This is a cool little hentai game based on Chrono Trigger I created a very long time ago. I'm guessing around 1999.
Note: This game was never quite finished. I'm currently working on an ambitious remake of this.

The game is not exactly linear, it'll progress a bit differently depending on what you do. For instance, it is possible to get Marle nude without using the Avian Bell. When she is nude, you'll find that you can click on one of the trees. There's a restart button on the "help" screen, but the "End" button doesn't do work because I never thought of an ending. You can skip the title-sequence if you click the screen. And the help balloon will give you hints sometimes.

This all started as an insanely ambitious project for the "French Kiss" digital paper-doll medium. (aka Fkiss) Remember those flat dress-up paper dolls? Fkiss was is digital version of it that got advanced enough to support crude animation and interaction. I got into it since people naturally made a bunch of undressing games with it. I originally planned for this game to be made in Fkiss. Then I discovered Macromedia Flash. Making this in Flash made a lot more sense. It seemed like Flash was made for this kind of project! To give you an idea of the insane kind of effort I put into my projects back then, I ripped a bunch of Marle sprites from the game using an snes emulator, modified 23 of her sprites to make her half-nude... and another 73 for when she's fully naked! So that's about 93 sprites I individually altered in Photoshop! I also began creating GIF animations in order to plan the scenes and determine where things would be in each frame. After discovering Macromedia Flash, the GIF animations became unneccessary.

The game used to use midi files for music. But I can't really do that on most websites. Flash games normally have to be self-contained. So I changed it to use MP3's. I didn't create the music. Most of it came from OCremix.

There's still a glitch or two left. - defeating an Avian bird while half-nude. It's supposed to leave a clickable bell behind. The bell is there, but invisible.