The Characters

#Who are these characters?

# The recurring characters in my stories are lazy sprite-rips that I painstakingly added a hundred new poses to, so… I didn’t really save any effort in the end. Many of my older projects started as sexy parodies of games. That’s why I used these particular sprites in the first place. And it seemed wasteful to stop using perfectly good sprites so I continued re-using them in later non-parody stories and games.

#Why are they all out-of-character?

#Why is Marle such a slut? She’s not like that in Chrono Trigger!

# I use these sprites kind of like actors to fill story roles that allow situations to happen. Their names and personalities change for each story, but some tendencies have organically emerged over time. It turns out that how a character looks affects the way I portray them.

#What games are they from?


# ayla_originAyla is from Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo. She’s a tribal bombshell in a bikini! How could I NOT include her? I actually like Marle more, but Ayla lends herself to some very fun roles. But some day I ought to do something about all my amazon tribes having so many “clones.” I think I tend to give her forceful or cunning personalities. She lends herself to both. I first gave her a cameo in my Guardia Forest game, but her first direct use was in the Yipe Playground collection. Probably the “Ayla’s Hunt” story. 


# bunny_sprite big_bunny_sprite

# My infamous bunnies. The small sprite came from Tales of Phantasia for the Super Nintendo. The large one came from the official RPG Maker XP character set. The first time I used a bunny was in my New Day game experiment. It was a happy accident. I had a sleeping maid and the bunny’s “hopping” animation just happened to be a perfect “humping” animation. 

# sleeping_maid bunny_hop_animation

# bunny_origin big_bunny_sprite_origin


# bunnygirl_spriteBunnygirls are a character race I created from scratch. This sprite doesn’t look particularly good since I was still learning how to use Photoshop way back then. In the days before I even had an internet connection I scanned in a blurry magazine screenshot of Keio Flying Squadron, and turned it into this sprite. She was going to be in a ridiculously ambitious old game I never made called “RPG Override.” I wanted to have a race of endlessly horny bunny girls who used humans to breed more of themselves, and had magic that allowed them to dig underground to create nests or sneak into places… I was a horny 14 year old, okay? 

# bunnygirl_origin1 bunnygirl_origin2


# celina_spriteCelina is from Illusion of Gaia for the Super Nintendo. She was just a minor NPC in that game. Celina is actually a name of a custom character I came up with for a ridiculously ambitious old game I never made called “RPG Override”. I thought this sprite resembled my drawings so that’s who she became. But ever since Night Raider, she has always been a unique oddball with a goofy personality… unless she’s being used as a minor background character with no particular personality. This sprite sometimes gets used as a minor filler character when I need to populate places with more girls. 



# julia_spriteI originally created Julia for my lesbian mystery love story Night Raider . She was partly inspired by Elysse from the Plastic Little anime OVA. And her name was based on Julia Volkova from the Russian lesbian band, T.A.T.u. which seemed fitting. She’s basically a lesbian character straight out of the year 2004. (I finished Night Raider in 2005) 

# Plastic LittlePlastic Little T.A.T.u.T.A.T.u

# Her sprite has a bizarre history. I was looking for a shy character and eventually stumbled across something suitable in an old Dante 98 RPG Maker sprite sheet I found somewhere. I don’t really know anything about it. These might be official sprites or fan-made. Dante 98 is a very old program so even after changing the outfit, my version of the sprite still looked primitive. Later on a nice fan called Meesh re-made her sprite from scratch and I’ve used that one ever since. He also created this pose, which I absolutely love. 

# julia_rpg98charas julia_sprite_old julia_sprite_meesh


# kara_originKara is from Illusion of Gaia for the Super Nintendo. There’s one part in that game where you’re stranded on a raft with her for over a week. It was perfect fantasy fuel for me! I loved imagining the naughty things they probably did together during that time. I’ve given her many different personalities over the years. She was a Brainiac in Night Raider . She was a naive girl in Babysitters Club 2 . Sometimes she’s older, sometimes young. But after Babysitter’s Club I like making her play a selfish fool. Riding Hood has taken over most of the young roles. But when she’s too extreme for a role, Kara fits better. 


# katrina_spriteKatrina’s sprite came from Secret of Mana for the Super Nintendo. She’s a rarely used character who tends to represent a role-reversal. A mischievous girl who’s in charge of the adults around her. She debuted in my experimental game New Day , along with my infamous bunny. This sprite resembles the picture that introduced me to the concept of role-reversals. But I sometimes portray this type of character with other sprites. 



# lilly_originLilly is from Illusion of Gaia for the Super Nintendo. I don’t think there was any specific reason I ripped her sprite. I copied a lot of characters from that game because at one point I considered creating a full parody of it. For some reason she tends to end up with a sarcastic personality. Sometimes even slightly mean. I think that’s just how she looks. Short punk hair = punk personality. 


# maids_originThe maids are from Terranigma for the Super Nintendo. I wanted to make a scene with maids, so I looked for maid sprites and found these. But I needed more than one maid, so I added more hair colors. For some reason, the pink-haired one tends to be cheerful and oblivious. I forget why I made her dress shorter. I probably dod it to accommodate the bunny scene in the New Day game experiment. The brown-haired one tends to be serious. And blondie is… whatever. 


# marle_exaggerated_breastsMarle is from Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo. I first used her in my Guardia Forest game. I tend to give her a shamelessly flirty personality. (Probably inspired by her “provoke” pose) I still consider her to be one of the sexiest looking characters. Her 3-head proportions have a lot to do with that and it makes her breasts appear to take up her entire torso, implying that they’re large without needing to actually make them large… I also like ponytails. 

# marle_origin marle_provoke


# ridinghood_spriteRiding Hood or “Red” is a completely original design I created from scratch. I wanted to parody the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with a sexy character who would naively walk right into situations, but I couldn’t find an existing sprite that looked right, so I made one myself. I put a lot of careful thought into her design and she’s still one of my favorite characters. 

# ridinghood_redesign ridinghood_redesign_sketch

#Velvet and Susu

# velvet_sprite susu_sprite

# Velvet and Susu are original sprites, but not original characters. They originally came from a fairly mediocre series of kids books that I happened to like way back when. LC and the Critter Kids. Velvet seemed to have this shy yet sly look that I found downright thrilling when I was 14 years old. And Susu was… a bunny… and a girl… and I heard there were these things called “lesbians” … and that was more than enough inspiration for me! 

# critter_kids profile