Playing With Bunnie

F/m  Bunnie/Tails
"Bunnie, are you home?" asked Tails as he stepped into the hut.
In the next room, he heard a faint sigh.
Peeking around the door, he saw her lying on her bed. But she wasn't asleep.
A blissful smile played at her lips as she ran her fingers down her long ears.
Suddenly, someone grasped the tips, sending a delicious shiver down her spine.
"Hi bunnie!" exclaimed the young fox, "whatcha doing?"
"tails!?" panted bunnie, "Ooh..."
The boy giggled at her funny reaction. 'tickle tickle!"
Bunnie squirmed, rubbing her knees together.
"s-Sugah Tails, *pant* Ah think you shouldn't- Ahhh!"
Her back arched. The boy had discovered her sweet spot.
"Wow, Bunnie. You"re acting really funny today!" laughed Tails.
She tried to catch her breath as she held him close.
He ran a finger down the back of her ear, making her heart race.
She rolled on top of him, moaning.
"Oh Tails," she panted, "y"all don't know what you"re doin."
With a grin, Tails started rubbing faster.
Bunnie stared helplessly through half-closed eyes as her tongue licked the air.
"Ooh... Ahh... *pant* ...ah, screw it."
Suddenly, she was between the boy's legs.
Tails gasped in surprise as she frantically swirled her tongue around his balls.
He tried to back away, but she held his legs down.
Before long, his dick stood tall in front of her. Hot breath caressed it as she stared longingly. Bunnie felt herself drooling, and swallowed.
Tails watched her for a moment. Then he had a curious thought. He reached down and stroked her ear again.

Birds chirped and sunlight streamed through the bedroom window. Groggy, the boy rubbed his eyes. He could barely remember what happened. As he opened his eyes, he felt a soft kiss on his mouth.
Bunnie held him in her arms as she smiled down at him. He felt her nipples in his palms.
She leaned back. Tails gasped as something wet clamped down on his crotch. The sensation was strangely familiar.
"We outta do this again sometime, sugah." purred Bunnie.