Pokemon Daycare

Animal/f  Pikachu/misty
Misty shook the food bag and groaned as a few crumbs tumbled out.
"Ash, you haven't won a single pokemon battle since we got here."
"I dont see you helping Misty."
Well, for your information all of my pokemon are water type. They wouldn't stand a chance against all these high-level plant pokemon.
"It looks like we're eating poke-chow tonight," warned Brock.
"Don't worry guys. I have a plan," said Ash.
Misty rolled her eyes, "A plan... That'll be the day."
"Oh yeah? Check this out."
He held up a cheap-looking poster.
"There's a pokemon breeding center just up the road from here."
"Rocket breeders," read Brock, "I don't know Ash. Ive never heard of this place."
"Its easy. We just bring all our pokemon there and then they pay us."
"Do you even know what breeding is?" asked Brock.
"Who cares? They even have an inn there."
"Alright alright, lets go already," urged Misty.
"Are you serious?" asked Brock.
Misty rubbed her sore back, "I'm sick of sleeping outside. I need a hot bath."

"Welcome to Rocket Breeders," said a suspicious purple-haired woman. 
"Sign us up for the all-day pass," exclaimed Ash.
"And put room-and-board on the tab," added Brock.
"Certainly, your rooms are upstairs."
"Finally," Yawned Misty.
She followed Brock up the steps.
"Alright Pikachu, I want you to breed as hard as you can!" cheered Ash.
"Just a moment," interrupted Jessie.
"I need your signature here."
Ash groaned. The contract was 3 pages long.
"Okay, lets see... 24 hour minimum... Yada yada... Female attendees must register... Blah blah... Must forfeit unauthorized... Blah blah... No liability... Yada yada... Not responsible for any unplanned pregnancies... Blah blah blah..."
The boy yawned.
"Do we have a deal?" asked the clerk.
"Yeah yeah..." grumbled Ash as he signed underneath the "no refunds" clause.

Misty sighed as she sank into the warm water. The bath salts gave off a unique purfume that gave her delightful goosebumps. Her mind drifted to daydreams of watching Ash at the beach. Wet shorts clinging tight around his-
The loud speaker sounded.
"Misty Cerulean, please bring your pokemon to the staging area. Misty, please come at once."
Misty grumbled, "Yeah, I was about to... until YOU interrupted."

"Please enter here," instructed a blue-haired man.
Misty glanced at the oddly tinted mirror as the door locked behind her.
"Please place your pokeballs into the receptacle in the center of the room," instructed a woman over the loud-speaker.
The girl walked over the padded floor and did this.
There was a faint hissing sound from the vents.
"Now look up at the security camera and state your name for, er... our records."
She looked up at the ceiling, "Er, which one should I-?"
"Any camera will do," interrupted the woman.
Misty hugged her chest. There was something familiar about that voice.
She shrugged.
"Um, m-my name is Misty."
She noticed an odd smell in the air.
"... And your occupation, please."
The girl ignored her goosebumps.
"I am one of the... the Cerulean city gym leaders."
The room was starting to feel hot.
"What is your favorite pokemon?"
"Oh, um... P-Pikachu I guess."
The invisible gas was making it hard to think.
"Please open the locker at the far end of the room."
Misty blinked slowly as she stumbled over to the locker. Her thighs were tingling.
"Please deposit all articles of attire into the receptacle."
"Recepta- oh, the locker."
Misty's mind felt like fuzz as she followed the instructions.
"Now raise your arms and turn around once."
Jessie licked her lips and pressed the record button as the girl flashed her breasts at each of the cameras.
"Your favorite pokemon will be with you shortly," she whispered into the mic.
A small door opened and a curious pokemon wandered in.
"Heeey Pikachu... does Ash know you're here?"
Pikachu sniffed at the odd vent.  His fur began to tingle.
"We will now commence breeding procedures. Please follow all instructions."
"Mmkay..." Misty blinked dreamily.
The yellow pokemon happily scampered up to the girl.
"Hee hee! Im glad to see you too," giggled Misty.
"Please be seated."
"Who me?"  Misty glanced around with a confused look.  After a few minutes, she shrugged and sat cross-legged on the floor mat.
She eyed the pokemon's emerging shaft.
"Woah... Careful with that gun Pikachu," She teased, "You might shoot a poor girl-Pikachu."
"Please remain still while the pokemon breeds."
"Oh, um... huh?"
Pikachu licked his lips and ran up to her.
"Heeey Pikachu, what are you-?"

Ash wandered aimlessly down the hall.
"Where's the bathroom?" he wondered.
Suddenly, he heard a couple loud thumps behind the door next to him.
"Huh?" The boy tried the handle, but it was locked.
He shrugged, "Some brooms probably fell in the closet."
Hopping between feet, he urgently skipped down the hall. Not noticing the muffled yelling behind the sealed door.

Inside, Misty desperately banged on the door as the horny Pikachu climbed up her legs.
She swatted at the tiny paws grabbing at her hips and tried to shake him off.
The girl gasped as his dick pushed eagerly between her thighs.
Turning around, she ran for the tinted mirror as Pikachu clung tight to her hips.
But running was a mistake.
The girl bit her lip as she felt Pikachu's shaft slide higher.
... Tickling her pubic hairs...
Her nipples tingled in the warm air as she slammed against the glass.
... Massaging her clitoris...
Jessie rubbed her knees together as she watched the panting girl pressing her face against the glass. 
"Hey Jessie, don't forget da plan."
Meowth walked up to the window.
"After we wear out dis Pikachu, we're gonna nab it for da boss."
"Yeah, yeah... I will," mumbled Jessie, "Just as soon as he's done."
Legs shivering, Misty collapsed down onto her knees, gasping in surprise as Pikachu found her pussy.
For nearly an hour, they watched the girl squirm around on the floor while the small pokemon fucked her senseless.
Meowth tapped his foot impatiently, "Stupid mouse... Where does it get so much energy?"
"Well it IS an electric pokemon," Jessie rubbed her legs together, trying not to cum.
"Dis is gonna take all night," Meowth yawned, "I'm goin ta bed, wake me when you nab the Pikachu."
As soon as the door closed, Jessie's underpants were on the floor.
No more holding back.
She stood up and looked down at Misty.
The exhausted girl had already cum a dozen times, but Pikachu was still riding her like a jackhammer.
Misty bucked her hips and moaned as another orgasm rippled through her.
"Poor girl, I'm almost jealous. Too bad you won't remember any of this."
Pikachu's ear twitched. He noticed something faintly moving behind the mirror.
Curious, he stopped and scampered over to it.
"Pikachu... m-more..." mumbled a delerious Misty.
Jessie nervously stared down at the pokemon. Did it see her?
"Uh, g-good Pikachu..." she whispered.
Pikachu raised his ear.
"Aren't you horny?  Go play with your little fuck-toy some more."
The pokemon sniffed at the false mirror.
Jessie backed away, "He can't see me,  he can't see me."
His cock hardened.
The woman ducked behind her damp chair.

A few minutes later, Meowth heard a faint crashing sound. He grumbled in his sleep and pulled the pillow over his head.

The next day, James barged into the secret room.
"Did we get it?"
There was a faint smell of gas.
"Hey Jessie, what happened?"
"Huh?  Um I... don't remember..."
Meowth looked at the broken mirror.
"You moron!  You let it get away."
"Oh, I guess?"  Jessie was suddenly wondering why she didn't have underpants on.
She nervously held her legs together as she quietly snatched them off the floor.

Meanwhile, Ash, Brock and Misty were heading outside.
"So Ash, did Pikachu get any stronger?" asked Misty.
"I doubt it," mumbled Brock, "That place didn't have any standard pokemon breeding equipment."
"Who cares?" said Ash, "At least we had a good night's sleep."
Misty yawned, "I guess so..."
"And Pikachu's all charged up. Those plant pokemon won't know what him 'em!"
"Um, right," mumbled Misty, who tried to ignore the dampness in her shorts.  She had been dripping white fluid all morning and she couldn't figure out why.