In hentai anime, it always bothered me how most guys were portrayed as cruel rapists. Being a guy, this has given me a bit of a guilt complex, which often keeps me from putting guys in my own games. So I always use lesbians and forest creatures as the aggressors in my games.

However, when I was younger I sometimes imagined what it might be like to have an older sister or a babysitter who was willing to introduce me to sex. This was obviously an idealized fantasy, but I found it comforting. I later discovered that hentai portrays these things as "Straight-Shota"

This is not the face of a rapist.

Straight-shota works fairly well as a subsitute to including grown men. A younger character's age conveys a comfortably harmless character to relate to; And because of this, the concept of an older girl pursuing a boy can be deeply reassuring.