Guarding the Petshop

Animal/f F/m
"How would you like to make some money?"
The Shelly's eyes lit up, "Hell yeah!"
The petshop owner chuckled. Maybe this young girl wasn't too modest for this after all.

A moment later, Rebecca returned with an animal costume, "This is your work uniform."
"Cool!" Chirped Shelly, grabbing the skimpy clothes.
"The owner has to leave for a few hours so your job is to guard the shop until he gets back." Explained Rebecca, suppressing a mischevious grin.
"No problem! Being a guard sounds easy."
Nodding, Rebecca stepped outside, locking the door behind her.

Inside, a bunny pawed eagerly at its cage as it watched the busty girl undressing.
"I think my uniform's too small" mumbled Shelly as she tried to pull the short skirt lower. As she tugged, her breasts suddenly popped over the top of the brown dress.
She shrugged as she yanked it up. It wasn't like anybody would see her anyway.

Outside, Rebecca passed out binoculars to the people who passed by.
"Aye, come one, come all!" Bellowed the shop owner, "Feast yer eyes on all the cute critters in me shop!"
Meanwhile, Rebecca led a mother and her son up the hill for a better view.
"Woah, that chick is hot!" Gasped the boy as he focused on the window.
"Yes, it's quite a show," his mother chuckled, "Rebecca, you never disappoint, do you."
Rebecca pulled out a remote, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"
She pushed a button.

There was a faint click behind Shelly as she sat, bored, behind the desk.
Behind her, an overjoyed bunny hopped out of its cage.
She lay her head down. This was easy work, but it was boring work.
The girl began snoring as the bunny peered up her dress.

"Ooh, you might want to see this, hun." Said the mother as she passed the binoculars back to her son.
"Really? What's happening?" He asked, peeking through them.
"Remember last night, when I was talking about intercourse?" She pointed, "You're about to see it."

Shelly groaned as the seat shook.
The bunny stared at the two melons over its head.
Standing up on its hind legs, it pawed at her shirt.

"It's pulling down her shirt." Whispered the boy.
His mother hugged him, "She's going to get nursed," she giggled, "Tell me what else you see."
He adjusted the focus, "I see her boobs!"

The bunny nuzzled the girl's breasts.
Shelly sighed in her sleep as it found one of her nipples.
Happily, it began suckling.
Her legs began to tingle.

The boy fidgeted in his mother's lap, "I think it's drinking her milk."
The woman reached down in front of him, "I bet he's hungry for more than just milk."

Shelly leaned back in the chair.
It was nice and warm here... Almost as if she had a soft blanket on top of her.
Well... Mostly soft.

"Let me help you with that," said the mother, unzipping the boy's pants.
"That bunny's doing something funny, mom,"
she peeked through the binoculars.
The animal lay on top of the girl, rocking back and forth.
"It's mating with her, hun."
He looked up at her, "What's that?"
She smiled at him, "It feels sort of like this," she said, wrapping her fingers around his shaft.

Shelly heard wet squishing noises as she opened her eyes.
"Hey, it's a bunny! How cuuuute!"
The girl suddenly noticed she was shaking.
No... Being shaken by something.
The bunny slid off her as she stood up.
Something hot dripped between her legs.
"Hey, where are my underpants?"
Suddenly, she heard a dozen clicking sounds behind her.
Turning around, she gasped, "All of the rabbits had gotten free."

The boy leaned back against his mother's breasts, "Woah! A bunch of bunnies just jumped on top of her!"
The woman continued fondling her son, 
"That's nice, hun,"
"Are they all going to mate with her?" He asked, excited.
"Yeah," she grinned, looking through the binoculars, "They're going to fuck her silly."

Shelly struggled to stand as the animals all tugged at her dress. She squirmed as it slid down over her arms.
Suddenly, she tripped over one of them.
Landing on the floor, there was a tearing sound as they piled onto her.
The weight was too much. She couldn't even move.
The girl gasped as something hard slid in between her thighs.

"They're all doing her now," gasped the boy.
His mother didn't say anything. She just continued sucking.

Shelly's cheeks burned. Whatever they were doing, it felt really really good!
There was another click.
Suddenly, all the bunnies scrambled away.
"W-wait! Don't -pant- don't stop..." Begged Shelly, grabbing one of them by the tail.
Just then, she heard a deep panting behind her.
Before she could react, the dog pressed its large paws down on her back, forcing her to the floor.
Something very large poked against her pussy.
The girl's legs shook as the giant shaft sunk deep into her.
Then it stopped. She didn't think it could go any further. It felt like she was pinned.
Shelly tried forcing her legs together. But couldn't. Her pussy squeezed tight around the beast's cock.
Then it slowly began to pull out. The girl moaned. She could feel every inch of it moving inside her.
Just as the head reached her enterance, the creature leaned forward, suddenly shoving the entire length into her.
To Shelly's surprise, it slid in easily.
She was very wet.
Catching her breath, the girl felt something odd. The base seemed to be expanding.
As it pushed tight against her folds, she began to get a little worried.
She quirmed under the dog's weight.
Then it began to move... Fast.
The huge shaft slid in and out, pumping her pussy relentlessly.
She could feel her own juices running down her thighs.
Her entire body burned from the delicious sensation.
The girl arched her back. But even this orgasm wasn't going to slow this beast down.
Giving up, she rested her cheek on the floor. She didn't know how many times she was going to cum, but she couldn't escape.
Shelly licked the air as her next wave approached.
From a safe distance, the rabbits watched her juices spurt out.
Patiently, they waited, ready to jump in as soon as the large dog was done with her.
She wasn't going to get a break.

The woman sat there panting as she took in the whole scene through the binoculars.
She shifted her hips as she lowered herself down onto the boy she had pinned to the ground.