The Perils Of Exclusivity

paywall_by_david_revoyPaywall by David Revoy

# Sankaku Complex is a booru website. But it’s a funny place. They charge you to access other people’s art. They don’t own the art. But exclusivity doesn’t care about ownership. That’s what’s funny about all this. People simply flock to whatever provides the most convenient or cheapest access to something. Exclusivity can just as easily work against the original artist as it can work for them. The moment you put your work behind a paywall, another competing paywall can compete against you.

# Nevermind the absurdity of trying to sell a JPEG on the internet, or the fact that other free booru websites already exist. Sankaku Complex is absurd for many reasons.

Bored Ape NFT’s

# If by some miracle somebody actually succeeds at making a picture exclusive, that just means it’ll remain unseen and doomed to be forgotten. The moment it’s seen, it’s downloaded. And the moment it’s downloaded it’s no longer exclusive. “Exclusivity” is lost media. A forgotten file on a hard drive that was never uploaded to the internet.

# Online exclusivity is artificial. Copying data is a feature built into every CPU ever made. It takes considerable effort and complexity to “disable” a built-in feature. You either add complexity to make something viewable while blocking access to the file you already downloaded (so-called “streaming” media), or you add complexity to software by giving it an external dependency that will inevitably break one day and render the media unusable. All of these have to be added on purpose. It takes effort to remove built-in features. It takes effort to make things worse than they are by default. You wouldn’t download a car!

# The funny thing about that is that worse things are also less appealing. Browsing Sankaku Complex is a pretty lousy experience. Banner ads everywhere, blurred or hidden thumbnails, pop-ups demanding that you sign up… all trying to compete against free booru websites that simply show you the pictures. Usually the same pictures.

# Paywalls are just plain absurd.

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