Cream Goes into heat

Cream felt different today. Every breeze that passed her legs sent a shiver up her spine.
Tails stepped out of a hut. The moment he saw her, Cream ran into the trees.

He scratched his head, "What's wrong with her?"
"Wrong with who?"
Tails looked behind him. It was Amy.
"Cream just ran away from me." explained Tails.

"Tried to feel her up, eh?" teased Amy.
"But, I didn't even say anything!" protested Tails.
Amy ruffled his hair, "Relax, Tails." said Amy, "I'll go check on her."

Cream collapsed on the ground, legs trembling.
Breathing heavily, she leaned against a tree.
The tingling became unbearable, and she started squirming.
"What's wrong Cream?"

The young rabbit jumped. Amy stood there, leaning over her.
"I feel strange." mumbled Cream.
Amy shrugged, "If you're in heat, why don't you just go home?"

In a haze, Cream blinked at her, "What? But it's not hot out."
"You know what I mean." giggled Amy.
Cream shook her head.
The pink hedgehog stared at her, "Don't tell me you don't know what 'heat' is!"
Suddenly, the rabbit felt something wet run down her leg.
"Come on," said Amy, grabbing her hand, "we can't leave you like this."

Discussing Cream's Sex-ed

"And we'll need to explain birth control." continued Sally.
Bunnie Rabbot sat by the window, "Sal, don't y'all think you're forgetting tha basics?"
"Like what?" asked Sally.
"Like anatomy." said Amy, handing Sally a piece of chalk.
Sally scribbled on the board, "I guess you're right. Cream doesn't even know what anything's called."

"Not if ya throw all those big words at her!" laughed Bunnie.
Amy grabbed the chalk, "She needs to SEE what we're talking about!"

"Amy, we all know you can't draw to save your life," said Sally, rolling her eyes.
"Tha little miss has got a point though," said Bunnie, "Maybe we outta ask Tails to join tha lesson?"
"What?" questioned Sally.
"Aw come on, Sally girl." replied Bunnie, "There ain't no harm in tha little guy just standin' here."
Sally blinked, "I don't follow you."
"He could be a visual aid!" suggested Amy.
Sally blushed at the thought, "Er, but... he's just a kid! We can't expose him to-"
Bunnie chuckled, "Sally girl, Cream's more a kid than our Tails. Now how're ya gonna educate them kids without exposin' em to anything?" Sally pondered that point. "I suppose you're right."
"Let's cover a boy's anatomy first," suggested Amy, "If we start talking about pussy... Tails might 'raise' the point for us." Bunnie smiled.
"This isn't a joke!" blushed Sally.
"Well then, the sooner ya'll cover it, the sooner he can leave." replied Bunnie, "Is that what ya want?"
Sally couldn't argue with that.

Anatomy is hard

"Okay Cream, when a girl goes into heat," explained Sally, "it means that her body is going through a temporary reaction."
Bunnie spoke up, "It also means she's hankerin' for sex."
"It does?" asked Tails.
Amy giggled.
"What's sex?" asked Cream.
"Uh, we'll get to that," said Sally, picking up the pointing stick, "First you need to know the names of each part of the body."
Cream raised her hand, "I know, I know!"
"Know what?" asked Sally.
The little bunny pointed at Tails, "That's his head!"
"Well, obviously..." sighed Sally.
"And that's his tail!" continued Cream.
"Yes, but-"
"And his other tail..." added Cream, "and his eyebrows, and his cute little nose-"
Amy burst out laughing. Sally slapped her forehead.

Bunnie nudged Cream and pointed, "What about them things hangin' down there?"
"Er, a bag?" guessed Cream.
"These," said Sally, pointing, "are testicles."
"Y'all can just call 'em balls." added Bunnie.
"Tell her about the thing above them," grinned Amy, "That's the best part!"
"That there's his big 'ol penis!" answered Bunnie.
Tails blushed.
"NOW LOOK HERE!" shrieked Sally, "This is CREAM's class! I'm answering HER questions, not yours!"
"Spoil-sport," mumbled Amy.
"Calm down, Sally girl." said Bunnie, "We understand."
Sally took a deep breath, "Okay Cream. Do you have any questions?"
The little bunny thought a moment, "What's a penis do?"
"It, er... gets hard when..." Sally bit her lip.
Cream scratched her head.
Sally crossed her arms, "It's kind of hard to explain."
"You said you'd answer her questions," teased Amy.
Sally fidgeted nervously, "Yes... I know."
Bunnie Rabbot raised her claw.
"Y-yes Bunnie?" stammered Sally.
"Ain't no need ta talk on it," said Bunnie, "just give the feller a little 'ol poke, and tha happy thang'll jump right up!"
Sally thought a moment, "Uh, is this... okay, Tails?"
He shrugged, "I'll do it for you, aunt Sally."
Sally blushed as the young fox briefly fondled himself.

"There it is! Ya see!" cheered Bunnie.
"Wow..." said Cream, "neat!"
Amy leaned over to Cream, "Ask her what Tails just did," she whispered.

The young rabbit raised her hand, "Sally, what did Tails do?"
"That was um, masturbation." began Sally, "You see, when someone-"
Tails began rubbing his stiff member again.

For a long while, the girls just stared.
Finally, Sally spoke up, "Er Tails, you don't have to-"
The young fox stopped and looked up at her, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing..." said Sally, disappointed, "Er, any other questions?"
Cream looked at Amy, but the pink hedgehog didn't suggest any more questions. She raised her hand, "Why does it get hard?"
"It has to," said Sally, "During sex, it... goes into the vagina."
"Verginia?" asked Cream.
Bunnie chuckled, "It's usually called-"
"I'll answer her questions!" interrupted Sally.
She turned to the young rabbit.
"It's sometimes called the, er..." she mumbled, "the, uh... pussy."
Cream lifted her ear, "Sorry, I couldn't hear you."
"She said it's called the Pussy!" yelled Amy. "During sex, the boy puts his big 'ol penis into the girl's pussy." explained Bunnie Rabbot. Just then Cream stood up and walked around Sally.
"Er, what is it, Cream?" asked Sally. The little rabbit looked up at her, "Um... where is it?"
Amy lifted her skirt, "Here, I'll show you!"

"No no!" interrupted Sally.
Everyone looked at her. "Um, what I mean is..." Sally sat down, "Er, I'll show her."
"That's true," teased Bunnie," Sally girl doesn't ever wear any pants." Ignoring Bunnie,
Sally spread her legs.

Cream knelt down and peered closely. Sally looked down, pointing at herself, "Er, so you see Cream, during sex a boy puts his penis in here and-" She looked up. Tails was sitting by Cream, both of them staring at Sally.

Trying not to blush, she continued, "a-and pushes it in and out until they both, um... cum."
Bunnie nudged Cream and whispered in her ear.
Cream spoke up, "What is cum?"
Sally looked up, cheeks burning.
"It... comes out of a boy's dick when-", she looked at Tails.

Amy, with her skirt still up, leaned over to Cream, "Ask her what it looks like."
she whispered.

"What's it look like?" asked Cream.

Sally's eyes stared at Tails' firm member in front of her.
"I-It's kind of... a white liquid that comes out of the penis," she stammered.

Bunnie whispered to Cream. They both giggled. It was fun teasing Sally.
The young bunny eagerly raised her hand.
"What makes it come out?" smiled Cream.
Sally lifted her finger nervously to point, "Well, at the end there's sort of a... well, what I mean is... er, it's hard to describe."
"Really really hard!" teased Bunnie.
Sally stared at it. Tails WAS pretty hard.

Cream spoke up, "Can Tails show us?"
Sally shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts, "Er, I can't ask Tails to-"
But Tails had already started fondling himself again.

She watched the fingers move for a few minutes.
Finally, Tails stopped, "What is it?"
"N-Nothing..." blushed Sally, "Er, you can keep going... if you want."

While Sally stared at the young fox, Bunnie nudged Cream and pointed at Amy.

"That there's how a gal masturbates," she whispered.
Like Sally, Amy's eyes were glued to the young fox.
Cream watched in fascination as Amy pulled down her underpants and slid two fingers inside.
The pink hedgehog pushed them in and out rapidly.

"She's pretendin' it's a big 'ol dick goin' into her." whispered Bunnie.
"Does it feel good?" asked Cream.
Just then they heard a moan. Sally was on top of Tails.

Pinning him down, she lowered herself onto his cock.
"By tha looks of it, I'd say so!" replied Bunnie, "Sally girl, ain't cha forgettin' about the lesson?"
But Sally wasn't listening. She began riding Tails.

Finally, she arched her back, and with a load moan, she collapsed.
Through the haze, she saw everyone standing over her, "Ooh... class dismissed." she panted.
Sally passed out on the floor.
Cream shrugged her shoulders and helped Tails up, "I guess it's time to go."

Next Lesson

Crickets chirped and stars lit up the sky.
Dizzily, Tails walked to his hut. The whole day was a blur to him.

Pushing the door open, he wondered where Sally was.

She usually read him a story before he went to bed.

Walking into his room, he was surprised to find two people waiting for him.
Bunnie pulled down her top and Amy leaned back on his bed.

"Okay Tails" she said, "Now it's time for YOUR education!"