Why I Use Flash


# I started using Flash two times, for two different reasons. The first time I switched to Flash was after playing around with a program called FKiss that makes really simple dress-up / adult undressing games, also known as kisekae.


# After messing with this primitive little program for some months I soon discovered a new program called Macromedia Flash 4 that could do all those things and much more. The original Guardia Forest flash game was originally going to be a very elaborate kisekae game, but Flash turned out to be a much more practical way to build it.


# The second time I switched to Flash was after using RPG Maker 2000/2003 for about a decade. I had made a ton of games and self-playing stories with it and had gotten very good at programming it to do things it was never intended to do such as a real-time zelda-like battle system, or an Asteroids-like space shooter where you could rotate move and shoot in any direction. I had spent about 4 years creating a zelda-like game called Tears of Inferno , and it was coming out great, but programming the enemies was turning into a convoluted mess because of all the messy goto statements that RPG Maker 2003 forced me to use. In the back of my mind I already knew Flash could do all of these things and do them better so I eventually decided to just start over and use Flash instead.

# tears-of-inferno-ingame tears-of-inferno-editor

# … But I still wanted the convenience of RPG Maker. So I created a map system, sprite system, movement system, etc…


# I created a bunch of little games and self-playing stories just like I did with RPG Maker. I created a simple map editor and event editor to help me create the self-playing stories.


# Then I started making the Pokemon Hentai game. I soon got tired of waiting 5 minutes of for Flash to compile a SWF every time I wanted to test out even the smallest change I added to a script…


# … and I realized I could skip compiling the same game over and over if all the data was in a separate file. A level file. And to edit that file, I needed a level editor. And since I was making an RPG, it became an RPG Maker. So in the end I achieved my goal.


# It’s been over 10 years and I’m still using that RPG Maker. I’m still using Flash. And I’m still making games that run flawlessly on everything from Windows 98 to Windows 10… also Linux and Mac OS X.