Bunnygirl Marriage

F/f Animal/f
A young girl crept across the dark bedroom.
Around her, the other girls snored in their beds.
She looked down at Lisa. It was obvious the older girl had tossed during the night. Her nightie was bunched up around her waist and her blanket was on the floor... as usual.
Staring at her wild hair, Karen blushed. Lisa had always been her favorite, besides...
"She's such a heavy sleeper," Karen thought with a grin. 
Leaning closer, the curious girl carefully lifted Lisa's nightie.
Suddenly, the lights came on, "All right girls. Up and at 'em!"
Karen looked around, confused. It was much too early in the morning for the head mistress to wake them up.
"What time is it?" groaned the girl in the next bed. She rubbed her eyes.
"Listen up, everyone," announced the woman, "The king himself will he here soon."
"Mrrrgh... King?" grumbled Lisa as she turned over.
Karen stared at her ass.
"Karen, what are you doing!?"
The girl jumped.
"Hurry downstairs and get in the showers," ordered the mistriss.

Karen stumbled forward as the other girls were shoved into the bathroom right behind her.
"The mistriss must be in a huge rush,"  Yawned Lisa as she groped against the wall for the shower knob.
Eagerly, Karen ran forward and turned it on for her.
The older girl pried her eyes open, "Oh, it's you," she mumbled, as the busty young girl beamed up at her.
"Want me to help you wash up?" asked Karen, grabbing a washcloth.
"Wha? Hey, leggo!"
"Karen, you're such a perv," complained the girl next to them.
"All right girls. Time's up!" announced the mistriss, "The king's here."

The girls lined up in the hallway, still wrapped in towels and dripping wet.
"Here you are, sire," said the mistriss.
Purple velvet robes billowed from the doorway as his highness entered the room.
In deep thought, he regarded the soggy girls.
"Strip them," he ordered, "I must inspect their health."
"Y-Yes sire," stammered the mistriss.
The girls figited nervously.
Karen looked up at Lisa, wondering why she was blushing.
Taking a deep breath, the mistriss turned to the girls, "Alright, you heard the king. Take 'em off!"
"Eep!" gasped Lisa as the mistriss yanked her towel off.
Naked, the girls stood there nervously as the king looked them up and down.
"I bet he's gonna pick you," giggled Karen, "You're really pretty."
"S-Shut up you little weirdo."
"You there, what is your name?"
They jumped. His highness peered down at them.
"Hi, I'm Karen!" chirped the young girl.
The mistriss cut in, "Oh sire, you don't want THAT one. She is rather... peculiar."
"Yeah," added one of the girls, "She's a total lesbo."
The woman glared at her.
The king looked down at the busty girl, "She will do."
Nobody could believe it. Karen was going to be a princess.
Lisa gulped at the thought that the girl ogling her might be in charge of the entire kingdom one day.

The queen stood in the library, watching the young girl as she cheerfully read a book.
She turned to the maids, "Ensure that the "princess" discovers this," she whispered, handing them a tome.
"But be discreet about it," she added.
Karen watched as the queen left.
In the next room, the two maids nodded to each other, and stepped back from the door.
One of them cleared her throat, then said, "Hey, wanna see the book I snuck into the library?"
Hearing this, Karen looked up at the door.
"Oh my!" gasped the other maid, "I thought books like these were forbidden!"
Creeping closer, the curious girl pressed her ear against the wall.
"They are," replied the first maid.
"Shh! Not so loud," hissed her friend, "What if the princess hears you?"
"You're right. I'd better hide this."
The princess hurriedly ran back to her table and pretended to read as the two maids emerged from the other room.
One of them looked around cautiously as she closed the door. As soon as they left, Karen ran up to the door and quietly snuck inside.
She squinted against the sunlight shining through the window as she looked through the dusty bookshelves. Suddenly, she noticed one book that was cleaner than the others.
Fingers shaking, she slowly pulled it down.
It was a strange black book without any label. Opening it, she clapped her hand over her mouth. It was full of pictures of people. All of them naked!
She shivered with excitement. She had never seen a book like this before!
She flipped ahead and stopped at a spread of a busty girl with bunny ears on her head. Karen licked her lips. Then she noticed something curious. The bunnygirl was pinching something in her fingers between her legs. The young princess leaned closer. She could just make out a tiny bump between the girl's fingers.
"I think I remember seeing something like that," she mused, lifting her skirt.
Suddenly, she heard a voice out in the hallway, "Your highness, your dinner has been prepared."

Sitting at the dining table, the girl kept her hands off the table. Secretly, she tried rubbing herself through her skirt, in the same spot she saw the bunnygirl touching. It felt surprisingly good.
The thump of a bowl being set down in front of her snapped her away from her experiment.
The princess looked at her oatmeal, "Why does mine look different from everyone else's?" she asked.
"I thought you'd enjoy having syrup with your dish," replied the maid.
"Be sure to eat all of it," commanded the queen.
Karen tried a spoonfull. It didn't taste like any syrup he'd had before. Suddenly, a hot tingling shot through her pussy.
Ignoring it, she took another bite.
The tingling was getting stronger.
Pretty soon, she could barely hold still.
"Er, I-I'm not hungry anymore," she stammered.
The maid noticed the girl rubbing her legs together and nodded to the queen.
The woman put down her spoon, "Very well, you may go."

"Come princess. Let me show you to your room."
Stepping inside, the girl marveled at the luxurious silk curtains surrounding the bed.
"Your toys are over there," said the maid, pointing to a large chest.
The princess cheered as she ran over to it.
She pulled out a long rubber object and pretended to swing it like a sword.
Then she hopped onto her rocking horse.
She squeaked as a bump in the saddle poked at her.
The maid looked at the blushing girl, "Is something wrong, highness?"
"N-No," panted Karen.
"I shall leave you to your play then."
And with that, the maid bowed out of the room, locking the door behind her.
The girl shivered as she rocked back and forth on the horse. The tingling was back.
She squeezed her legs against the sides.
The bump suddenly rose higher, pressing against her groin.
Clamping her legs over and over, she discovered she could make the shaft in the saddle thrust up and down against her.
Wiggling back and forth, she let it slide her underpants to the side.
The tingling became unbearable, but it felt wonderful.
Squeezing hard, she gasped as the pillar rose higher, pushing itself deep into her pussy.
No longer caring what game she was playing, she panted as she "rode" the horse. This was her new favorite toy.

A short while later, the maid peeked into the room. She found the exhausted girl slumped over the rocking horse. Cum ran down both sides, slowly dripping on the stone floor.

The princess's legs shook as the maid pulled a small nightie down over her head. 
"You look tired," noted the maid, "perhaps you need a massage."
Karen flopped down on the soft bedding.
Silk sheets pressed against the princess's thighs as the woman ran her hands up and down the girl's back.
Karen blushed as the maid pressed her palms against her butt, and then massaged her legs.
She shivered as the smooth fingers slid all the way up, almost touching the spot between her thighs, and then back down again.
The maid noticed the girl panting into her pillow.
"Alright, now lie on your back, princess," she directed.
Puzzled, Karen turned over. She thought massages were only done on a people's backs.
She tried to hold still as the woman placed her fingers on her stomach, sliding them slowly down her abdomen, making the girl shiver in anticipation, then up again.
The young princess bit her lip as the fingers pressed up just under her breasts and slid up around their sides. Her nipples went stiff as the stroking continued. All the way down, almost to her pussy and then quickly up again to her breasts.
Suddenly, the maid stopped, "Good night, princess."
"G-Good night," whimpered the girl as the candles went out.
It was going to be a sleepless night.

The next few days would see Karen learning all the manners expected of a proper princess. Posture, dining etiquette, giving a proper greeting, how to address others, and all the other customs of royalty. 

There was dressage:
Every morning, Karen's maid covered her in royal finery. The short velvet cloak hugged the girl's bare shoulders as the maid tied its laces, tucking them into the silk camisole that barely reached down to her leg stockings. The girl blushed. The laces constantly tickled between her breasts.

There was posture:
"Stand up straight, feet apart, chin up, chest out..."

Dining ettiquette:
"Keep your hands in your lap until served. Hold the fork in your left hand. Do not sit with your knees together..."

The formal curtsey when greeting others:
"Feet apart, pinch your skirt and lift it gingerly up above your waist. Lean forward in a low bow.  Maintain your curtsey until the other person greets you."
This one took patience. For some reason Karen always had to wait a few minutes holding up her short skirt before anybody would say anything. And they tended to stare for awhile. She figured they were checking to make sure she was doing it right.

Formal titles:
"You may answer to: Princess, Highness, Young majesty, Hot stuff, and Noble born."

There were so many royal customs to memorize:
It was customary to turn one's back to strangers, especially while greeting them with the curtsey.
Self-massage was to be practiced twice daily, regardless of circumstances or place.
Food must not be wasted.
Maids must assist with dressing and bathing.
A princess must supervise the nighttime preparations of her maids.

Watching the maids undress for bed, Karen felt her legs quivering. Holding her chin high, she tried to ignore the damp sensation trickling down her thighs, and the maids staring at her perky nipples as they poked at her thin shirt.
The girl didn't know all the proper procedures yet, so she simply watched as the maids helped each other out of their undergarments, then attended to their evening breast measurements... Which were apparently measured in palms. The princess asked one of them if she was going to get measured, but to the girl's dismay she would have to wait until her bedtime.
Then the women began tucking one another into their beds.  Karen blushed as she eyed the bedsheets being pressed tightly around their nude figures.  She offered to help, but a maid insisted that such menial tasks were unfit for a princess.
So the girl stood there pouting as their sleeping ropes were secured around each maid's wrists and ankles.  These royal customs looked really fun, but she wasn't allowed to do anything.
Finally, the last maid turned to the princess and led the girl to her chamber.

The tingling was particularly strong during meal times, making it difficult for the girl to properly sit with her legs apart. However, self-massage often remedied this.

The princess spent much of her time in the library, studying her favorite book.
At least until it was time for her exercise routine.
A couple hours later, the exhausted girl slumped in the maid's arms, "You pass this exercise, princess. Report here tomorrow for daily practice."

And after all was said and done, her loyal maids were always there to help her unwind with some games in the royal garden.
Like Strip-Tag, where each girl lost a piece of their outfit each time they were caught.
And Hide-and-seek, where Karen had to find each maid to get her clothes back.
Naturally, she would be tied up until she finished counting to 1000... It was a good way to avoid cheating.

The girl blushed as the grass brushed against her thighs. A passing breeze tickled her pubic hairs, making her squirm against the ropes that spread her arms and legs against the ground. The maid had left her a moment ago so the young princess could finish counting.
Opening one eye, the girl glanced across the field, noticing large holes in the ground. For a moment, she thought she caught a glimpse of something white in one of them. There was a sound. She turned her head to see a pair of long fuzzy ears emerging from one of the other holes. Suddenly, something tickled between the girl's legs. She looked down to see a large white bunny staring back up at her.
"I can't play with you right now, Mr. Bunny. I'm busy counting."
But the creature ignored her, placing both of its front paws on her abdomen. The girl wriggled, trying to shake it off, but the ropes held her tight. As the large bunny pulled itself upward, the girl felt something stiff slide into her pussy. "Eep?" There was a sudden flick of wetness across her left nipple. A second bunny stood next to her. Karen shivered as it began to suckle her breast. Then she squirmed. Whatever was inside of her was getting bigger... and hotter. There was a wet noise as the bunny between the princess's legs slowly withdrew, then quickly shoved its cock back into her, sliding more smoothly this time. She panted as another bunny began sucking on her right nipple. Within minutes, the girl was moaning frantically as, one by one, the bunnies took turns breeding her, practically fucking the stuffing out of her. Minutes turned into an hour... then two hours. The sensations made Karen lose count and she repeatedly had to start over, but she eventually found herself waking up the next morning, hornier than she'd ever been before.

As she opened her shirt, the breeze tickled Karen's breasts.
They always used to yell at her when she did this back at the orphanage.
But here, it was different. The maids actually encouraged it.
She could do anything she wanted. After all, she was a princess now.
"Princess Karen!"
Startled, she covered up as the maid strode up the garden path.
Peering around the statue the girl had hidden behind, the woman smiled knowingly.
"Sorry to interrupt highness, but today's the big ceramony and you're going to be late."
The girl eagerly buttoned up her blouse.
The maid stopped her, "No time for that. Let's get going."
Karen was hurried into the royal carriage where her foster-father sat waiting.
The curtains were drawn as they started moving.
The king regarded her for a moment in the soft dimness, then turned to the maid, "Freshen her up," he whispered, 'I want our princess to look her best for the lapines."
"Father, what are lapines?" asked the princess as the maid loosened the girl's skirt.
The king smiled, "They are an ancient race of bunny-like women who inhabit the deep forests neighboring our kingdom."
The maid opened a button and pressed Karen's breasts closer together.
Karen blushed at the sensation, "Wow, I wonder what they're like?"
The king pressed his hands together and leaned forward, "Their culture is quite different from ours," he said, "Please be on your best behavior and do not do anything that might antagonize them."
"Do you remember the curtsey I taught you?" asked the maid.
The girl nodded.
"Our lapine friends might interpret it differently, but-"
The king held up his hand, cutting her off. He shook his head.
The maid nodded in silent understanding.
The carriage slowed to a stop and the coach driver opened the door.
Stepping outside, Karen marveled at the tall trees that surrounded the small tribal village.
"These must be the lapines," she thought as three naked girls ran up to her.
She tried not to stare as they looked at her hungrily.
"Remember your manners," coughed the king from the carriage window.
"Oh yes, the curtsey," stammered the princess.
Nervously, the girl stepped forward and turned around, placing her feet apart like her maid taught her to.
Then she pinched her skirt, raising it gingerly as she leaned all the way forward.
Her shirt fell open as she lifted the dress above her waist.
It was proper etiquette, she remembered, to await a greeting before standing.
Suddenly, she found herself sandwiched between their breasts as they all hugged her.
One of the bunnygirls ran up to the carriage and handed something to the king.
"You have my most sincere thanks," called the king from the carriage window, "Please accept your bride in honor of our new alliance."