Upload all the things... everywhere... all the time!
It's practically impossible for me to post everything I make, in every place that people might look for it. But I don't have to: Google exists. If somebody stumbles across something I made, and tries to look for more, they'll find this website. They'll find everything else I made. This site exists for anybody who likes my stuff and wants to find the rest of it. The inspiration behind this actually comes from all the frustration I had back in the day dealing with the old internet before Google. Back then, search engines barely ever worked. It used to be very hard to find more stuff by my favorite artists. People would often use different nicknames for themselves on different websites. If they happened to be a furry artist, then they usually had a large gallery on the VCL. Beyond that, Yahoo Groups were usually your best bet. But half the time, artists wouldn't even sign their artwork (The one good lesson from Ebaum's World: Always sign your work). If you were immensely lucky, an artist might have their very own website... assuming Yahoo or Altavista could even find it. So for your convenience, I have my very own website. This is also much easier than trying to post all of my stuff in 12 different places... although I suppose I could just upload this Flash file on other websites to automatically display the current content of this website. (it's only 104kb... DAMN I love Flash!)