Custom Sex-Ed

m/f f/f
Amy was already late for homeroom.
Running down the hall, she noticed her friend standing by the doorway.
The teacher still hasn't arrived," sighed Lisa.
Amy glanced inside, "If he doesn't doesn't show up, do we get a study hall?"
Lisa grinned, "Let's find out."
Reaching up, she carefully removed the sign from the door.
"I'd never be able to reach that," mumbled Amy, "How'd you get so tall?"
Lisa shrugged, hiding the placard in her backpack, "Early bloomer, I guess."
She glanced up and down the hallway, "Good thing though. Now the teacher can't find our class."
Amy stepped inside, shaking her head. It was the first day of high school and her friend was already working on detention.
She heard Lisa lock the door behind them.
"There," whispered the tall girl, "instant study hall."
Amy rolled her eyes. There was no way this was going to work.
She looked at all the empty desks. There weren't many kids in this class. Her friend nudged her, and pointed to a small boy, "I'm sitting next to him. He's cute."
"You always like the short ones,"
Still, Amy had to admit, this boy was kind of adorable.
"Watch this," whispered Lisa.
She opened a few buttons on her shirt and adjusted her push-up bra, then casually strutted around the room, gradually making her way over to his desk.
The boy stared up at her, blushing, "A-Are you the teacher?"
Lisa grinned, "Yes, I'm the teacher."
Amy sat down next to a freckled girl, deliberately leaving the desk next to the boy empty.
Meanwhile, her loosely-dressed friend was leaning over the teacher's desk, pretending to look for something.
"I envy you, Amy," sighed the country girl, "Yer friend's hot."
Amy shook her head, "Don't get your hopes up, Sarah. Lisa's not into girls."
"How 'bout you?"
Amy bit her lip. She could sense the other girl looking her up and down.
"Alright class, let's get started," announced Lisa, lifting her skirt.
A few chuckles echoed through the room, but nobody said anything.
"Welcome to, um..." she glanced to the small boy.
Then a sneaky grin crossed her face, "Welcome to Sex-ed!"
Half the room went red. If it was any other girl, they'd assume she was joking.
But this was Lisa.
"I think I'm goin' ta' like this class," whispered Sarah.
Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door, "Hello? Is this class 1E?"
Everyone froze.
More knocking, "Anybody in there?"
Utter silence.
Amy glared at Sarah.
The country girl was about to sneeze her freckles off!
"Ah... ah... Ah-Chh-"
Amy quickly clamped her hand over the girl's face.
Sarah's eyes watered, but no sound escaped.
There was some grumbling at the door, "Where is it??"
They listened to the teacher's footsteps echo down the hall.
Amy sighed, releasing her grip.
To her surprise, Sarah was blushing at her.
"Ya saved us, girl," she sniffed, "Thanks."
Amy shook her head. So much for Lisa's plan. Now everyone knew this "sex-ed teacher" was a fake.
"You're my favorite teacher."
A few kids giggled.
The short boy seemed to be lost in a blissful daze. How could he not notice the knocking at the door.
Amy looked at Lisa... But all other eyes were looking a little lower.
"Knockers beat knocking," she chuckled to herself.
Somehow, Lisa's shirt looked even looser now.

"So today, we're going to learn about... THIS!"
Everyone stared in disbelief as their so-called teacher threw open her shirt.
"Damn, that gal sure has grown," whispered Sarah.
Amy bit her lip. This was getting out of hand. 
Nervously, she stood up and ran over to Lisa.
"Are you crazy?" she hissed in her ear, "You're going to get in deep trouble."
"That teacher will be lost all day, he just transferred here. Besides..." Lisa held up a bottle of super glue, "Nothing can open that lock now."
Amy fidgeted, "But, how are we going to-"
Lisa flicked her eyes at the window. They were on the first floor.
"Oh... so we really CAN get away with this!" Amy grinned. This was getting exciting.
Her friend turned to the class, "Thank you, Amy... For volunteering to be the visual aid!"
Amy gasped. All eyes were on her now.
She blushed as Lisa started undoing her shirt.
Sarah stared at her wistfully from her desk.
Shivering, Amy slowly opened her shirt.
Everyone's eyes lit up.
"These are Amy's boobs. They make the most delicious milk in the world."
Amy felt a smile on her lips. That was strangely flattering.
"I want everyone to come up and try some."
She froze. Before she knew it, most of the class had lined up in front of her.
Somehow, Sarah had managed to shove her way in front.
The country girl gently brushed her fingers over Amy's nipples, making her tingle in unexpected places.
She felt the girl's warm breath wash over her chest.
"Don't cha worry none. I'm mighty good at this," whispered Sarah, "I practice on my sister all tha time."
Amy's cheeks burned as she deciphered her words.
Suddenly, a warm tongue swirled around her right nipple.
"Come on, people. Two at a time," ushered Lisa, "There's plenty for everyone."
A small hand squeezed Amy's left breast, as another student started admiring her.
Her nipples were getting painfully stiff.
She immediately felt a couple more boys sucking at them.
"C-Can I touch them?"
She glanced at Lisa as the small boy shyly stared up at her friend's breasts.
"Of course you can, sweety!" she cooed, giving him a well-padded hug.
Amy couldn't help giggling as he stumbled away with a goofy expression on his face.
She soon lost track of time, but before long, Amy felt some familiar fingers stroking her.
Sarah had snuck back in line to give her another thorough "licking."
"Okay, that's enough," laughed Lisa, "Your boobs get an A+"
Amy slumped back against the teacher's desk in a daze. She could feel her own milk trickling down her breasts. She had been thoroughly milked.
Sitting down, she closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath. The last 20 minutes had been intense.
"Okay... now spread 'em!"
Opening her eyes, she saw Lisa kneeling on the floor in front of her.
Her friend held up a recorder flute, and winked at her.
Amy nodded shyly and slid her knees apart.
To her surprise, she felt cool air tickling her pubic hair.
Lisa grinned and held up her underpants in her other hand.
"You little sneak," Amy couldn't help smiling a little at her friend's mischief as she lifted the skirt of her dress.
Looking around the room, she noticed some of the boys rubbing themselves. This was going to be fun.
Then she felt the plastic recorder pushing her pussy lips apart. A couple boys started rubbing faster. She leaned back as the instrument slid into her.
Which of them would cum first? She wondered.
To her surprise, there was a muffled moan from the side of the room.
Sarah slumped forward on her desk in a blissful daze.
Amy giggled. She had probably been fingering herself the whole time.
"Eep!" squeaked Amy. The recorder had nudged a very sensitive spot.
Lisa glanced back at the class, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just located the g-spot."
She began pumping the instrument in and out. Amy arched her back at the sensation.
"And if you look really closely," added Lisa, "You can see her clitoris up here."
Then she unxpectedly removed the recorder and stood up, "Okay girls. I want you all to locate yours. It's very important because-"
"tha most sensitive part o' tha body," interrupted the freckled girl. She looked at some of the girls, "any y'all want some help findin' it?"
A couple girls nervously moved their desks away from her.
Meanwhile, Amy's pussy was burning. Why the FUCK did Lisa stop!?
She began rubbing herself.
"Not so fast," Lisa grabbed her wrists, "class isn't over yet."

Suddenly, the bell rang for 2nd period.
The class chuckled as they looked at her.
"Er, it's a double-length class," she corrected.
Amy stared at the dripping instrument, idly wondering how long it was. She was so horny she wanted lick it.
"And to make sure it stays that way..." she felt her hands being tied behind her back, "There!"
Amy sqirmed in defiance.

"Now it's your turn to do some milking, Amy," announced Lisa, "which end do you want to use?"
"Wha?" the last 20 minutes were swirling through her mind.
"Here, have a seat," instructed Lisa.
Gratefully, Amy collapsed into the soft teacher's chair.