Morale Booster

F/F F/m f/F  Sally/Sonic Tails/Sally Bunnie/Sally Vanilla/Sally Cream/Sally
the new roboticizer factory went up in smoke.
ivo slammed his fist on the control panel, 'fuck!'
'uh, sir...' stammered snivley, eyeing the important control switches under his hand, 'aahk!'
'tell me!' the angry man lifted the midget by his throat collar, 'tell me how they can do this every... single... day!'
his nephew gulped, 'p-perhaps the new security system needs a review?'
'not that!'
snivley landed with a hard thud.
'look!' snarled robotnik, pointing at the security footage, 'look at their smiling faces!'
the giant narrowed his eyes at the screen, 'two days ago, i caught one of their new recruits.'
'i'm roboticizing him first thing this morning...' he whirled around, 'i keep catching them. i keep roboticizing them. my robotic ranks are filled to the brim with their fallen comrades. they're losing! how can they smile like that??'
'they have nothing left to hope for...' his shadow fell across his trembling nephew's face, 'so how do they keep fighting!!'
shaking with rage, the enormous dictator stood up and tried to calm himself, 'what keeps them going...' he growled, rubbing one of his chins.

sally ran her tongue along sonic's shaft. behind her, she could feel a young fox climbing onto her.
'slow down, sugah tails,' teased bunnie, 'save some for me.'
the rabbot pinched the princess's nipples, making her moan into the cock sliding down her throat.
the boy panted as he pushed his way into her pussy.
'ah come on, bunnie,' grinned sonic, 'you know that's his favorite spot.'
sally withdrew, 'everyone gets a turn.'
vanilla winked at the rabbot as she groped the squirrel's other breast.
'mommy,' cream tugged on her mother's skirt, 'why is everyone playing with that lady?'
'she's the princess,' explained bunnie, patting her head, 'she has to keep people happy so they'll do what she says.'
sally took a breath, 'it's my job as a freedom fighter.'
'but when do i get a turn?' demanded cream, stamping her foot.
vanilla licked the princess's nipple, 'when i'm done, sweetie.'
'there's only so much sally to go around,' added bunnie, rubbing the girl's ear.
the sensation sent a tingle up cream's spine.
there was a loud gasp.
tails slowly withdrew from the dripping pussy.
'okay dear, do it just like mommy showed you.'
the princess squealed in surprise as cream's tongue swirled around her clitoris.
sonic began groaning. she was milking him dry! he tried to pull back, but sally was sucking too hard. he couldn't escape.
bunnie nudged vanilla, 'if ya'll squeeze her like this, you can drink her milk.'
the princess whimpered as the two bunnies began suckling her breasts.
sonic fell to his knees, but sally hugged him close, following him down to the ground.
pausing a moment, the rabbit girl peeked underneath at the two women massaging her breasts.
'oh god, don't stop!' screamed sally.
startled, cream quickly slid her tongue between the princess's pussy lips.
with a frantic moan, warm cum drenched the girl's face.
giggling, she hopped back to watch it drip out.
'now creamy, that's not very nice,' warned her mother, 'you're supposed to let her finish.'
'p-please...' begged sally.
grinning, cream quickly shoved two fingers into the slippery pussy.
the princess shivered in bliss as the girl skillfully tickled her g-spot.
collapsing to the ground, they watched her hips twitch as her cum pooled out on the floor.

robotnik groaned as he rolled over and pressed the intercom by his bed, 'what is it now, snivley'
the small man gulped, 't-the prisoner... has... d-disappeared-'

a moment later, ivo stormed into the lab, 'when did this happen? where are they?' he demanded.
his nephew pressed a half-broken switch, 'sector 6, sir.'
the giant man glared at the screen as sonic raced over the hills with his grateful passenger.
'it's 3 AM...' he yawned, 'where does that blasted hedgehog get all that energy?'