#The Idea

# Here's what I'm trying to make... only as a tiny sprite. Not sure where this picture originally came from. It looks like an old PC-98 hentai game.


# So far, things are looking promising. Yeah, I know it's double the resolution. But that's part of my technique. Later on I'll use manual anti-aliasing to convey all these details at half resolution.

# Trust me. ;-)

# Gotta adjust the shapes and figure out the details before I commit to anti-aliasing. Also, that deep blue was too eyeball-searing. Had to desaturate and shift it to something less intense.

# Here's the rough first-pass. Somewhat rougher than expected. But I'll just hand-tweak the details intuitively from here. Don't need the head. I already created a bunch of those for all my characters. I'll just stick one on at the end.

# Okay, I think I managed to bring out the small shapes and muscle details.

# But those details in the back... this body really wants to be shaped like this instead. I think I'm just gonna have to let it happen. Blur your eyes a little. It just plain looks better.

# Tweak the shoulder... give the back a little more sexy curve... adjust a few bits of shading. Get the all-important boob-shading juuuust right. Aaaand... I think it's done. Here's a before-and-after animation.

#The Result

# Here ya go. Clipped-out, ready to use. It looks large here, but if you download this picture it will be at actual pixel-size. Just add your own head! ... totally not creepy at all.