Writing Red's Wine

#The Idea

# Working on another Ridinghood story. In this one she loves wine and often passes out after sneaking outside with her drink. Now we just need a wolf… see where I’m going with this?  

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# For the draft, I’m experimenting with first writing the story with no punctuation, no spell-check, and in ALL CAPS to just quickly figure out what actually happens in the story. The idea is I’ll rewrite everything and polish things later.  

# I also picked some pictures for reference to remind me how I intend her to react to each situation. But maybe using only one picture would keep her personality more consistent? Then again there’s nothing wrong with a character changing during a story.  


# Having a personality picture visible when writing helps preserve a character’s personality. Otherwise it tends to drift and change like the rest of the story. But in sexy stories you also need to be careful to use a mild picture or you’ll get derailed from writing.  

Created by: Dean Yeagle


# I got some good ideas to add tension to make this story more interesting (just make every situation go wrong or get worse!) But revising an entire story is tedious as hell. I’ll come back to it when it feels fresh again. Maybe work on a different story for awhile.  


# When I get back to this, I’ll try revising and polishing it in pieces instead of all at once. I used a similar approach when I made my Night Raider game. Revise one chapter while brainstorming the next one.  


#The Result

# Finished the story. Ridinghood looks for wine while trying to avoid wolves and her pervy aunt.


#The Other Result

# This story got rewritten a few times to change events and characters to theoretically improve the suspense, but here’s an older version of the story with very different scenes.