Making Sally Walk Up

#Making Plans

# I’m two-thirds of the way through my one-week vacation. Let’s finally get something done.  

Week vacation Just do it

# The front and side walk-animations are already done. I won’t forgive myself if I don’t finish this.  

V2 shaded

# Atari time!  

V3 simplied for anim

# WWSD. “What Would Squaresoft Do?”  

Reference and project reminders

# I hang these up as “attractor modes” for my projects, to try to entice myself to work on them… it doesn’t work.  

#Walking the Walk

# Making the dots walk.  


# When her legs are apart, that’s when she sinks down.  


# I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but we all know this pose is definitely gonna be all about dat ass.  

V6 Im not an ass man but

# Okay, it won’t stick out THAT far.  

V7 vs v6

# Dat ass has gotta follow dat kneecap.  


# Connecting the dots. I’ll have to adjust the position of the knees later.  


# Well this certainly looks… rough.  


# She looks like she’s climbing a ladder. How do I fix this??  


# WWMD. What Would Marle Do?  

Reference and project reminders V10 vs v9 V11 vs v10

# Gotta rein-in those loony-toon knees. Just… keep going. It’s gotta start looking good sooner or later.  

V11 Trust your instincts V12 vs v11

# It looks… not terrible. Is she still climbing a ladder? I don’t… think so??  


#Gotta Hand it to Her

# Where are we putting her hands? Her other poses had them both in front of her, but that would look weird from the back. Maybe just go with a normal walk-cycle for this one?  


# Ooh! What if she has a hand on her hip? That kind of looks like “thinking”  


# I also like how it emphasizes the movement of her hips and butt. It’s the only eye-candy we have in this animation. Might as well make the most of it.  

V14 close up Im not an ass man but

# Maybe I can make a “thinking” pose after all.  


# Maybe the upper torso should move too? Marle’s shoulders swing to counter the hips.  

Marle walk up V16 too much shoulder

# … Not really the personality I was going for.  

Black swagger

#Finishing Touches

# Time to shade dat ass. But after adjusting the feet again she suddenly looks too short.  


# Only one thing to do… stretch it out!  


# It looks better if I give her hand on her hip a finger-curl.  


# Now that I know what the arms are doing, let’s shade them.  

V21 vs v20

# I tried to give her a “finger waggle” but it looks like she’s beckoning instead.  


# Maybe if I “tap” the whole hand? That does look better. But I’m not sure if it looks like “thinking.”  


# Wait, what if I combine them? Just bring the hand closer and then tap? Maybe. Not sure…. Does it still look like beckoning?  


#Chasing Tail

# I hate to do it, but we gotta add the tail. Good bye ass.  

V25 Its gone

# OR! … Maybe I could just…  

V26 vs v25

# It moves like a pit-bull’s stubby tail now. But I suppose it does look “tighter.”  


# What if I just… slightly move the tail out of the way on some of the frames?  

V27 vs v26

# Okay, I think we got something here!  

V27 Its back

# Whoops! I almost forgot… she has hair.  


# I changed my mind again. Let’s go with the finger-tap after all.  


#The Result

# Welp, I’m all outta things to do to this so I guess it’s done!  

Finished frames Dummy thicc