Misty VS Caterpie (story)

Animal/f  Caterpie/Misty Pikachu/Misty
'yeah! i caught a caterpie!' cheered ash.
't-that's nice ash. can we go n-'
ash shoved the pokeball in her face, 'you're not scared, are you?'
'yes i am! bugs are disgusting!' screamed misty.
ash glared at her, 'don't say that about caterpie! he's really nice, see?'
before misty could object, he had already released the new pokemon.
'now apologize to him,' he demanded, holding the caterpillar in front of her.
misty shook. gym leaders like her WERE supposed to be kind to pokemon but, 'er, h-hi? um... i didn't r-realy mean to-'
suddenly, the caterpie stuck its tongue out, flicking it across her chest.
'eep! get it away!
'misty!' scolded ash.
the girl shook her head, 'i don't care! bugs are creepy!'
'well we're not leaving yet,' he said putting down his backpack, 'i still have to catch a weedle.'
he looked at his pokemon, 'what is it pikachu?'
a siren blared as officer jenny tore down the dirt path on her motorbike, 'halt!'
'how can you even drive that thing in the forest??' stuttered ash.
the woman recklessly screeched to a halt, 'don't you dare change the subject!'
ash blinked, 'what subject?'
'i heard a scream,' jenny grabbed his arm, 'you're obviously harassing this young woman.'
misty looked around, 'who? you mean m-'
'no need to thank me!' interrupted jenny, as she cheerfully handcuffed ash.
the bike took off, 'misty! save me!' yelled ash as he was carried away.

'great, now i have to bail him out of jail again,' groaned misty.
pikachu blushed as he stared up the girl's small shirt.
suddenly, misty felt something hugging her ankle.
'Eeeeek! get away!!'
panicking, misty ran as fast as she could through the trees.
glancing behind her, she saw caterpie following.
the girl ran smack into a tree.
dazed, she stumbled to the ground as a shower of bark and leaves fell on her head.
'aagh! no more!'
misty peeked between her fingers, 'pikachu, i-is that you?'
the yellow pokemon jumped into the girl's arms, blushing as she squeezed him against her breasts.
he was in bliss.
a moment later, misty felt something odd pushing against her belly.
'eep! p-pikachu!'
she shoved him off.
the blushing pokemon sniffed the air as he stared between her legs.
'woah!' misty backed up against the tree, 'just... calm down, pikachu.'
suddenly, something sticky covered her wrists.
caterpie winked at pikachu as the girl tried to pull her hands free.
there was another string shot. thick webbing had glued her feet to the ground.
misty struggled helplessly as pikachu sniffed at her shorts.
caterpie hopped onto her shoulder and began crawling down the girl's shirt.
'aaagh! get off!!'
she felt its small suction cups prickling down between her breasts.
caterpie poked its head out under her shirt.
pikachu was struggling with her zipper.
jumping down, the caterpillar crawled up her thigh.
'd-don't... you... dare...'
the pokemon slipped under the leg of her shorts.
misty gasped as she felt it squeeze into her underpants.
tiny suction cups prickled over her pussy as caterpie explored.
meanwhile, pikachu hopped onto her stomach and lifted her shirt.
he had always wanted to play with these.
suddenly, the girl felt a long tongue writhing over her crevice.
she squirmed as it slid into her pussy.
small paws gripped her breast as the yellow pokemon flicked his tongue across one of her nipples.
caterpie's tongue pushed deeper, making misty's legs shiver from the feeling.
she had no idea such a small pokemon could have something so big!
pikachu hungrily suckled the girl as she bucked her hips. she could feel pikachu swirling around her stiff nipple.
she felt hot. it wouldn't be long now.
then the long tongue vanished.
'w-why did you stop??' she panted.
she felt caterpie wiggle around, then start nibbling on her underpants.
little by little, the fabric was being eaten away.
'hurry up,' pleaded misty, the slow pace was torture.
before she realized it, her shorts were rubbing against bare skin.
pikachu started pinching her nipples with his tiny paws.
'you're not really helping... pikachu...' she panted.
crawling out, caterpie bit down on the denim and quickly nibbled across.
the girl shuddered as cool air tickled her pubic hairs.
pikachu jumped down and sniffed the opening between her legs.
before misty could blink the pokemon buried his cock inside her.
'aaahhh!' she gasped, 'p-pikachu! s-slow d-down!'
but the pumping only sped up.
misty lost track of the hours as pikachu fucked her senseless.

in the dim light, the girl collapsed.
her hips quivered as she ran her tongue over pikachu's balls.
caterpie's old string-shots hung in thin dry strands, but that didn't stop her.
hot juices trickled down her pussy as she closed her lips around pikachu's shaft.
there was a sliding sound as caterpie dragged ash's backpack over to her.
releasing her exhausted friend, she opened it.
misty grinned as she looked at all the pokeballs.
'ash can wait a little longer.'