colored crystals, "I've never hard of these."
"Psyyy!" Complained psyduck, holding his head.
Ash picked up Pikachu and stepped away from them, "Are they like... Evolution stones?"
"No silly, they amplify your pokemon's elemental abilities."
"Chu..." The yellow mouse tried to point at the psychic pokemon.
"Assuming that's true," Brock rubbed his chin, "I doubt they'd be permitted in pokemon league matches."
"So what?  I could train-up Pikachu outside of matches, right?"
"It's probably just snake-oil," Brock turned the map around.
"Well if you change your mind, just let me know."
The small woman bowed.
Pikachu's ear twitched. There was a faint panting sound.
The clerk turned around and opened the back door.
Over the counter, Pikachu briefly caught a glimpse of a girl outside, sitting naked in the grass.
He blinked in disbelief, then glanced up at Ash. The boy seemed to be staring into space. Pikachu looked at the abra. It's eyes were slightly open.
Psyduck glared at the pokemon.
Suddenly, it vanished in a flickering flash.
Ash blinked.
"Um Brock, are you feeling okay?" Misty pulled the map away from him, "You didn't even try to hit on her."
"She didn't really have a personality," he mumbled.
"Psyduck, get back in your pokeball!"
The duck stared up at her, with a nervous look on his face.

Pikachu later found Misty in a guest bedroom.
"Finally, a real bed..." Exclaimed Misty as she flopped onto the quilt.
The yellow pokemon stepped inside to stare at her cute butt, then quietly hid under the bed.
The girl rolled off and checked a small door next to the closet, "And there's a bath too!"
"I can't remember the last time I got to rub one out in a nice warm bath," she sighed.
Closing the bedroom door, she began pulling up her shirt.
Pikachu darted into the bathroom, and hid behind the hamper.
3 minutes passed.
Misty would come in any second.
5 minutes.
She would probably be completely naked.
Pikachu resisted the urge to peek.
10 minutes.
... Why was she still in the bedroom?
Another 5 minutes passed.
Pikachu was getting impatient. Did he dare check? She might see him.
But he couldn't stand it. What was taking so long??
The pokemon peeked out into the bedroom.
Fast asleep, Misty lay naked againt the bed.
Pikachu stared at her breasts as he stepped closer.
(What are you waiting for?)
Startled, he glanced at the corner.
The abra sat there quietly.
(You've dreamed of this, haven't you?)
The mouse turned back to Misty.
Her knees slid apart as she shifted in her sleep.
Pikachu felt his cock harden as he stared at the girl's damp pussy.
(I bet she won't even notice)
Heart racing, Pikachu crept closer.
Suddenly, there was a loud pop of a pokeball opening.
Panicking, Pikachu scampered under the bed.
Misty groaned, "Huh? Psyducck??"
Glancing at the corner, Pikachu noticed that the abra was gone.
Meanwhile, the young girl stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.
He had missed his chance.

Later that day, Pikachu sat in a small plastic tub.
"You're so dirty," remarked the quiet clerk as she squeezed a sponge out for him.
The pokemon sighed as she rubbed the hot water over him.
At least this was relaxing.
Then she stopped.
After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and looked up at the small woman. She seemed to be staring into space.
Without looking at Pikachu, she slowly slid the sponge down his belly.
The mouse gasped as it started massaging his balls.
(Welcome to my new home)
The abra was sitting by the sink, eyes slightly open.
(After I was abandoned here, I decided to make some changes.)
(You want to mate with that girl, don't you...)
"Pi... Ka..."
The rubbing was getting intense.
(If you like, I could hypnotize her like this woman here)
Soft fingers wrapped around Pikachu's shaft.
(Another pet for the pokemon. Ready to play. Ready to breed.)
Pikachu was getting close now.
(Lead her to the supply closet. The psychic stone there will strengthen my influence over her.)
There was a loud pop and a splash of water as psyduck suddenly materialized from his pokeball.
The clerk blinked. Then quickly removed her hand from the water, blushing akwardly.
Meanwhile, the duck frantically peered around the room with a glare on his face.
As usual, abra had already teleported away.
He turned to Pikachu, "Psy...Duck?
The yellow pokemon shrugged.
Psyduck rolled his eyes and tapped his foot, looking up at the small woman with a puzzled look.

Pikachu could hear the water running as Misty enjoyed her second shower.
Sure enough, the bathroom door was "mysteriously" unlocked and ajar, just as abra had promised.
The mouse pokemon nervously searched the room for the girl's clothes.
Just as Misty opened the curtain, he grabbed the shorts in his mouth and ran out the door.
"Pikachu, where are you going with that!?"
Misty quickly pulled a towel over herself as she stumbled out into the hallway after him.
Heart racing, the pokemon blindly scrambled past the supply closet.
"Where are you going?? Eep!"
Pikachu glanced back. Her towel had slipped off.
Misty frantically looked around and hid in a nearby room.
The pokemon dropped the shorts. Now what?
She wasn't going to follow him now.
Suddenly, a strange force lifted Pikachu and slammed him into the wall.
The duck pokemon sprinted past, grabbing the shorts.
Pikachu stumbled to his feet as psyduck skittered across the smooth slippery floor toward Misty.
"Psst!  Psyduck, over here."
Misty grabbed the shorts and glared at Pikachu. She was going to be pissed.
Then there was a flickering flash.
The thump rippled through the air and psyduck went flying.
Pikachu dove behind a potted plant.
Psyduck eyed him for a moment.
"Pi... Ka?"
Suddenly, the duck's eyes began to glow.
This was bad. Psyduck had a headache.
Objects in the room began to float off the floor.
Pikachu lost his footing.
The plant and the mouse both went hurtling toward abra, who simply teleported out of the way.
(You can't hit me, silly duck.  I can foresee your every mov- erk!)
Abra froze in place as a blue aura surrounded him.
Psyduck slowly waddled right up to the paralyzed pokemon.
He raised his webbed claws.
Psyduck collapsed.
Misty dropped the broken husk of the potted plant, then blankly smiled at abra.
Behind her, in the closet, the elemental stones shimmered on the shelf.
Wearing only her tight shorts, the topless girl stepped out into the hallway. She looked at Pikachu and curled her finger, inviting him closer.
Pikachu nervously walked up to her, glancing at her unconcious psyduck.
She looked down at him, between her round breasts.
The mouse could feel his shaft getting stiff.
(Not here you fool. The other humans might see. Follow me.)
Abra teleported to a back exit.
(Prepare to be mated, girl)
"Yes master" droned Misty.
She picked up Pikachu and ran to the exit.
She opened the door.
And then suddenly, she threw Pikachu behind her.
He tumbled on onto the floor as the door slammed shut.
(This girl will make a fine addition to MY breeding center)
Pikachu desperately ran to another exit, but some force held the door closed. He couldn't get outside.
Clawing his way up the back door, he peeked through the tiny window at the top.

Outside in the fenced back yard, seven pokemon eagerly circled around Misty.
She stood there wistfully as an arcanine pulled at her shorts, tugging them down to her knees.
A tangela reached forward and teased her legs with its tentacles. Misty bit her lip and squirmed, rubbing her thighs together.
A bulbasaur wrapped its vines around her wrists.
Yanking her downward, Misty stumbled onto her knees.
Tentacles squirmed underneath her, tickling her bare breasts.
Her pussy dripped as the girl started panting.
A loud growl echoed through the air as a charizard glided in and landed behind her.
Misty gasped as it ran its tongue up between her legs.
All of the pokemon lined up behind her.
Pikachu could hear Misty squeak as the charizard climbed over her.
She shivered as its huge cock slowly pulled out of her, her juices streaming from her pussy.
Then the dragon shoved it back in... Then out... Then in.
Held against the ground, the girl squirmed helplessly as the large beast began breeding her.

Paws aching, Pikachu lost his grip and landed hard on the floor.
Just then, Ash came out of his room.
"Woah, what a mess!"
He looked at psyduck, "Misty's gonna be pissed when she finds out you and psyduck were fighting."
He looked around for her.
For some reason, he couldn't hear her muffled moans or the growling going on just outside.
Abra had a strong control over this place.
The boy shrugged and made his way into the shower.

Pikachu ran over to the duck.
He glared at him.
The mouse looked at him sadly.
Just then, the psyduck noticed the moaning.
He scampered over to the door, but it wouldn't budge.
There was a sigh, and the moaning stopped.
The yellow mouse blasted the door.
As the sparkes died down, the door's hinges clattered to the floor. Then the charred door slowly tipped away and flopped onto the grass.

Multiple girls crawled around the fenced yard, seemingly oblivious to the pokemon jizz dripping from their pussies.
Their dresses and jeans were stained and torn from days of breeding.
Nearby, a number of pokemon were fast asleep. Apparently exhausted from their activities with the girls.
Psyduck pointed behind a large charizard.
Misty lay against its wings, dazed and panting happily as gallons of sticky goo leaked out onto the grass between her legs.
Her shorts lay in tatters in the mouth of a snoozing arcanine.
The two yellow pokemon slowly tip-toed around the large dragon.
(This girl was so eager to breed. You should have seen her squirm)
Abra materialized nearby.
(A pity I could not partake. After all, mind-control requires intense focus. Of course, having another psychic pokemon here changes things...)
He turned toward psyduck.
(Perhaps you'd like to join us?)
Psyduck shook his head, "duk!"
(Are you sure?  Consider this then:  Humans rely on pokemon because humans are weak.  But that dependency is the very thing that makes them weak.  So what makes pokemon strong?)
The abra gestured toward Pikachu's inconvenient boner.
(It is because we live as nature intended.  Look at this place.  The humans here live as pokemon do.  Eventually nature's evolution will bestow them with power, as it has done with pokemon.)
(You do not believe me?)
(You think mind-control is somehow unnatural...  But how is it any different from your thunder?)
The duck nodded thoughtfully.
The pokemon waddled over to abra, "psi-yi."
(I knew you would understand...  Unlike this naive mouse!)
Abra's eyes flashed, and a giant tail suddenly clobbered Pikachu from behind, sending him flying.
But the nimble mouse landed on his feet and swiftly streaked toward the possessed charizard.
A clumsy flamethrower landed five feet behind Pikachu, who charged up his thunderbolt.
The large beast twitched for a moment before collapsing.
Pikachu triumphantly turned toward abra, cheeks sparking menacingly.
The air thumped around the mouse's head, and the world started spinning. He took one akward step into the sky as the ground collided with his face.
(Impressive.  Perhaps it is time you learned how to properly control a human)
Pikachu meakly zapped at the stars circling his head as the two psychic pokemon communed with each other in silent telepathy.
Abra gestured toward one of the girls roaming the breeding ranch.
(Now... Focus your intent.  Their feeble whims are nothing in the face of pure concentration.)
Psyduck's blank stare intensified.
The girl groaned and held her head.
Abra pondered this for a moment.
(That's YOUR headache, isn't it?)
The duck nodded.
Abra shrugged.
(So you can project your sensations... But the key to hypnosis is not projecting every single action or thought. It's about intent. Simply project an intent, and the human's actions will instinctively follow "their" intent.)
Psyduck thought about this a moment, then nodded.
He focused again.
The girl began to blush as her own warm juices began to drip. She peered at abra with a lusty gaze.
(Excellent... Now you're getting it)
She groped toward him. The pokemon instinctively warped backward. Then stepped forward into her embrace. Abra shivered as her mouth closed around his shaft.
Meanwhile, the clouds finally stopped spinning.
Pikachu pawwed at the air as he slowly sat up.
Looking around, he noticed psyduck and abra.
He gritted his teeth.
Quietly, he got on all-fours and cautiously crept toward them.
Suddenly, abra twitched in pain. The girl was biting down hard on him.
Psyduck turned to Pikachu and winked.
A flash of lightning tore through abra, leaving the pokemon smoldering on the ground.
Psyduck casually snagged a pokeball off of Misty's torn belt.
Abra struggled to focus as a red light pulled him inside.

Misty woke up in the shower as a dozen girls passed by in the hallway.
"I had the weirdest dream last night."
"About a creepy abra?"
"Yeah, me too!"
She blushed as she rubbed her aching pussy.
"Another wet dream..." She mumbled, "Ash had better fuck me this time."

"Good morning. Is your Pikachu ready for the procedure?"
"You bet!" Ash quickly picked up Pikachu, "Are you ready to get powered-up little buddy?"
"R-Right... So what sort of pokemon egg are you looking for?"
"Oh I don't need anything like that.  I just want Pikachu to be healthy."
"Er, okay. Well in that case..." The woman took Pikachu and carried him through the back door.
Brock shook his head, "You're throwing your money away."
"Hey Ash," Misty leaned up behind the boy, pushing her chest into him, "Do you think I could make YOU "healthy?"
Burp! "But I already had breakfast."
"N-Not that!" fumed Misty, "I was talking about-"
"He needs a couple more years, Misty." Brock stood up, "It'll take at least that long to replace your bike anyway."
"But I don't care about- ...F-Fine!" The girl yanked open the front door and stomped outside.

Leaning against the sign outside, Misty rubbed her thighs together, "Stupid... kid" she grumbled.
Then a faint squeaking noise caught her ear, distracting her from her thoughts.
Misty looked around.
Following the sound, she pushed through the tall hedges and suddenly bumped into a fence.
On the other side, a pair of horny Pikachu's were humping each other.
That explained the noise.
The girl watched the male scamper over to another female and dive into her.
The loud squeak made her blush.
"Why can't that happen to me?"
Misty rubbed herself as she watched its stiff cock vibrate against the squirming Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Ash's Pikachu stared in awe at all the sex.  He suddenly felt silly about hiding in the bathroom to watch Misty.  He was here to mate, after all.
A female crawled up to him, nuzzling his cheek.
But Pikachu back away nervously.
She wasn't very attractive.
He walked up to another Pikachu, who grinned and turned to proudly present his dong.
Pikachu's eye twitched as he slowly backed away.
Two more ugly females ran up to the proud Pikachu and fondly nuzzled his shaft.
Ash's Pikachu shrugged.  No loss.
He wandered around the yard.
A small fluffy Pikachu shyly smiled at him.  But he as too distracted by the mouse's buck teeth.
Another one confidently sauntered up to him, but he just stared blankly at her flat chest.
He shook his head.  They were Pikachu.  Why was he looking for big boobs?
Then his ear twitched as he heard a familiar sound.

Shorts stretched around her ankles, Misty sat back with her legs apart, frantically rubbing herself.
"I wish... I wish I was a Pikachu," she moaned.
Opening her eyes, she noticed a familiar Pikachu staring back at her.
The girl blushed as his cock began to harden.
She didn't move as the Pikachu cautiously climbed over her shorts and sniffed at her trembling pussy.
"Heh... You're a curious one, aren't you?" She panted.
Suddenly, Misty felt its small tongue slide over her clitoris.
She squirmed as the pokemon began licking her pussy.
The feeling was delicious. Misty grinned and bit her lip. This was so much better than masturbating inside her sleeping bag.
The girl pushed him back and carefully turned over to crawl on all-fours. 
Arching her back, she lowered her head and peered back hopefully.
Pikachu couldn't beieve it.  Everything he ever wanted... Right in front of him!
His cock was so stiff it began to hurt.
He playfully flicked his tongue at her pussy.
"Mmm... Not like that..." She mumbled.
Misty reached back and gently caressed his shaft.
Hot cum squirted over her fingers.
Pikachu lept forward.
A pair of paws groped her waist as the pokemon landed on her. His dick slid hard across the girl's pubic hairs, making her heart race.
She suddenly felt the hot shaft eagerly pushing between her burning pussy-lips.
Misty panted as the pokemon sank deep into her.
Then she blushed hard as she realized she was actually breeding with a pokemon. She was actually a Pikachu's mate.
The girl licked the air as he rapidly jack-hammered her pussy. Hot semin splattered her thighs and coated her horny love-hole.
The cool grass tickled Misty's hanging breasts, making her squirm happily against the ground.
Her nipples tingled as they brushed the dirt.
Ash opened the back door.
"Pikachu, where are you?"
Misty moaned weakly as the pokemon slowly pulled out of her.
Then she froze as realization dawned on her.
The girl watched from the hedges as her "mate" scampered across the yard to Ash.
For a moment, she just laid there under the leaves, confused and horny.
She slowly sat up and pulled her shirt over herself. It felt so good to finally get fucked nice and hard like that. Her nipples started getting stiff as she realized it might happen again.

Pikachu happily stumbled into the lobby.
"Looks like somebody had some fun," grinned Brock. He sauntered up to the clerk, "So... what do you girls do for fun around here?"
"Polish stones," grinned the small woman, holding up a fire stone.
"Oh, NOW you're hitting on her??" Ash picked up his backpack, "Hey Pikachu, are you ready to go?"
Just then, the front door swung open as Misty skipped in.  She glanced at Pikachu wistfully as she cheerfully gathered her things.

As they walked through the forest, Ash and Brock were arguing over which way to hold the map. Meanwhile, Pikachu trailed behind the boys. As he glanced up at Misty, she winked at him and playfully lifted her shirt, flashing a nipple.