The Internet Archive

# I’ve been obsessed with lately. A HUGE online library that’s collecting pictures, books, magazines, software. Backing it up online, making it available to everybody. Very cool. I’ve collected a bunch of interesting things over the years to upload.


# You can see and freely download everything I’ve put up there so far.

# Anybody want a Sexyfur WinAMP skin?


# They’re looking for old software, source code, and all the random interesting things people did with them.

# They also create torrent downloads for everything. The whole point is to make it so nothing can be lost.


# Oh hey! I just realized I still have an old backup of the now-dead SuperMegaTopia website from back in 2004. Apparently I had downloaded the entire website at one point. That used to be a thing you could do.

# Download Supermegatopia