Lupe Alliance

F/F  Lupe/Sally
Somewhere within the canyons of the great unknown, a howl broke out.
It echoed through the caves of no return.
Sitting around the incense of the meeting room, a couple of wolf pack freedom fighters grinned. They knew this sound.
Lupe collapsed on her sleeping mat as the orgasm subsided.
Licking her lips, her thoughts were filled with the curves of that beautiful woman.
"Sally" she panted.

Back at knothole, a carrier pigeon-bot arrived at Sally's window. Sally pulled her chair back from the table. But before she even finished standing, Sonic raced over to the window and grabbed the letter the bot was carrying.
"Borrring!" He complained.
"Then it's probably not for you", said Sally, who sat back down, "and probably something important."
"Hey, my fan mail's important too," said Sonic as he basketball-tossed the note onto the table.
Sally caught it as it bounced and uncrumpled it.
"Sonic, this is the alliance treaty I sent to  the northern freedom fighters," she groaned, "well, at least I can still make out Arnie's signature."
The hedgehog shrugged, "what's the deal with all these papers, Sal? We're already on the same side."
"We all have to be on the same page, Sonic," said Sally as she carefully folded the document.
"Same... Page? What, do we need a book to fight Robuttnik or something?"
Sally grinned and shook her head, "working together can mean different things to different people."
She pulled out her portable computer, "Nicole, did my letter reach the wolf pack yet?"
The princess waited. 
"No response from carrier-bot, Sally." Reported the computer.
"Huh? Why not?"
Sonic yawned, "probably got lost in all those caves."
'records indicate the carrier's last known position was quadrant 3-4 of the great unknown."
"I was afraid of that," Sally sighed and grabbed her backpack.
"Afraid of what? Hey, where are you going?"
The hedgehog followed the princess outside.
"There's always a freak storm in that area," she explained, "so a letter has no chance of getting through, unless..."
"Unless what?"
Sally whistled for Dulcy, "I have to visit Lupe."

An alarm buzzed, breaking Lupe's meditation.
"There's someone in the canyon!"
One of the wolves grabbed a spear.
"Hold, Dorgo!" The wolf woman stood, "observation comes before action," she turned her attention to a different wolf, "You... Go scout the entrances."
Dorgo put down his spear, "I see that your heat has not clouded your judgment."
Lupe took a deep breath, "Perhaps the meditation is working after all."

But when Sally walked into the meeting room, a familiar tingling immediately erupted between Lupe's thighs.
"The Wolf Pack welcomes you, S-Sally Acorn."
"Thank you," replied the Acorn princess as she sat cross-legged on the other side of the fire pit.
"My messages haven't been getting through," she explained.
The wolf woman nodded, "Nothing crosses Storm Valley. But we have other ways of sending messages."
Sally passed a document to Dorgo, who passed it around to Lupe.
"Y-You wish to form an... alliance with me?"
The princess nodded, "We share the same needs... and a common threat."
"I-Indeed..." The woman was grateful her visitor could not see the small wet spot forming on her leotard, "But... are you sure about this proposal, Princess?  An alliance-"
"-makes perfect sense," concluded Sally.
For a moment, Lupe looked deep into the princess's eyes. Then she smiled, "yes... yes, it makes sense to me as well."
"That's great!" Sally reached for the pen in her vest.
"However!" added Lupe, "I must consult with The Pack first."
Dorgo stood, "This way, princess."

A moment later he returned, "This seems strange to me."
Another wolf spoke up, "Don't the customs of her royal family require alliances to be formed though... marriage?"
"Indeed they do," agreed Lupe, trying to ignore the obvious dampness between her legs.
The wolf next to Lupe spoke up, "Have you truly thought this through?  Your heat might be influencing your thoughts."
"I-I have it... under control, Sanji." Panted Lupe.
Dorgo sat by Lupe, "Perhaps that freedom fighter does not realize what she is asking."
"She knows... She must," replied Lupe, "After all, she is the princess of the Acorn family. She knows her own customs better than anybody."
"Then this is cause for celebration," said Sanji, "The Princess herself has proposed to you, Lupe!"
Dorgo grumbled, "After only meeting you twice."
"And I accept," Lupe stood.

When Princess Sally returned, she was surprised to see Lupe wearing a headdress of flowers.
"I hereby accept the proposal. Let us prepare for the ceremony."
A similar headdress was placed on Sally's head.
"Um, a whole ceremony?" She asked, "I had no plans to impose on your hospitality."
"I would be honored to have you, princess," the wolf woman placed a hand on Sally's shoulder, "The Wolf Pack has long honored the traditions of the Acorn kingdom."
"Then I'm grateful," Sally couldn't help smiling. These people actually treated her as a princess.
Lupe led the hapless woman down a corridor.

The Wolf Pack cheered as she followed the other woman. There was a small table at the end of the path.
"Ah, that must be the treaty agreement," mumbled Sally.
The princess confidently leaned over the desk, "Okay, where do I sign?"
Lupe placed a warm hand upon hers, "These are the sacred writings of my people. Our ancestors bear witness to every union."
"Oh." Sally quickly stood up.
Lupe still held her hand, "From today forward, the Knothole freedom fighters and the Wolf Pack are one. Our land is your home. Your land is my home."
The wolf woman picked up Sally's other hand, "From today forward, we are one. You are mine..."
A pause.
Sally spoke up, "a-and you are mine."
Then without warning, Sally suddenly felt Lupe's lips pressed against her mouth.
The kiss took her completely by surprise.
The squirrel stared blankly as the wolf woman raised their hands to the ceiling.
The crowd cheered as the two women left through a curtained passageway.

Sally was led to a secluded room with a soft sleeping mat.
Lupe winked at her, "Wait here, dear Sally."
The princess watched the wolf woman strut out of the room.
Sally sighed, "Well that was.. nice," but something was bothering her.
She pulled out her computer, "Nicole, tell me about Wolf Pack alliance rituals."
"Insufficient data, Sally. All known historical artifacts about the Wolf Pack were destroyed by Robotnik."
The princess thought a moment, "Hmm... Lupe had mentioned Acorn traditions."
She looked at the computer, "Nicole, did my father's kingdom celebrate alliances?"
A few beeps later... "Royal Acorn tradition followed the standard model where alliances were always forged through a marriage between the heirs of two kingdoms."
"M-Marriage?" She gasped.
"Affirmative, Sally."
The princess blinked in disbelief. Now it all made sense:
The headdresses... The sacred writings... The vow she just made... A vow she could not break.
She closed her eyes.
A vow she MUST not break. The Freedom Fighters were depending on her.
"Nobody said being a Princess was easy," she mumbled.

"What was that, hun?"
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Lupe.
Sally suddenly felt the headdress lifted off her head.
The princess stood and blinked at Lupe in disbelief, the woman she had just married.
Lupe looked deep into her eyes with a tender warm smile.
Sally nervously returned her smile.
There was no going back now.
The wolf woman ran her fingers over her shoulders, sliding her vest off. She heard the fabric fall to the floor.
Sally looked at the hunger in Lupe's eyes. She knew what came next... What had to be done.

The princess swallowed hard as her numb fingers grasped the leotard. The ties came loose. It fell away.
For a moment, the two women stood breast to breast.
Their nipples touched.
Warm arms surrounded Sally.
Dragged down to the floor, the princess was engulfed in the woman's heat.
Every inch of her was eagerly explored. Caressed. Cherished. Tasted.
Sally blushed. Warm juices leaked between her thighs. Her nipples stood stiff in the warm air. Curious thoughts grew in her mind. Curiosity led to experimentation. Experimentation led to frantic moaning. The sounds filled her with a strange joy. Her wife was in bliss... because of her.

The night was long.
The honeymoon was intense.
Sally's thoughts were blank from shock.
She acted now on pure instinct, and so did Lupe.
The princess buried her muzzle between the woman's thighs. Warm cum splattered Sally's tongue.
The wolf attacked her breasts. Drank them dry. Smothered her body against Sally. Their pussies kissed until they drooled.
The princess squirmed playfully as Lupe pinned her down.
Followed by a long kiss that made her body feel hot.

The next morning, the ragged princess set out for Knothole.
Her equally ragged bride happily walked beside her.
They would be sharing a hut from now on, and Lupe was looking forward to it.
But how would Sally explain all of the howling?