Contact Page and Optional JavaScript

# I made a dedicated landing-page with links to all the places you can find me. I’ve seen other people making these. It’s a good idea.


# 2It’s a good idea. Just put all your social media links in one place and link to it. It’s a shorter link and it’s a lot easier than updating a dozen links in a dozen places every time you lose an account for some random reason. 

# Just wait ’til people discover they can put OTHER things on their landing pages! Like all their art and creations. Almost like… a website.


# My website already had a “contact” section, but making it a separate page makes it accessible when you have JavaScript turned off. That’s right. My website also works without JavaScript.


# When JavaScript is OFF, the website will display a seemingly normal thumbnail gallery of everything, and you can still download all the files. When JavaScript is ON, the website has all the fancy features and project pages.


# I know that seems pointless. JavaScript runs on literally everything. It’s almost as common as Flash was… it never hurts to play it safe.


# 6Laugh if you want. But remember when BASIC seemed like the universal compatible language that ran on absolutely everything? Every standard feels like it’ll last forever… until it doesn’t. 

# I don’t hate JavaScript. I just don’t like relying on it.