Should I Have A Blog?

# My website is mainly intended to be an archive of all the stuff I create, all in one convenient place. Having an opinion is not exactly an accomplishment. But when I visit other people’s websites I enjoy reading through their blogs, so why not add one?

# But I think it should be in its own section, separate from my art and games. After all it would be pretty annoying to search for boobs and see an opinion instead like some kind of annoying ad. There’s no shortage of opinions on the internet.


# Then again, maybe the search should always search everything. Otherwise it’ll just seem unreliable. The whole point of search is that you don’t know where to find something, so hiding things based on where they are would just be confusing.

# I feel like there’s also an ethical consideration. Sure it’s not wrong for me to have a thought or express it, but is this really the place for it? Opinions and money can make things more complicated than they need to be. I prefer to enjoy a painting without worrying what Picaso thinks of the economy or whether he’s secretly donating his profits to Hitler.

# All of my stuff is free, nobody has to agree with me, and I’m not secretly donating to the KKK. So you can just enjoy these pictures of boobs, with or without me.