That morning Sarah noticed her dog acting kind of funny.
Duke, what are you doing you silly dog?
But her canine was not jumping up at the fence like usual. Instead, he remained by his doghouse.
The teen kneeled down next to him.
What's wrong boy?
The dog was curled up, licking himself.
Giving yourself a bath, huh??
But then Sarah realized what he was licking.
Uh oh... Are you in heat, boy?
The teen had no idea how any of this worked. All she knew was that his member looked painfully stiff and it was only a matter of time before he'd try to fuck her... Or so she had heard.
She stood up, determined.
Not unless I find someone else first.

You like dogs, right?
Girls shrieked as Sarah barged into the orphanage bedroom and began groping them.
Too small...
Too flat...
The rest crowded into the corner. There was nowhere to run.
The determined teen stuffed her fingers down each of their underpants.
Come on, at least one of you must be in heat.
Seizing the distraction, the rest of the girls fled out of the room.
As Sarah turned around, a short girl was shoved into the room.
You guys are silly! Why are you all Eek-ing?
She blinked up at the teen who was looking her up and down.

How about you? Are you in heat?
Wow, it looks like you have quite a lot under there.
Huh? The puzzled girl lifted up her shirt. There's nothing under here but these thingies.
Sarah experimentally poked at the girl's nipple.
Eee hee hee! That tickles!
The teen nodded. Yes, you'll do.

As they drove home, Sarah gasped.
Oh my gosh. I completely forgot to introduce myself.
I'm Sarah, your new mom.
My name's Mary, giggled the girl.

As the car door opened, Mary playfully tumbled out, rolling on the ground.
Seeing Sarah, Duke happily jumped up behind her to say hello.
The teen froze as she glanced down at his hind legs.
Oh uh, g-good boy Duke. Down boy.
The pooch sat down, wagging his tail.
Um, wait here for awhile.
Carefully, Sarah clipped the leash to his collar, then ran indoors.

Here, I got these pajamas just for you.
Mary tried to squeeze them down over her chest.
They don't fit.
Oh, that's okay. You can just... Sleep without them.
Like a grown-up?
Sarah blinked at the giggling girl.
Er, yeah... Exactly!

Now let me just tuck you in.
The teen tucked the thin sheet up underneath Mary's large breasts.
T-that tickles. Giggled the girl.
Hold still, I haven't finished tucking you in yet.
She then ran her hands all the way down the girl's body, pressing the fabric against her until Mary's figure was clearly visible.
The girl blushed at her touching and sighed happily.
Do you like this?
It feels good.
How about this?
Sarah cupped her warm hands over Mary's nipples.
She squeezed.
Oh my, you're so sensitive.
It feels good. Mumbled the girl.
And this?
She "tucked" the sheet between Mary's thighs.
Pressing up, she felt a warm dampness on her fingers.
This girl was perfect.

The next day, Mary opened her dresser to find it empty.
What's wrong?
I can't find my underwear.
Oh, big girls like you don't need those, so i threw them out.
Huh? But then... What do I wear?
Her mother handed her a thin piece of fabric.
This is your training bra.
Oh... Mary glanced down at her breasts.
Um, nothing else?
And your training underpants.
The girl grasped the thin velvetly cloth, looking even more puzzled.
What's the training for?
Why, puberty of course.
What's puberty?
It just means you feel like fucking.
Huh? What is-
try them on and see if they fit. Interrupted Sarah as she wrapped the fabric around the girl's chest.
The string bikini strained to hold the large breasts as she struggled clasp to it behind Mary's back.
Wow, it fits you so well!
The girl tugged at the left string barely covering her nipple.
And now the pants.
Mary squeaked in surprise as the thong was pulled up snugly between her legs.
How does it feel?
Um, g-good. Panted the girl.
Her mother nodded in approval.
Now let's get you dressed.

Her daughter grunted with each step as she walked to her closet.
By then, the thong had already buried itself deep between the girl's pussy lips.
How about that little dress on the floor? Suggested Sarah.
Reaching down, Mary gasped as the velvety thong slowly flossed over her clitoris.
Why, whatever is the matter, dear?
It feels... Funny.
Oh that's just puberty. You'll get used to it eventually.

But try as she might, Mary couldn't get used to it.
She gasped as she slowly lowerd herself into the chair for breakfast.
She squirmed on the carpet as she watched tv.
After watching the girl for the past hour, her mother decided it was time and opened the back door.
It's a beautiful day. Why don't you go outside and play?
Her daughter squeaked with each step as she walked outside.
Wagging his tail, the dog was happy to see her.
Mary giggled in delight and started chasing him around the yard.
But Duke easily outran her. She slowed to a crawl as the "training pants" dug into her. After all that running, she could barely stand.
Finally, the poor girl just couldn't take it anymore.
She stopped and grabbed her knees, gasping for breath.
But this last motion pulled the soft fabric tight between her thighs.
She let out a loud moan and fell, squirming in the grass.

Sarah watched from the safety of the window, as her daughter curled up and started having her first orgasm.
Good. Now Duke will fuck HER and not me.
She folded her arms and waited.
I wonder how long dogs stay in heat? A few days? A week? ... A month or two?
She watched the dog approaching the panting girl.
I guess we'll see.
(I may have to keep her around awhile longer before I send her back)

Duke woofed and happily padded up behind Mary.
After she was sure the feeling was gone Mary tried to stand up, but when she did the panties pulled tight again.
... And the feeling was back again.
Ooh... I'm having a LOT of puberty today,
she gasped.
The girl tightly crossed her shivering legs.
The dog sniffed curiously at the dampness trickling down the girl's thighs.
Sudenly, she felt a warm lick running up her leg.
Mary panted and arched her back.
Another lick caressed her pussy lips.
Ah! Ooooh... D-do it again, Duke!
But the large dog got bored of this and scampered across the yard.
Wait! Aaaww, no fair! Come back!

Sarah snapped her fingers.
Darn! So close.
The teen shut the blinds.

A few minutes later, her daughter stumbled into the house, puzzled and very horny.
Mom, why won't Duke play with me? She panted.
Huh? Why, whatever is the matter? Smiled the teen.
Mary lifted up her skirt.
When he licks me, my puberty feels really good, but then he just stops.
Oh I see the problem. He doesn't know what you want.
The girl rubbed her knees together.
But... So, how do I-?

Get down on the floor.
If you want a dog to do something, you have to ask for it the way a dog does.
Oh, I get it!
Mary playfully crawled around the kitchen table on all-fours.
Arf arf!
Her mother nodded approvingly.
Good girl.
Woof woof! Yap yap!
... Yap?
You're just barking... Is that what you want him to do?
The girl sat and thought a moment.
So, if i want him to lick me, then...
Lick him... Her mother suggested.
Her eyes lit up.
Oh! That makes so much sense!

That night, Mary lay awake in bed.
Under the sheets, she slid her feet apart, together, and apart again.
Each time, her training pants pulled and tugged at her clitoris.
It felt so good. But after awhile she stopped. Her legs were getting tired.
The girl lay there, panting for a few minutes.
But she couldn't sleep. Whenever she stopped, the burning in her pussy became unbearable.
The floorboards creaked as Mary stumbled down the hall.
The last few hours left her legs feeling like jelly.
Finally, she sank to the floor and started crawling to the back door.
The girl peeked outside.
In the dim light, she could just barely make out Duke resting in his doghouse.
She clambored over to him, and wiggled her back, pretending to wag her tail.
The dog lifted his head.
Woof woof... Duke, I gotta ask you something.
Climbing over to him, she leaned forward and licked him on his nose.
The puzzled dog tilted his head for a moment.
Mary giggled as a warm lick flicked across her cheek.
Her giggling turned into a deep panting.
She couldn't wait any longer.
The girl eagerly turned around and lifted her rear.
And then... Nothing happened.
She peeked back at Duke, who simply looked back.
L-lick me, Duke! She pleaded.
The dog stood up and tilted his head.
She sighed.
You don't understand what I'm saying.
Mary turned and crawled up to him, licking him on the face.
The confused dog, licked her back.
Okay so...
She leaned down and looked under him.
Where should I...?
In the dim light, she saw something. But she wasn't sure what.
Crawling under him, the girl reached forward and suddenly felt something warm.
It was the right place, so...
Mary stuck out her tongue.
It had a strange salty taste.
She licked again.
Duke's tail thumped back and forth against the doghouse.
The stiff object seemed to get longer and pushed against her cheek.
The girl licked again and again.
Finally the dog whimpered and moved past her.
Outside, Mary crawled after him, eyeing the strange shape dangling between his legs.
She moaned. The thong was sliding through her pussy lips.
The girl arched her back and her face fell into the grass.
Duke padded up and sniffed at her twitching thighs.
Mary lay there panting, trying to catch her breath.

Suddenly, she felt two heavy paws on her back, pressing her shoulders down against the ground.
Huh? Hey Duke, what are you- GASP!
The feeling was undescribable.
Hot flesh pushed her thin panties aside, and something stiff sank into her burning pussy lips.

Mary didn't care what it was. It felt amazing.
She smiled in bliss as the dog pushed deep into her.
The girl panted when his large bulge pushed hard against her clit.

She moaned in joy when he quickly began sliding in and out of her, pumping her pussy like a jackhammer.
No matter how she squirmed, her hips were pinned to the ground under the weight of the large dog.
And her drooling pussy couldn't move as his hard shaft fucked her relentlessly.
She spasmed and squirted, but the dog continued breeding her.

Finally, Duke withdrew and the girl collapsed in a happy heap.
Hot juices tickled her pussy lips and she loved it.

A few days later, Sarah found her daughter in her room, humping her own bedpost.
The girl barely noticed her mother watching her... Or didn't care.
Oh, you silly girl.
But it feels so *pant* good...
The teen grinned.
It looks like you're in heat again.
Mary nodded enthusiastiaclly and continued humping.
You know what that means, right?
The girl slid to the floor, panting heavily and peered up at Sarah.
I wanna fuck!
If you insist.

Sarah clipped a leash to Mary's new collar, and took her outside for her "walk."
The girl panted as she crawled out the back door.

As she crawled, her thong continued to tug and pull across her clitoris, making the girl arch her back and squirm.
Sarah tugged forward on her leash and Mary stumbled akwardly into the back yard.
Duke was curled up by his doghouse, licking his own balls.
Ooh! I'll help!
The girl immediately dove forward and glomped his dick, slathering her tongue up and down the shaft.
Wow, you sure are horny today, aren't you?
Meanwhile, the dog was struggling to move. But Mary held him tight and nibbled at his tip.
Silly girl. You're supposed to turn around, remember?
The girl nodded and turned, resting her head on the dirt.

Sarah circled around her daughter, taking in the view of her dripping pussy.
The teen casually reached down and tugged at the girl's thong.
Mary moaned and arched her back upward.
That's a good girl... Okay Duke, you know what to do.

The girl panted happily as the large dog mounted her.
She loved the way his thick cock squeezed hard against the inside of her pussy.
Mary's tongue hung out as he pushed into her.
She could feel every vein and ripple, every inch sliding into her.
Her nipples stiffened in the warm summer air.
The dog's knot struggled at her enterence.
She wiggled her hips as her pussy-juices trickled down her bare legs.
Big girls like her didn't need dresses and shorts, so her mother threw them out.
She was training for puberty now... And she loved it. She loved the way her pussy tingled all the time. She loved the way Sarah massaged her breasts each night. She loved the way Duke fucked her silly. She loved everything.
Duke nibbled at the girl's collar.
Sarah patted her horny daughter's head.
Thinking a moment, she clipped Mary's leash to the doghouse.
She's all yours, Duke.

Finally Mary collapsed, in blissful exhaustion. She rolled onto her back and weakly smiled up at the dog.
I love you, Duke.
Sarah nodded and walked into the house, closing the door behind her.
I guess I won't need to worry about Duke now. I wonder how long dogs stay in heat, anyway?

But Duke never went out of heat. Every morning Mary would crawl into his doghouse and the large dog would fuck her until she was half delirious.

She would then stumble back into the house, dripping a gallon of jizz across the kitchen floor.
Her mother grabbed the mop.
Maybe I trained her a little too well?
She wondered, as she watched her daughter run back outside with a bowl to play "farmer"
Mary crawled under the dog and starting milking his cum into the bowl.
The girl was insatiable.

Sarah watched the horny girl for awhile.
"Poor Duke" she sighed, and opened the door.
"Um, Mary... Why don't you give him a break? You've been, er... Playing all day."
But the the girl shook her head, "Nuh uh" and dipped her tongue into the bowl.
Her mother nervously stepped over and yanked the slimy dish away from her.
"Come inside and get some breakfast, hun"
Mary stood up and stamped her feet, "Aaw! But I want more "milk!"
Dripping with arousal.
Still dripping, the girl rubbed her knees together and fingered herself.
"... And more puberty..." She panted.
Even at the breakfast table, her daughter squirmed in her seat impatiently as her juices dripped down off the seat.

Remedy via sex-toys.
Mother buys her all the sex-toys she wants. Trying to appease the girl's addiction.
Sneak out at night.
Dog whines as Mary grabs him, licks him relentlessly, teases him to until he's painfully hard, forces him inside her.
Dog has learned how to make her cum hard, to get it over with quicker.
Then she sneaks back to her room. Now she can finally sleep.
Sometimes she doesn't bother coming in, and just sleeps outside with him.
I wanna stay out here.
Can i be Duke's pet?
Mother relents and lets her pretend to be a dog all the time.