Obviously I didn't create Flash. Macromedia and Adobe did. For now they still let you download any version of the Flash player from here. But they're going to stop soon. So in preparation for that, I'm including some stand-alone Flash Players here. Both of these ZIP files include multiple Flash players for Windows Mac and Linux. They don't require installing, they simply run when you double-click them. There are two ZIP files. One is the newest version(30MB) of Flash, and other one is an older version(12MB) of Flash. Both of them can play my games, but the older one is easier to use... and much smaller... and more compatible... (funny how that works) All of my games were created using Flash version 8

Although I could use these Flash players to easily convert my games into native apps for each OS, that's actually a bad idea because CPU's and Operating Systems change over time. (For example, there are separate Flash players for both PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers) So instead I'll take the "Emulator / Rom" approach to preservation by keeping the games in their original form, and providing players for them.

The video below demonstrates how to use the Flash players. It's dead simple.