Bunny Intelligence

The breeze shifted the leaves high above as another blue fruit fell to the ground.
It just missed the horny teenage girl slumped over the large log.
The rabbits turned away from the exhausted girl and started nibbling on the strange fruit.
Glancing at her, one nodded to the others and peered out across the trees.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, Amy skipped through the grass on her way home from school. Stopping for a moment she kneeled forward, resting her hands on her skirt. The girl glanced at the nearby woods.
"What the heck, I'll take a shortcut."
Her mother always told her to stay out of the woods, but this part looked safe.

A short while later, Amy heaved herself up a dirt hill and peered through the thick trees all around her.
"What good is a shortcut if you have to climb all over it?" She panted.
There was a rustling behind her.
The girl blinked and twirled around.
Something fuzzy and white peered up at her from the bottom of the hill.
The rabbit lifted its paw up at her, cutely.
"Aww! Whadda cute widdle bunny!!" Squealed Amy, kneeling down.
The animal peered up the girl's skirt and licked its lips.
After a moment, it hopped around the hill and headed down towards an old riverbed.
"Bye bunny!" She waved.

Amy shuffled through old branches as she looked for the other side of the forest.
"I thought my house was closer than this," she stopped, "Huh? What's that noise?"
She could just barely make out a strange moaning in the distance.
Just then, a twig snapped and a familiar pair of white ears poked up from behind a log.
She ran over, "hiya bunny. You probably don't know where my house is, do you?"
The creature leaned forward, glancing up the girl's thighs, then turned to look left.
Hopping away, it stopped and looked back at her.
Amy shrugged, "sure, that way is just as good as any other I guess."
After following the rabbit for a few minutes, she spotted a familiar road just through the trees.
"Hey, I know where this is! My house is just- oop!"
The girl nearly tripped on her laces.
The bunny hopped next to Amy while she tied her shoes.
Turning to the other shoe, she was surprised to see the bunny already pulling the knot tight.
"Woah, you can tie shoes??  You're really smart for a bunny."

Climbing over the fence, Amy landed in her back yard.
She peered at the distant sun setting behind the hills.
"It's getting late, I hope mom won't be mad." She yawned.
The fence gate creaked behind her.
Amy was surprised to see the bunny peeking into the yard.
Hopping up to her, it lifted its paw cutely.
"Aww!  You followed me home?" Cooed Amy, squatting down.
The rabbit sniffed at her thigh as she scratched its head.
"Hee hee. That tickles!"
The girl yawned as it nuzzled between her legs.
"Ooh! T-that tickles too." She giggled.
Amy blushed as it began nibbling at the fabric.
"Amy where are you!"
She jumped up, "Coming mom!"

Slipping in through the back, the girl glanced around the kitchen before holding the door open for the bunny.
Hugging the animal against her chest, she quietly carried down the hall.
No sooner had the stumbled into her room, Amy heard her mother's footsteps in the hallway.
She quickly placed the bunny in the closet. "Shh!" She hissed and closed the door.
"There you are! Do you know what time it is?"
Amy tensed up and slowly turned around, "um, 9 o'clock?"
"You were supposed to be in bed an hour ago.  Now get into your pajamas already."
The girl sighed with relief as the woman closed the door.
Just then, she heard the closet slide open.
The rabbit hopped out, dragging a small nightie in its mouth.
"Wow, you even knew it was bedtime?" Marveled Amy.
She stripped off her clothes and pulled the tiny gown over herself.  It barely reached down to her hips.
"I haven't worn this one in years.  Maybe I should-"
"Lights out, Amy!"  Called her mother.
Shrugging, she climbed into her bed.

Late that night, Amy snored next to the bunny.
There was a scratching sound outside.
The animal blinked and looked up at the window.
Familiar shadows poked up from behind the moonlit curtain.
Hopping over the girl, the rabbit bit the drapes and pulled them open.
Three more bunnies stared back.
Nodding to them, the rabbit took hold of the blanket in its mouth.
Hopping backwards, it slowly pulled back to reveal the sleeping girl.
Scratching her large chest, Amy rolled away from the moonlight.
The other bunnies leaned up against the window as they stared at her ass peeking under her short nightie.
The rabbit hopped behind her and sniffed at her thighs.

Amy woke up late the next day.
She groaned and rubbed her eyes in the bright noon sunlight.
Sitting up, the girl looked around her room.
"Did the bunny leave?" She wondered.
She stretched and lazily grabbed some panties lying on the floor.
Pulling them on, Amy barely noticed the sticky white goo between her legs.

Sitting at the kitchen table, she crunched on her cereal and wondered if any saturday morning cartoons were still on.
"Those are way too small for you," said her mother, "why didn't you wear your pajamas?"
The girl shrugged, lazily, "it's hot outside."
Just then, she saw something white moving from the corner of her eye.
Glancing out the window, she saw the bunny staring back at her from the back yard.
Her mother stood up, "wait, you're not going out like that, are you?"
"It's just the yard," mumbled Amy.
"Fine. I have to go pick some things up at the store. Just don't go wandering around the woods again."

Amy ran outside as the bunny sniffed at something in the bushes.
"Hiya little bunny!"
The bunny stood up and lifted its paw.
"Aww! You're so cuute!" She kneeled down and ran a finger over its head.
For a moment, the girl sat there with her knees apart, but the bunny didn't nuzzle her.
Instead, the bunny hopped over to the bush and burrowed underneath.
"W-wait, you're leaving already??" Amy got on her knees and crawled to the bush.
Sweat dripped from her face as she peeked underneath.
Suddenly the rabbit jumped out again.
"Huh?  What have you got in your mouth?"
The animal pulled back, dragging a leotard out from under the branches.
Amy picked up the playboy outfit, "Woah, where did you get THIS?"
A beret tumbled out from the shrub. "Hey, it has bunny ears too!"
The girl glanced at the rabbit's ears, then picked up the head band.
"I have an idea," she glanced back at the house, "Let's pretend I'm a bunny."
Snatching up the skimpy outfit, Amy ran inside to change.

A moment later, she slowly stepped back outside.
The girl grunted as the small outfit stretched against her large boobs.
"I don't... Urk, t-think this fits, bun-bun."
She continued walking on tip-toes as the tight leotard slid up between her crotch.
One of the arm-straps began slipping inward, and then suddenly her left breast popped out from behind it.
She looked down, "Hey, it's looser now!"
Lifting her right shoulder, her other breast popped out too.
The girl shrugged her shoulders as the smooth material rubbed between her chest.
"Hee hee! This feel kind of... n-neat."
The girl blushed as she looked around the yard.
"Huh? Bunny, where did you go?"
She ran toward the bush but stopped halfway to grasp her knees.
The soft leotard still rubbed between her legs with every step she took.
She shivered from the sensation as she slowly climbed down on her knees to peek under the leaves.
Suddenly, Amy felt something tugging at her.
Glancing back, the bunny sat there, pulling at her groin.
The girl arched her back as the fabric pulled tighter across her pussy.
Letting go, the thong snapped back, making the girl squeak in surprise.
For a moment, she sat there, panting.
Then she grinned at the bunny and began hopping across the yard.
She paused between each hop, enjoying the feeling as the bunny-suit slowly slid back over her.
Meanwhile, the bunny followed behind her, watching as dampness began dripping from the fabric.
Eventually the feeling became too intense and Amy collapsed forward into the lawn.
Cool grass tickled her nipples.
"T-This bunny costume sure feels... nice," she panted.
The rabbit sniffed at her dripping groin as its hard pink shaft began to emerge.
The girl squirmed. She could feel the fabric being pulled aside.
And then...
The girl suddenly sat up, "M-Mom!"
The rabbit was nowhere to be seen.
The woman marched across the lawn, "What are you doi- WHERE did you get that outfit!?"
"Oh this, it's just um..." She covered her breasts, "an old halloween costume. I was pretending to be a bunny."
"Take it off!!"

Amy opened the window in her bedroom.
"Ah, now I can breathe."
Even in the evening, it was hot outside.
She twirled in her old nightie. It was the lightest outfit she could find.
There was a scratching at the window.
She looked back to see the rabbit land on her bed.
"Hey, you're back!"
Hopping to the floor, it lifted its paw at her.
"Aww! You wanna play with me again?"
Squatting down, the girl spread her knees and waited.
For a moment, the bunny simply stared.
"Hey, what's that thing?" Amy pointed at the pink shaft between its legs.
The bunny leaned forward and tugged at her panties.
The girl blushed as they slipped off.
Sitting back, she began pulling them down, but before they even reached her knees she felt the bunny nuzzling between her thighs.
Amy squirmed as the rabbit's tongue tickled her pussy.
After five minutes, hot juices drooled onto the carpet.
She sat there panting.
Just then, there were footsteps in the hallway.
Amy glanced up just as the bunny jumped out the window.

Late that night, the girl turned in her sleep as naughty dreams entertained her.
Meanwhile, five bunnies peeked in through the window.
The bed shook slightly as one of them hopped inside.
The others watched as it pulled the blanket off the girl.
Amy hadn't bothered to put her underpants back on.
Sniffing at the damp sheets, the rabbit nodded to the others.
Jumping inside, they all lined up in front of her pussy.
She mumbled in her sleep as soft paws pressed down on her belly.
Then the bed started shaking.
The girl blushed as her dreams started getting more raunchy.
An hour passed... then two hours, while each bunny took turns fucking her, one by one.

Amy woke up early that morning with an intense tingling between her legs.
Pulling down her crumpled nightie, the girl sat up and yawned.
Slowly, she rolled out of bed and fell to the floor with a thud.
"Oof!  Why do I feel so weird down he-"
she noticed the underpants on the floor.
Pulling them on, her knees shivered as the fabric cupped her damp pussy.
She rubbed her eyes and stumbled her way to the kitchen.
The girl glanced at the yard.
To her surprise, a dozen bunnies sat there staring back.
But just as she stepped outside, they all ran into the forest.
"W-Wait!" panted Amy, chasing after them.

She followed them over the hill.
She followed them through an old riverbed.
Finally, she stopped at a small clearing with dozens of rabbits.
One was nibbling on a weird blue fruit she had never seen before.
The bunny stopped and then lifted its paw at her.
Without thinking, the girl immediately squatted down with her knees apart.
For a moment, Amy watched as the creature sniffed at her.
Then she suddenly felt ropes tightening around her wrists.
Her arms were pulled back behind her.
Looking back, two bunnies nibbled at a complex knot.
"Wow," Amy blinked in amazement, "How did you even do that?"
"It's the fruit, silly."
The voice startled her.
An older girl hopped over a large log. She was wearing a skimpy leotard just like the one Amy found yesterday.
"Who are you?"
The teen crawled up to her, "I'm a bunny."
Amy giggled, "Hee hee! No you're not. You're just wearing a bunny suit."
The bunny-girl affectionately licked one the rabbits on the head, "Well I live with them."
"You do??" Amy squirmed against the ropes, "why?"
"So they'll play with me," and with that, the bunny-girl pulled aside her leotard.
A thick wad of cum spilled out, slowly dripping from the teen's pussy.
"W-What is THAT!?"
"You'll find out," the teen coo'ed as she nuzzled Amy's cheek.

Just then, Amy heard loud tearing as a large rabbit bit down and ripped at the skirt of her nightie.
"W-What are you-?  Woah!"
Other bunnies joined in, yanking off the nightie's straps, pulling her panties down, nibbling her blouse.
The girl tumbled backwards as her breasts spilled out from her shredded gown.
Struggling against the ropes, she looked up to see one of the rabbits standing over her.
"Oh, h-hello there."
Staring down at her, the large animal lifted it's paw.
The teen chuckled, "It looks like they've trained you well."
Amy hadn't realized she was already spreading her knees apart.
"Huh? What do you-"
Suddenly, soft fur tickled her thighs as a rabbit jumped between them.
The girl squeaked in surprise.
Meanwhile, the large bunny pushed forward.
She felt her pussy spreading as something very large slid inside.
The creature slowly sank deeper and deeper while Amy squirmed underneath.
Finally, its balls brushed against her damp crotch.
She squeezed her legs together and it throbbed inside her.
The rabbit pulled back with a slippery sound and humped her again.
... And again.
Her head rolled side to side as the wild animal fucked her silly.
Meanwhile, the older teen licked her lips.
She relished the sight of the small girl kicking the air helplessly.
"Big brother really likes you."
"Brother?? T-That's crazy," Amy hugged the bunny tightly, "He can't be your *pant* your brother. You're a... human. Ooh!"
"Don't be silly. Humans don't fuck bunnies." Insisted the bunny-girl.
She groped her breasts, offering them to a rabbit, "But we do."
"Are you calling me a bun- Uuaaggh! B-Bunny!?"  Amy moaned.
The bunny was definitely fucking HER.
Then its hot cum started squirting out of her.
Another creamy load gushed out.
The girl trembled as her vulva was pumped to overflowing.
Finally, she collapsed in a daze.
The bunny slowly withdrew from her twitching legs while the others lined up to take their turns with her.
Amy deliriously licked the air as another dick started pounding into her.
Then she tasted something salty.
Head swimming, she blinked at the white fur tickling her nose.
Something warm throbbed as it slid over her tongue.
"Mmm..." She moaned and suckled the shaft.
Hot cream drenched her mouth.

Amy slowly woke up surrounded by a sticky mess.
For a moment, she stared up at the blurry leaves high above.
She could barely remember the last few hours.
A shadow blocked her vision as the teen kissed her on the lips, "Have some food, sister."
The girl blinked at the strange blue fruit being pressed into her mouth.
Her pussy tingled happily.
She smiled and gobbled it down, not noticing the leash dangling from her collar.
Sitting up, she moaned as her new bunny-suit pulled tight between her legs.
Then the bushes rustled and a white rabbit hopped forward, followed by a new girl.
"Hey bun-bun, where are you- woah!"
The younger girl stumbled over the log.
Catching her footing, she brushed off her nightie and stared down at the animal.
Lifting its paw, Amy watched as the new girl reflexively squatted down.
The bunny immediately began nibbling at her panties.
"Ooh... That feels... Aah..."
Finally, she opened her eyes and blushed as she noticed the other two girls sitting there.
"Huh?  Who are you??"
"Hi I'm Amy," she said, kissing her teen friend, "I live here."
Leaning back on her hands, the new girl sat and blinked at her in confusion, "But, you're not a bunny."
She didn't notice the other bunnies looping the rope around her wrists.
"Sure we are," grinned Amy, "and so are you."