Rape Fantasies

# loli_hornyWith girl characters I want to see them feeling horny and ultimately enjoying sex as intensely as possible. Aggressor characters are just convenient ways to cause this, but it could just as easily be something like tentacles. It accomplishes the same goal. 

# Sequence of events:
girl surprised by stimulus → horny and overwhelmed → happy sex pet

# woman_aggressiveWith straight-shota I imagine myself as the boy characters, so I like to be more rough. I’m indifferent about whether the boy character “consents” because they’re just a vehicle for the audience to experience the situation from, so I’m only interested in seeing them being pursued and ravished by beautiful women as aggressively as possible. 

# Sequence of events:
surprised boy struggles → horny instinctive humping → afterglow

# It’s a difference of perspective, but in both cases my focus is on the female characters’ actions and feelings. You could theoretically swap the genders to appeal to an opposite audience.


# But comparing the two approaches, there is actually a surprising amount of similarity between them. So in theory I could make slight adjustments to a straight-shota story to make it more fun for an audience that likes boys. Just show the boy’s horny reactions more and make sure he is happy at the end. I could also make the loli story more fun for a female audience by making the girl struggle more at first. The only other difference is how human the aggressors look. I have a personal hang-up where I can’t stand seeing grown men pursuing girls, so I always use animals instead, but in theory a more human looking male aggressor might be fun eye-candy for some people.

# But there are also other possible approaches:

# This picture works both ways. People who relate to the boy feel loved by the woman’s attention, and people who like seeing boys have a fun reaction to look at.

https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/55703671Art by Muraosamu

# Happy sex is a less intense situation because it lacks the concept of being cornered, but it is more reassuring for every audience.

https://inkbunny.net/s/2554027Art by ArdanNorgate

#Viewpoint-Based Rape Fantasies

# I say “viewpoint-based” because a rape fantasy might theoretically be approached from the perspective of the recipient or the perspective of the aggressor. But I struggle to comprehend the aggressor viewpoint, so I have no useful insights about that approach.


# But if you relate to a character, imagining yourself in their place, then you simply experience the situation as yourself from their vantage point. But you take your own preferences along with you. Older women are used in straight-shota scenarios to suit the older audience’s preferences. They also help create an authority imbalance to put the viewpoint character into a sexy situation.


# If a viewpoint character “does not consent,” it doesn’t matter because the audience is only experiencing their own feelings, not the character’s. The author designs the viewpoint character and designs their reactions for the sole purpose of leading a story to a satisfying situation for its intended audience. “Rape” fantasies accommodate the audience at the seeming expense of the viewpoint character, but that’s just an illusion. Stories are always planned in advance by their authors.


# corneredThat’s why it doesn’t feel like rape when sex occurs in a “rape” fantasy. Ironically the key to making these fantasies work is making them feel nothing like actual rape. It might be presented AS rape, but the audience is not fearing for their lives. Instead the feelings you experience are more like being cornered by someone beautiful and horny. Being desired by someone you like is actually a comforting feeling. You feel wanted. And enthusiastic sex is the most exciting kind of sex.