What is this for?

You can use these sprite images for anything you want to, such as sexy GIF animations, sprite comics, or even Flash games.

What's in it?

This contains in-game graphics and sexy modified sprites for Marle and Ayla. It also contains a bunch of monster sprites, various objects, and some maps. Here's a sampling.

This contains a ton of modified game graphics of Marle in nude and half-nude poses, along with fully-dressed graphics from the game.

There are also some nude graphics of Ayla, along with fully-dressed counterparts.

I also included Flea, but I never got around to actually creating nude sprites for him/her/that. This character did not have many sprites even in the original game.

I included sprite sheets of various NPC characters. Most of these were not ripped by me.

There are a lot of graphics from the magic spells in the game. It's not quite everything, but it's fairly extensive.

I included all of the icons for the status effects in the game. What they do to Marle and Ayla is entirely up to you.

I included a few useful maps such as Guardia Forest, Marle's bedroom, The prehistoric hunting grounds, as well as various overworld maps. The world maps were ripped my other people. These are primarily good places for monsters to lurk. And speaking of monsters...

I included a ton of monster sprites. Nothing modified, but many of these were ripped from the Satellaview Rom, which is a SNES rom that allows you to freely browse every playable character and monster in the game.

Where can I get more?

The sexy characters included with my RPG Maker have a lot of additional poses for Marle.

There are many sprite websites out there. But these are the ones I recommend for Chrono Trigger.